The Trials of Ilcor

Every child of Ilcor must go through four trials to be accepted into society.

The first trial at the age of 7 is retrieving a dragon egg from the dragon's haven.
Second trial at the age of 12 is to swim to the bottom of a lake and outsmart or outriddle a magic clam. Once consumed, its pearl will grant you unique powers and you become a mage.
Third trial at the age of 16 is going to a steaming hot wasteland and made to fight beasts and each other with weapons you find on the field. Those who succeed become knights and skilled in the weapons they chose.
At the age of 18 you must complete a quest within the job you wanted and if you manage to pass and complete this quest you become a commoner working in that field.

However if you fail all trials you are exiled from the kingdom. These people are outcasts and often become pirate or thieves.

Follow Jasper as he begins his new life as a mage.

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My New Life as a..... #fantasy #hierachy #elements #trials

My New Life as a..... #fantasy #hierachy #elements #trials

UpdatedNov 13, 2021
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