Ephemera Re:Place

If you replaced every component of your body, piece by piece, would you still be the same person you entered the world as?

I wonder what it would take for you to ask yourself that question.

An arm?
An eye?
A stomach?

A heart?

Could you still call yourself by the name you were born with?

Beryl is an ex-student looking for a future that she cannot see. When sitting alone to gather her thoughts, she becomes involved in a seemingly random deadly encounter.

She awakens in a hospital to discover her life was saved by a 'RepliCor', an artificial heart. It has become extremely controversial among the masses due to it being seen as a 'dehumanising example of cybernetics', as such, it is only used in extreme circumstances, such as saving lives. However, it has a side effect: the ability to grant humans implanted with it special powers, named 'Pulses'. Now a pariah, can Beryl build herself a new future from the ashes of her old life?

Prompt: My New Life As A...
Themes: #Sci-Fi #Drama
My themes: #Seinen #Action #MagicSystem

Prompt: My New Life As A...
Themes: #Sci-Fi #Drama
My themes: #Seinen #Action #MagicSystem

UpdatedOct 19, 2022
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count57,748
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