A Snowed Abode

Join Pax, and two others (eventually), who journey to seek what is causing a certain threat. Join the narrator who slowly, but surely, loses the plot, and expects characters in a fictional tale to read minds, which can only result in sarcastic commentary that are almost definitely read by no one (certainly not by the personalities who are conducting this investigation, at any rate, but more often than not end up procrastinating...)
Join this ballad of madness, where creatures can be massive, or tiny, and things happen for a reason, or none at all...

The question is...

What if the quintessential substance of a person is enhanced, or exploited, by that which replicated what already exists, but does it in some kind of mystical way that might change their fundamental desires? An observational, psycho-sociological narrative.

To complement a video game: https://magicite.itch.io/es
An RPG that, instead of monarchies and empires, has more democratic states.

Prompt: When the Clock Strikes Midnight
Theme(s): #Supernatural #MindGames
My themes: #sociology #sarcasm

Prompt: When the Clock Strikes Midnight
Theme(s): #Supernatural #MindGames
My themes: #sociology #sarcasm

UpdatedOct 25, 2021
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count46,617
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