Misfortunes of a Real Magic High School Vol. 1

Arata Nakamura has always loved magic, but in a scientifically advanced society, magic is viewed as nothing more than an obsolete form of entertainment. Adamant to pursue his goals, Arata applies to the remote and unknown Apex School of Magic, a high school run by the Apex System, the wealthiest corporate conglomerate in the world. The literal ace up Arata's sleeve, however, may not be enough. Is magic real?

Somehow accepted into the Apex School, Arata quickly realizes he bit off more than he can chew. Navigating a world where people can use magic like in manga or Hollywood, while only knowing cheap card and party tricks, seemed downright impossible.

How will Arata survive his misfortunes of a real magic high school? While successfully hiding the fact that he can't use real magic? There's only one way to find out...

Prompt: My New Life as a...
Theme(s): #Fantasy #Drama #Comedy #School

Prompt: My New Life as a...
Theme(s): #Fantasy #Drama #Comedy #School

UpdatedAug 12, 2022
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count47,353
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