The Isekai Police: Promise of a Wonderful Fantasy was a Lie

When evil kings summon kids from Earth to be used and abused as fast-leveling soldiers in their petty wars, the Isekai Police will be there to stop them. A group of ex-isekai protagonists in their own right, they utilize their collective skills to fight for the end of summoning abuse.

Artyom Choi, cynical ex-hero and founding member of the organization, is sent to investigate the presence of an Earther on an innocently idyllic World where no summoning has supposedly taken place. His mission: rescue the Earther and figure out how he got there. Dark secrets lie beneath the surface of paradise, however. Will he be able to find this new hero and get out before whatever malicious forces brought them there doom them both?

This story is a deconstruction of the isekai genre that references and sometimes pokes fun at various tropes, while still delivering a sincere and emotional story. Artyom's not looking for harems or levels, he's in it to protect the people of Earth.

The story is currently slated for a rewrite in the distant future to correct earlier pacing and plot issues. But in the meantime, there's plenty to enjoy, along with a sequel soon on the way! If you're on the fence, things become phenomenal by chapter 31, so maybe stick around? :D

The story is currently slated for a rewrite in the distant future to correct earlier pacing and plot issues. But in the meantime, there's plenty to enjoy, along with a sequel soon on the way! If you're on the fence, things become phenomenal by chapter 31, so maybe s...

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Oct 11, 2021icon-views 431icon-reaction-111
Chapter 1: The Tale of King Reggie
Oct 11, 2021icon-views 66icon-reaction-14
Chapter 2: Basic Security
Oct 12, 2021icon-views 55icon-reaction-14
Chapter 3: Basic Questions
Oct 12, 2021icon-views 42icon-reaction-13
Chapter 4: T.O.A.L and You
Oct 13, 2021icon-views 70icon-reaction-14
Chapter 5: Artyom's New Mission
Oct 13, 2021icon-views 40icon-reaction-12
Chapter 6: Mission Deployment
Oct 14, 2021icon-views 35icon-reaction-12
Chapter 7: Meeting the Locals
Oct 14, 2021icon-views 55icon-reaction-12
Chapter 8: Other Out of Towners
Oct 15, 2021icon-views 40icon-reaction-12
Chapter 9: Bad Rats
Oct 15, 2021icon-views 30icon-reaction-11
Chapter 10: Playing Exterminator
Oct 16, 2021icon-views 24icon-reaction-11
Chapter 11: An Unexpected Mission
Oct 16, 2021icon-views 40icon-reaction-11
Chapter 12: Leeroy Jenkins
Oct 17, 2021icon-views 32icon-reaction-11
Chapter 13: The Big Bad
Oct 17, 2021icon-views 31icon-reaction-11
Chapter 14: Disaster Relief
Oct 18, 2021icon-views 22icon-reaction-11
Chapter 15: Interlude: T.O.A.L Headquarters
Oct 18, 2021icon-views 26icon-reaction-11
Chapter 16: Solo Reconnaissance
Oct 19, 2021icon-views 24icon-reaction-11
Chapter 17: Putting a Plan into Action
Oct 19, 2021icon-views 38icon-reaction-12
Chapter 18: Showtime
Oct 20, 2021icon-views 32icon-reaction-11
Chapter 19: The Mapmaker
Oct 20, 2021icon-views 33icon-reaction-11
Chapter 20: Welcome to the Dungeon
Oct 21, 2021icon-views 20icon-reaction-11
Chapter 21: Kobold Kill Team
Oct 21, 2021icon-views 26icon-reaction-11
Chapter 22: Banana Slamma!
Oct 22, 2021icon-views 57icon-reaction-11
Chapter 23: Getting Ready for the Party
Oct 22, 2021icon-views 27icon-reaction-11
Chapter 24: Party TIme
Oct 23, 2021icon-views 12icon-reaction-11
Chapter 25: The "Other" Party
Oct 23, 2021icon-views 26icon-reaction-11
Chapter 26: Team "Bonding"
Oct 24, 2021icon-views 34icon-reaction-11
Chapter 27: Night Shift
Oct 25, 2021icon-views 17icon-reaction-11
Chapter 28: Two Lonely Souls
Oct 25, 2021icon-views 27icon-reaction-11
Chapter 29: New Dungeon Puzzle Meta
Oct 25, 2021icon-views 40icon-reaction-11
Chapter 30: A True Dungeon Experience
Oct 26, 2021icon-views 44icon-reaction-11
Chapter 31: Adding up the Facts
Oct 26, 2021icon-views 20icon-reaction-11
Chapter 32: Paranoia/Study/Beach Party
Oct 27, 2021icon-views 72icon-reaction-12
Chapter 33: To the LIBRARY!
Oct 28, 2021icon-views 69icon-reaction-12
Chapter 34: Obligatory Beach Episode
Oct 28, 2021icon-views 53icon-reaction-11
Chapter 35: Motel Murder Service
Oct 29, 2021icon-views 21icon-reaction-11
Chapter 36: Contingency Planning I
Oct 29, 2021icon-views 84icon-reaction-11
Chapter 37: Contingency Planning II
Oct 30, 2021icon-views 65icon-reaction-11
Chapter 38: Confrontation of Secrets
Oct 31, 2021icon-views 66icon-reaction-12
Chapter 39: Dungeons and Death Squads
Oct 31, 2021icon-views 52icon-reaction-12
Chapter 40: Everything Goes to Shit
Nov 01, 2021icon-views 68icon-reaction-11
Chapter 41: Into Hiding/Rescue Ops
Nov 02, 2021icon-views 95icon-reaction-11
Chapter 42: The Raid: Day 1
Nov 02, 2021icon-views 91icon-reaction-11
Chapter 43: The Raid: Day 2 (Morning)
Nov 02, 2021icon-views 159icon-reaction-11
Chapter 44: The Raid: Day 2 (Night)
Nov 03, 2021icon-views 129icon-reaction-11
Chapter 45: The Raid: Day 3
Nov 04, 2021icon-views 165icon-reaction-12
Chapter 46: The Raid: Conclusion
Nov 04, 2021icon-views 80icon-reaction-11
Chapter 47: Ironheart Fortress
Nov 05, 2021icon-views 182icon-reaction-11
Chapter 48: Long Awaited Reunion
Nov 07, 2021icon-views 93icon-reaction-11
Chapter 49: Hunt for the Yamastra
Nov 08, 2021icon-views 136icon-reaction-11
Chapter 50: His Name was Cesen
Nov 08, 2021icon-views 75icon-reaction-11
Chapter 51: A Way In
Nov 09, 2021icon-views 78icon-reaction-11
Chapter 52: Sabotage!
Nov 11, 2021icon-views 36icon-reaction-11
Chapter 53: Finale Part 1: Reinforcements Arrive
Nov 12, 2021icon-views 24icon-reaction-11
Chapter 54: Finale Part 2: Getting an Army
Nov 13, 2021icon-views 93icon-reaction-11
Chapter 55: Finale Part 3: Battle for Ironheart Fortress
Nov 14, 2021icon-views 63icon-reaction-11
Chapter 56: Finale Part 4: A Villainous Monologue
Nov 15, 2021icon-views 60icon-reaction-11
Chapter 57: Finale Part 5: The Final Battle
Nov 16, 2021icon-views 34icon-reaction-11
Chapter 58: Epilogue 1/5
Nov 17, 2021icon-views 29icon-reaction-11
Chapter 59: Epilogue 2/5
Nov 19, 2021icon-views 28icon-reaction-11
Chapter 60: Epilogue 3/5
Nov 20, 2021icon-views 33icon-reaction-11
Chapter 61: Epilogue 4/5
Nov 22, 2021icon-views 122icon-reaction-11
Chapter 62: Epilogue 5/5
UpdatedNov 22, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count216,632
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