The Cursed Iris: A Tale of Fate and Time

Ayame Akiyama is a "normal" high school student living a "normal" life, but she notices that as her 16th birthday nears her friends and family all began to act strange. Unbeknownst to her that once that day come everything in her seemingly normal life will change when she is chosen by the Dragonaut she must decide whether to create or destroy. The future of her home and everything she loves is in her hand.

Katsumi Nakajima is a half breed who has a dark past. His fate is tied to Ayame, but he only knows of her through his dream; not only that he has lost his purpose to live. Katsumi is a special type of person in the three realms, but he doesn't think that he is because of him being a curse to those around him. Can he change the cards that fate has handed him, or will he continue to fall victim to her?

"Find happiness even in the darkest moments."

I really hope you enjoy it

I really hope you enjoy it

UpdatedDec 11, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count30,406
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