Candy Pop!

"Hello everybody! Here at Candy Pop, we sell all sorts of candy! So come on down and see our precious collection! But, you know, we do more than just sell simple candies. Sometimes, you just want some candies gone. They can be too sour...or sometimes too sweet, ya know? So, if you ever want to get rid of those candies, you can call us down at Candy Pop! Just call our number, 457-789-9804, or find one of our stops! Pink and yellow is the way to go. See ya soon!"

The very first message of the infamous hitman known as Candy Pop showed just how crazy she was. If she was any good...well...

....the over eight hundred kill count she has should be proof enough.

(Warning! This story features dark comedy and two main protagonists. one of them being an insane mentally unhinged psychopath with a very skewed view of the world and another more innocent protagonist who just keeps finding herself running into said psychopath. It is also dark. You are warned.)

GenreActionGun ActionMysteryPsychological
UpdatedDec 03, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count14,345
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