The Last Noel

"In 2047, life as we know it apparently ended. Well, almost. For some reason I'm still here, and I have no idea why. Today is the 8th of December, and I'm pretty sure there's a good chance I'm the last man alive."

So begins the journal of Noel Trevarrow, an apparent survivor of the Holocene collapse 85 years ago. We are sharing his entries here for posterity, so that future generations can better understand what life was like before the Refounding.

*The viewpoints, opinions, and experiences expressed inside this historic document are from a time with cultural and societal values differed than those currently espoused by the Rembrandt Corporation and are solely those of the original author. No part of this shared document should be construed to represent a stance on any social or political opinion by the Rembrandt Corporation or its employees, affiliates, associates, or subsidiaries. *

UpdatedMay 19, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count2,030
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