Pandora's Case Files

In a world in which technology had only begun to blossom, stands the Royal Empire. A country that has stood firm as one of the global superpowers that have dominated the continent for centuries. It's a country of peace, stability, and prosperity...Or so how it should be

In reality, it is a den filled with criminals and evildoers that are lurking from the shadows, Living off through the suffering and despair of others. Chris MacQuoid is a famous detective of the Imperial police, an organization that maintains order and catches those said criminals in order to maintain peace. Throughout his entire young career, he has caught many criminals deemed as uncatchable and solved many cases that have gone cold. It could be said that he's already a veteran in his field despite the tender age of eighteen

But even he was surprised when Pandora, the number one most wanted criminal throughout the entire continent willingly surrendered herself so she could have a short chat with him...

Hope ya enjoy!

Hope ya enjoy!

UpdatedFeb 01, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count8,523
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