Eight Hundred and Eighty Eight: Welkin Sovereignty

The advent of war produced two of its deadliest pilots; each with their own reasons for vengeance, the Aerial Menace and the Sidewinder.

Aerial Menace wanted revenge for his friend who died in the sudden war. He redirected his rage at the enemies who he thought mercilessly invaded his country. Thus, he avoided unnecessary relations that might hinder his objective.

Sidewinder wanted justice for his team leader who was shot countless times by a merciless enemy after surrendering. But that justice was for his pride as an ace pilot. He thought the enemy was refusing their inevitable destiny----to become slaves for his country.

Originally 888 Eight Eight Eight

Originally 888 Eight Eight Eight

GenreGun ActionMechaMilitary / WarSci-FiTragedy
UpdatedAug 19, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count2,575
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