Master Brian's maid

Jane lost her family as a child, she went missing by a adopter and was sold to human traffickers. Jane is rescued by Wendy, a new friend on the ship, but she is still pursued by some guys. While on the run, Jane runs into Brian, who helps her escape the traffickers. Brian is not good at looking rich, he hires her as a maid but on the other hand forces her to unconditionally obey his requests.
Jane obeyed, massaging him as he cried out in pain with his broken leg in a temporary cast. And then she served Brian to make him happy, he looked at Jane with a devilish smile and said:
"Take off your panties and come closer."
So what will Jane do? Resist or continue submit to him?

UpdatedApr 19, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count25,923
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