Elementalist 44

In a continent where children over fifteen gain magical control over their own life force and are able to transmute it into one of eight elements, we follow the story of Mk Matsuda, an adamantly optimistic and cheerful child.
One not-so-fateful day a Reigon Tyrant, one of the strongest beings in known existence, awoke from it's slumber, killed, and ate the entire population of a city.
The only survivor was a young Mk, who has since swore to himself that he will kill the beast, and plans to do so by becoming the strongest fighter AND mage in all nine reigons. In order to achieve this goal he decided to enroll to the most prestigious magical academy in the world, which doubles as a one way ticket to a Top-Grade Military.
How hard can that be?

GenreActionMagicSchoolShounenSlice of Life
Last UpdatedJul 20, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing