Duality: Not Just a Game for Two!

In a world of unnatural ability, where a young boy loses his memories in a traumatic event, everything seems abnormal. With strangers welcoming back a friend, and lessons learned needing to be learned again, is it any wonder that the unusual would not seem so strange?

In an ordinary world, where a young boy transfers schools just before being hospitalized from a traumatic event, it's expected to feel a little lonely. With emotionally distant classmates, and an abnormally normal family, is it any wonder that the usual would seem so strange?

What ties this boy's two worlds together, is the same thing that ripped them apart. Can he put the pieces back together before his mind comes unraveled?

GenreComedyDramaMagicMysterySlice of Life
UpdatedMay 24, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
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