The flowers recall how the first age ended; when the stars hurled their spear into the world; when man became god at the cradle of the meteoric instar, and waged war until the land was godless again.

In their wake, the country of Gen progressed thousands of years in hardly a hundred. Stone became steel, fire became electricity. The fortunate became barons and kings, their castles sprawled into cities of screaming lights and skyscraping towers. Ambition eclipsed honor, and augmentation assimilated the concepts of piety and betterment. From scarcity and ruin, Gen soldered itself together into a new era—one of viciousness and greed.

An outsider and far from home, the intrepid Mayfly comes in search of a fabled flower dear to her mother. But Gen is merciless, and if she means to overcome the hounding of augmented hunters and a burgeoning civil war in order to find it, she’ll have to be clever.

Everything has a price, and every prize, no matter how small, must be won.

Concrete update schedule when I've built up more of a buffer.

Concrete update schedule when I've built up more of a buffer.

UpdatedAug 31, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count37,487
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