Homesick Alien

Inseparable friends Eri Kaneko and Saki Sakishima have lived their lives together since elementary school. That is until they diverge paths at the end of middle school: Eri goes with her family to Hawaii for a year while Saki studies in hopes of entering the prestigious Martinique Academy. Before then, they make a promise that they will see each other again at the academy.

A year later, Eri returns back from Hawaii and successfully enrols into Martinique Academy in hopes of reuniting with Saki. But after Eri encounters her again, she notices that Saki's behaviour is a little strange. This is not the Saki she remembers.

Thus begins Eri's search for the truth behind her best friend and the academy itself.

UpdatedAug 29, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,963
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