Boundary Scramble

At the psychic power training school known as Vyse Academy, two students seek to go beyond the boundary imposed by nature and society. Sarika wishes to overcome death and resurrect her sister; Ruta just wants to avoid any trouble with those higher than her in the social hierarchy. Their two ambitions bring them deeper into a school-wide conspiracy involving faculty members, would-be dictators, celebrities, mercenaries, and mutants. They must take care not to lose sight of their goals, for once they go beyond the boundary, there's no guarantee of a safe return.

Expect a short novella with psychic battles, broken boundaries, and peanut allergies.

Originally published in the Royal Road June Community Magazine Competition, with a prompt of "Beyond the Boundary" and a word limit of 40k.

UpdatedFeb 02, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count36,878
Featured fan art of this novel.