After an investigation mission goes wrong with an attack from the evil Khad regime, Seneca Eros a soldier of Arcete, finds an artifact called an aenetus stone that’s said to give him superior healing abilities. Seneca discovers Jidenna A.I. a computer trapped inside the aenetus stone that tells him of a great evil to come back for it, as the Khad are using the stone to make armies. Seneca discovers their desires for the stones is because there said to control the whole planet by a power source called AURORA. In order to use AURORA a person must collect all of the other stones to find the headquarters of the machine to prevent the evil from returning. Seneca must travel through Arcete fighting off the Khad who are on the hunt for him. While also traveling with Memphis Alaa a treasure hunter rebel with the rival regime called The Crow and his team mates Ammerick, Cho, Cato, Bale and Delphi of the peace knight organization decade to stop the Khad. Together they will bring peace to Arecte

UpdatedJul 13, 2018
Writing StatusFinished
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