Fragments of madmen

Avirous Racanelli, a US marine, witnessed his fathers legacy tarnish as he was dishonorably discharged after he had refused an order to kill children on a mission to “shut down” a few B.I.M. manufacturing plants. Now he’s gone on a new journey to find a solution to stop these black op missions which seemed to stem from Japan. Most illegal Biochemical Intelligence Mecha went into hiding after one of the illegal manufacturing plants exploded causing a string of other plants to be discovered by a Korean Detective Tamarian Byum wondering around Japan on vacation. Being way out of his jurisdiction in Neo Japan, it felt like this case wasn't for him. Coming to a halt on his investigation Byum stops at a food cart in Osaka but overheard a foreigner, Avirous and a local, Dominic Yahari, a gangster judging by the all to familiar tattoos covering up skin that can be seen, speaking about details on the same case not even he knew about
Join an alternate reality cyberpunk journey through Neo Japan

UpdatedAug 18, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count3,831
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