Spirit Containment Team 1201

In a world filled with spirits, both evil and good, magically gifted children make contracts with Gods and Goddesses to keep the spirits at bay and make the lives of common people easier.

At Ivoria Academy, 5000 students are divided into a Class system, rated from F (the worst) to S (the best) based on their performance in preliminary trials, with the chance to go up a rank 3 times each year during the Rejuvenation, Stagnation, and Incineration Trials.

A prodigal Year 3 student who values money over everything else is given the opportunity to step into a now absent teaching role. His challenge? Make sure his students don't laze behind in their studies and on missions.

The only problem is that now he can't laze behind either, since his beloved paycheck is on the line!

Poynt Fury
Poynt Fury
Last UpdatedApr 30, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing