Welcome to Hell

April never thought she'd end up in the strange, decadent world of the Gremory District; a populous and technologically advanced region of Hell. Will she pay back her Earthly debt in time or become another victim of Hell's suffering?

April never expected the land of eternal damnation to be a sprawling metropolis of technology. Gremory District is a melting pot of thousands of creatures all living together one way or the other under the oversight of Lord Gremory's government. A very unlikely yet promising prospect for a fresh new start - unfortunately for April, she has to keep doing exactly the kinds of things that got her into Hell before she can seize this opportunity.

She has to work with three dubious gangsters she knew back on Earth to pay off her debt, accumulating luci by any means necessary before the Demon Lottery has a chance to rear its ugly head on the denizens of Gremory District.

UpdatedAug 31, 2022
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count42,692
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