The Fight for Humanity

The Cube Network, a system developed by the last remaining members of humanity, a floating system of technologically developed Cubes designed to roam the Earth's surface and house 10,000 people, is on its final legs. With the Earth rendered completely uninhabitable following the conclusion of the 50 year war, all hope for humanity lies in the last Cube standing.

Ray, an eighteen year old Scavenger, has the grueling task of searching the Earth's surface for supplies, fuel, and any other useful materials. Alongside his best friend, Amber, Ray is determined to do whatever it takes to save the future of humanity. That includes going to war with the Dwellers, those who abandoned humanity hundreds of years ago and left them to die on the surface.

With the Cube on its last legs, humanity needs a miracle to survive. Does Ray have what it takes to bring about that miracle? Is an all out war with the Dwellers the answer? After all, humanity must do everything it can to survive.

Prompt: Cyberpunk
Theme(s): #Dehumanization #Broken down society #Scarcity #Antihero #Lack of resources

Prompt: Cyberpunk
Theme(s): #Dehumanization #Broken down society #Scarcity #Antihero #Lack of resources

GenreMilitary / WarSurvivalPost-ApocalypticCyberpunk
UpdatedAug 31, 2022
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count30,314
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