To Save my Wife, I Became a Cat

After contracting an incurable illness, in his darkest moments as his wife breathed her last, Andithas turned to the one thing he had sworn to destroy. As a consequence, he lost everything, his life stolen, transmogrified into a simple house cat!
Norn, however, was cured. Believing her husband stolen, she sets out on an adventure to retrieve her love from the darkness that took him! It didn't matter that she wasn't an adventurer, in her hands, a fishing rod is as deadly as any sword!
Now the ex adventure has to travel with his carefree wife and protect her from the horrors of dungeons, dragons, and saucy mimics. At least he can still use his magic!

UpdatedOct 18, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count246
Featured fan art of this novel.