Hour Empty Child Halloween Special!

Welcome, everyone, to the Halloween event in Hour Empty Child--exclusive only for Honeyfeed! This story is made from the original web novel 'Hour Empty Child' which I'll leave a link for it below. This is a stand-alone novel focused on the main characters that doesn't involve the main story in any way. Think of it as a special Original Video Animation (OVA) from your favorite anime!

It is a special time of year for the E-Plus members as Halloween started. However, something lies in the midst as a mysterious house appeared out of nowhere. Now it is the time for the E-Plus to investigate the mysterious house in the middle of the woods to find out its true purpose! Also, for some reason, they have to wear costumes for the Halloween spirit!

If you wanna read the original Hour Empty Child, click on this link: https://www.honeyfeed.fm/novels/52

UpdatedSep 16, 2018
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count8,235
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