A Longing Dream I'd Even Burn The World For

Violence runs rampant in the country of Siggdridd, one of the few countries were humans and demi-humans live in relative harmony. With a governing power that does little for anyone who isn't in the main city, every other centimeter of the country can turn dangerous at the flip of a coin.

But near a town by the ocean, there's a a single cabin that holds three strong fighters that protect the people from harm - An elven man, an elf girl, and a girl who's race is unique among the populace.

They live a standard life as a family, a family that also happens to have the pastime of killing bad people. Whatever goes on in their everyday life can't be that much weirded than most, right?

GenreActionFantasyMagicSlice of Life
UpdatedDec 28, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count13,133
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