EX-Psycho Reincarnation

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[Alternative Title: Moto saikō no tensei]

He is a man who cannot feel empathy. And yet, he still learns to fit into society. He did this because of his mother's request.

Years later, He was killed not long after his mother's death. But In a twist of fate, he is reborn as Damna, the son of a couple living in the countryside. Thanks to his new body, he can feel all kinds of human emotions, including empathy.

As a former psychopath, can he finally live as a human being or will the darkest desire swallow him up again?

Follow him along his journey, to discover pain and joy in the world filled with magic and monsters.

“You have an empty seat in your soul, Damna. Beware. Anyone can take over yourself and become a threat to your family.”

Hi, guys! I hope you enjoy reading my novel!

Hi, guys! I hope you enjoy reading my novel!

UpdatedDec 17, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count32,173
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EX-Psycho Reincarnation / Moto Saiko no Tensei