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Sep 09, 2021

good goddamn. i loved this start to finish - and what a finale!! the self-hate and loathing karin deals with is written tremendously. from the start of this story it's relatable in just her customer service job, especially after what was an exciting childhood as aka that culminated in horrible tragedy for her. on a reread it's so clear how you've planted those seeds in the story early on, and what begins as frustration clearly culminates in this supernatural breakdown.

i also love how you've written her crew, even if i'm still ready to throw hands at rose (and to a lesser extent baise). i adore how from the outside they seem to be a regular sorta magical girl team: leader, tactician, heart and rage, but they're all the naturally incredibly flawed adults that would stem from those archetypes. rose can only see karin as a threat and no longer the human she is, leading him to keep her 'close' by bringing her back into the team but clearly demoting her. baise sees her similarly and is constantly formulating a plan of attack against her (and wow what a fight they have in this conclusion!!!). meanwhile yellow seems to be the only emotionally healthy adult who can see that karin is hurting (and i'll get BACK TO HER BUT FIRST). and AKA... of course as a kid/teenager who uses her anger to fuel her power, the transition into a "normal" adult with a handle on her anger issues was always gonna be rough. but here in the final chapter we finally have all the background, all the pieces of her past and how traumatic her magical retirement was, and how it all culminates into that rage turning inwards.

god i'm so glad this had a happy ending. you know i'm a fucking sucker for stories where the power of love is centerstage, but fuck does it feel good to read karin surrounded by friends at the end when she was so lonely at the start. i can't wait to read more about these four!! congratulations homie, this was incredible!

(OH yellow lol. i adore her. i would looooove to see more between her and karin, the description of how roxy has to dig through a mountain of dead aka's to reach her friend karin was just. chefs kiss. beautiful and poignant. also roxy/karin supremacy lol i'm beginning the ship wars and ordering tshirts now)

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