Kev Scotia

Kev Scotia

Heyllo! Welcome to my profile where I reveal to you that I am a beginner writer that hopes to entertain the masses. Am I toad in my profile picture? No!! I don't know. It's something I drew up to represent me.
I am not French.
Anywho, I hope you enjoy Til Death Do Us Part! I hope you won't find the beginning chapters too boring but I had to build up the world somehow! "Somehow!" THEY SAY!!! Ha!
Yes, somehow...
Anyway, I would highly appreciate it if you read up to Chapter 6! It's my proudest chapter! And, the wackiest! Just like me! Ha ! Ha ! Au revoir! Ribbit.

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    Til Death Do Us Part

    A love letter, a murder, and a God. Larisse isn't dead. No, she is far from dead. She's gone back in time and has to save herself. How can she though when her best friend has been murdered? She can't change her story to save him, but something isn't right. She met God, or some being close to Go...

    Kev Scotia
    Updated: Sep 06, 2021