**Now a reader only - Attempted to help the community but didn't have enough fight in me for it - HoneyFeed F-ed me over one too many times - Moving to RoyalRoad**

Hello this is the profile where you'll find the 'UnderCurrent' series which is my passion project.
All my books are connected to it but also independent & stand alone.

'Further Tales From' & 'UnderCurrent' are the main books of the series - 'The Girl He Used To Know' (Now published on Amazon!!) & 'Mechanical Girl Una' are both non-mecha novellas geared more towards the web-novel audiences😄😉.

As for me I write overly anime reviews and record some for YouTube.
I also read... alot if a bit sporadically, so I might read your book too if I've time!

I'm presently working mostly on my original novel series 😊.

My cover arts were commissioned from the wonderful Taki's and somewhat begrudgingly by my sister.

All likes & critics are most welcome, please enjoy your stay &,
Thanks for reading!😊😎

registered at: Oct 14, 2021
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    'UnderCurrent 2022' Concept Cover Design

    Neo-MBT Vijiak - Very poor concept drawing.

    'UnderCurrent 2022' Concept cover design V2.

    UnderCurrent Cover Illustration

    Concept Cover Version 1

    EP 9 - The State of War.

    Further Tales From The UnderCurrent - Concept C...

    (Neo Wars Entry 8) - The PatchWork Vijiak/Nemo

    'Battleship Am-Fluchtig' (Celtic Class) - Extre...

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