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Hello! I'm just your average American Otaku! Reading and writing have been my passions ever since I was little. I love coffee, little kids, cat-ear headbands, stuffed animals, and anything that is full of sugar!

Some of my readers may recognize my writing because I formally wrote for Honeyfeed under a different screen name. My strong Christian faith is also very important to me and, recently, God convicted me and told me that I should "make-over" my writing career because of how dark and occult much of what I had written was.

My new screen name and works are a reflection of that smack to the head that God gave me. I apologize to any of my readers who feel hurt by my choice to erase my previous works. I hadn't got very far in my writing, anyway, due to being a busy university student. I'm honestly very excited about my new debut! I feel like I'm finally being more true to who I really am. I hope that all my readers keep open minds and stick around to check out my work! :}

registered at: Sep 26, 2016

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