I'm a weeb first, writer second.

I write what comes to my mind at any given time and that sometimes ends up becoming a novel. Probably my most notable work (thus far), KAIJU//HACKER, was born from a random idea I had while waiting for a ride home from college.

I eventually want to make visual novels, but that's mostly just a pipe dream at this point. There isn't really a huge demand for it in the English-speaking market so I've mostly stuck with webnovels for now.

My favorite anime are Bakemonogatari, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Angel Beats!, among many others. I don't actually read that much, surprisingly, but my favorite book is probably The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, though it's not something I'd recommend to just anyone. My main recommendations for media are the SciADV visual novels, which includes Steins;Gate and Chaos;Child (my personal favorite VN).

registered at: Jun 03, 2022
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    Updated cover art of Kaiju Hacker

    KAIJU//HACKER Cover (Part 1) (Old)

    (old) Kaiju//Hacker alternate cover no. 1

    KAIJU//HACKER Alt cover no. 1 (Lucy)

    KAIJU//HACKER Alt cover no. 2 (Gabriel)

    KAIJU//HACKER Cover (Part 2)

    KAIJU//HACKER Cover (Part 1) (Redesigned)

    KAIJU//HACKER Cover Image

    Kaiju//Hacker cover art (original)