Welcome to my profile.

Hi, my pen name is Redadam04, and JP is my real first name. You can call between the two choices. I don't mind.

I'm already in my 30's.

I am a native Filipino, but I prefer to write my series in English for international interest. So I would like to apologize on behalf of my beloved creations, if possible. If the series is unreadable and unbearable to read, forgive it. English is not my first language, lol.

I'm an introvert author, so I am socially awkward.

Anyways, I make sure I don't offend anyone here. I just want to live with a peace of mind.

Why am I here? A fellow author invited me to post here after he read my comment in my official forum in Scribble. And now, here I am. I come here to expand the horizon of my creation to different sites and I want to receive some feedback from other people.

And Honeyfeed is one of the places that I choose.

Thank you very much.

registered at: Jan 11, 2023
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