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    Jul 12, 2021

    While I'm thinking about it, can somebody clarify where exactly I misused numbers that did not fit the Chicago Manual of Style? Chicago Manual of Style states to use numerals for numbers larger than 100. I have numbers like 800 and 100,000 in this chapter, and glancing back over it I don't see instances where I used numerals instead of spelling out the numbers below 100, and I don't see many instances where I even ran into needing to spell out a number. The only place I see where you might give a valid complaint would be in the characters' ages, however there does not seem to be a solid consensus as to whether or not you should spell out a person's age or write it numerically. Please keep in mind, I am absolutely open to fixing mistakes, as I am not a writer for a living. I am, however, an editor for a living, and I follow style guides every day during my day job. This is something I feel extremely familiar and comfortable with.

    I wonder, too, if Hermes did not understand that the beginning few paragraphs of the chapter were talking about a fictional television show within this fictional story, which should be a fairly clear indication of a reason why there would be a shift between present-tense (within the fictional show) and then switching to past tense (when changing perspective to the actual events of the narrative). Can someone point out any other place I'm missing where I may have switched back and forth between present and past tense other than this section of the story? Obviously, if I missed it, I'll fix it. But as far as I can tell, once you're actually in the narrative of these characters, I've left it entirely in past-tense.

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