Chapter 18:

Vol. 3 Ch. 1 Tails and Ears


PrologueBookmark here

In the south entrance of the main City, Anima.Bookmark here

Monsters are chasing a carriage from Quina going into the City of Anima. This is a normal sight in the four entrances of Anima. Whenever carriages are going into Anima, monsters will chase the carriage until it reaches Anima.Bookmark here

Because of this, Golden Knights are assigned to guard each entrance with different shifts.Bookmark here

"<Axe Boomerang>!"Bookmark here

A red haired, red bearded, red eared and red tailed buffed beastman wearing Red armor with a Red Cape with his big muscles showing on his arms threw an axe and it sliced all monsters the axe went through then returned to himBookmark here

After killing all the monsters chasing the carriage, the carriage stopped near the entrance of Anima then unloaded the people inside.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much mister!"
"Gahahaha! You're Welcome!"Bookmark here

A young girl thanked the beastman and the beastman replied cheerfully to the little girl.Bookmark here

The people went inside the capital.Bookmark here

".................."Bookmark here

The usually cheerful Beastman looked towards the place where the carriage came from, Quina, with loneliness on his eyes."Bookmark here

He shook his head and thought that he should be protecting everyone and doing his duty as a golden knight.Bookmark here

Especially now where there are anomalies happening in the Capital, where weird purple walls sprout on some places around the field of the continent where Anima and Quina belongs to, 'The world Center'.Bookmark here

"This is for everyone... yes, this is my duty... this is for the better..."Bookmark here

The Beastman convinced himself not to go back to Quina... he doesn't want to escape his responsibilities.Bookmark here

His responsibilities as a golden knight...Bookmark here

Chapter 1Bookmark here

Ears and TailsBookmark here

2 years has passed since those Moon Clansmen left and it was currently 08/10 which means I'm currently 12 years old. My height right now is around 144cm.Bookmark here

Aura-nee and her party also came here a week ago, and I had training sessions with them.Bookmark here

She said something like a graduation of her little sister so she came back.Bookmark here

I am currently headed for the pharmacy.Bookmark here

I went inside the shop and something caught my eye.Bookmark here

It was Onee-chan wearing her school uniform.Bookmark here

The one that caught my attention was something attached to Onee-chan and swayed back and forth.Bookmark here

It was a tail.Bookmark here

A tail of a cat that had a color similar to her red colored hairBookmark here

"Hmm....hmmm.hmm...hmmm...hmmm"Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

"Hmmm....Hmm..Hmmm-Kyaaah!"Bookmark here

She was humming while fixing the things on the shelves, then I grabbed her tail tightlyBookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

" Center-chan... what's this about?"Bookmark here

"You...You were a beastman?Bookmark here

"Ohhh, you only found out recently?"Bookmark here

"This is the first time I saw your tail!"Bookmark here

"That is because I hid it in my shirt before rolled up, I didn't want to let anyone see it before because it was embarrassing."Bookmark here

"Why is it embarrassing?"Bookmark here

"My tail's growth was slow, so my tail was very small before... now that it grew long, I can show it now!"Bookmark here

Some beast-human with human dominant blood only had few things inherited from their parents, that's why they don't have complete beastman parts, like some only have ears, some only have tails, and some only has eyes of a beast.Bookmark here

"So you have beast blood.... Does Xeline has a tail too?"Bookmark here

"No, unlike me... she mostly inherited human blood... she still has some beast blood though, didn't you notice that her canines were longer than normal when you first came here?"Bookmark here

Whenever Xeline opens her mouth or grits her teeth, she sometimes show canines... but recently I haven't been noticing it because they were smaller than before... is that because her canines slowed down growing?

While holding her tail I also put my other hand on it and started touching it lightly and started observing it because it peaked my curiosityBookmark here

"Ce..cee...Center chan....Wha...What are you doing?"Bookmark here

"Is something wrong?"Bookmark here

Onee-chan cheeks was red, her eyes were closed with tears on the edges and she was stiff and shakingBookmark here

"My tail... is.... sensitive..."Bookmark here

"How does it feel..."Bookmark here

"It is ticklish... please stahp....."Bookmark here

I released her tail and she left out a sigh while holding her chest then turned her body to face me.Bookmark here

"Doesn't having a ticklish spot a disadvantage?"Bookmark here

"Eh? why?"Bookmark here

"I've read that people that get tickled gives an uncomfortable feeling because it was a reaction of the body towards dangerous elements..."Bookmark here

"Hmmmm??? based on how your speaking... does that mean you haven't been tickled before?"Bookmark here

"I... don't think so? I haven't felt any uncomfortable feeling that I can say that it 'Tickles' before."Bookmark here

"Hmmm so you haven't been tickled before ehhh? Why don't you feel it for yourself!"Bookmark here

"...Eh Onee-chan? What are you doing?"Bookmark here

Onee-chan suddenly raised up two of her hands and walked slowly towards meBookmark here

"EIH!"Bookmark here

"Bwahahahahahaha! Bwahahahaha! Bwahahaha!!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan sudenly touched my side and moved her fingersBookmark here

"Bwahahaha! Stop!! Bwahahahaha!Bookmark here

What is this feeling! It so uncomfortable, it feels like I'm gonna die! but it weirdly feels good too.Bookmark here

"I'm gonna die stopp!!, Onee-chan! Bwahahahaha!"Bookmark here

"Center-chan looks cute when laughing hard!"Bookmark here

While she was tickling me I was forced down and she knelt and continued tickling meBookmark here

"Bwahahaha! Stop! Have mercy!!!"Bookmark here

"So cute!!"Bookmark here

As she was enjoying herself I saw her tail beside meBookmark here

It was reachable by hand.Bookmark here

"I'm not gonna lose!"Bookmark here

"Hiiii!"Bookmark here

I grabbed and tail and tickled it the same way she tickled my sidesBookmark here

She suddenly stopped tickling me and her face became red and she started shaking.Bookmark here

"Hmmm? So people reaction towards getting tickled are different too!"Bookmark here

"Ce... Center-chan! Stop!"Bookmark here

"Hmmm... Hmmm I have turned the tables!"Bookmark here

As I tickled her tail her face became redder.Bookmark here

"I...I'm not gonna lose!"Bookmark here

She started tickling my sides again.Bookmark here

"Bwahahahaha! No! I will win this Bwahahaha!!!!"Bookmark here

"Le-Let's see who can hold it longer!"Bookmark here

"Bwahahahaha! Stop! Please!"Bookmark here

As I played with her tail, her face became redder and then started breathing heavily.Bookmark here

She was also sweating so hard and looked like her body was getting hot.Bookmark here

"Bwahaha! give up! Bwahahaha! Whoever stops first loses!!"Bookmark here

After a few seconds her finger suddenly slowed down.Bookmark here

"Ehh? I'm gonna win!"Bookmark here

"Ce... Center-chan... haa...haaa...Okay you win... Stop...."Bookmark here

After that I stopped tickling her tail, and she put her hands on the floor on my sides putting me in between them.Bookmark here

"Haa..Haa... Let that be our last battle... I don't want to do that again.."Bookmark here

"Haa..Haa..Haa..Haa...that was close..."Bookmark here

"Onee-chan?"Bookmark here

"Haaa..Haa..yeah...let's not..."Bookmark here

Both of us were breathing heavily trying to catch our breathsBookmark here

Her face looked flushed and her pupils looks like they're shaking and sparkling while looking at me in the eyes.Bookmark here

*Thud*Bookmark here

""?!""Bookmark here

We heard something fell on the ground then we looked at where it came from.Bookmark here

When we looked, there were people there who looked like they just entered the shop.Bookmark here

"Y-You..."Bookmark here

" bold."Bookmark here

"I didn't see anything~~ I didn't see anything~~"Bookmark here

There were three girls wearing the same school uniform Onee-chan was wearing.Bookmark here

One was an elf with long blue hair, green eyes, and pointy ears.Bookmark here

The other two were twins with yellow hair and yellow eyes.Bookmark here

The elf was the one who first spoke her expression looked shocked and was pale. She was slightly taller than Onee-chan who is taller than me. I think the elf is around 163cm tall and Onee-chan is around 162cm tall.Bookmark here

The second person who spoke was one of the twins. she had messy hair that reaches up to her neck. She has Cat ears, Cat eyes, and Cat a tail. She was holding the back of her head with two hands making her look boyish but she is slightly blushing for some reason. She is slightly shorter than Onee-chan. Bookmark here

The third person who spoke was the other twin. She had an emotionless face but spoke in a playful and weird manner. She has hair up to her neck like her twin but her hair was cleanly combed. Unlike her sister, she only has a cat tail and has no cat eyes or cat ears. Same height as her twin. Why do I feel slightly scared at her even though she is talking playfully? Like she's emitting bloodlust?Bookmark here

Both of the twins are probably 157 cm tall not counting the cat ears of one twin.Bookmark here

"... I knew you were weird, but I didn't expect this... it's a little boy as well."Bookmark here

"D-Did we get in the way?"Bookmark here

"Execution in public~!"Bookmark here

"It's a misunderstanding!!!"Bookmark here

I wondered what did Onee-chan mean by it being a misunderstanding?Bookmark here

...I got curious so I just asked.Bookmark here

"How is this a misunderstanding?"Bookmark here

"Wait center -cha—"Bookmark here

"Little boy... first, would you please explain what is happening?"Bookmark here

"Wait, I will be the one to explain!"Bookmark here

"You have the right to remain silent, the one I will ask is that innocent boy."Bookmark here

The elf looked at me.Bookmark here

"So what happened?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm...well... Onee-chan said something about being tickled, but I didn't know what she meant so I got curious. Then she said that it will feel good and then touched me. When she did it, it felt weird and it was the first time that I felt like that. She pushed me down on the ground and continued touching me. I wanted to get back at her so I touched her as well, after touching her she started to become red, then started breathing heavily, then—"Bookmark here

"Stop Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Roxelle... There is no escaping this one..."Bookmark here

"Noooo!!!!"Bookmark here

After this Onee-chan stood up explained it to them with detail.Bookmark here

"Oh so it was like that?"Bookmark here

"Yes... Center-chan, don't say things the way that others will misunderstand."Bookmark here

"I explained correctly what happened, like I said... How is it a misunderstanding?"Bookmark here

"Still being innocent even though you're already 12 years old... Center- is so cute! should Onee-chan explain it to you why it will be a misunderstanding?"Bookmark here

"Oi, you just cleared up the misunderstanding, don't start another trouble. Don't corrupt the kid's mind!"Bookmark here

"What brings you three here? Did you miss me too much?!"Bookmark here

"No, we just want to celebrate your birthday... We just wondered how you want to celebrate your 15'th birthday next month."Bookmark here

"Noooo! Why?!Why did you tell me?! You should've just prepared a surprise party for me! I want a surprise party!"Bookmark here

The 15th birthday is an important day for people in this world. It's the day they can choose to become an 'adventurer' or a 'citizen'.Bookmark here

And after turning into an adventurer, it's only a short time before reaching level 10 since they said that the first 10 levels are very easy, but being level 11 and above is impossible.Bookmark here

Being level 10 means a person can leave town to go to Anima.... meaning Onee-chan will leave a few days after turning 15.Bookmark here

"You're not a kid anymore... come on lets go to your room to discuss it"Bookmark here

"It's not about being a kid! It's about the thought!"Bookmark here

"Surprise parties make people special~"Bookmark here

"But she is already special... in a way."Bookmark here

Suddenly.Bookmark here

*BOOOOOOOOM!*Bookmark here

"A success!! With this, we could heal more people!"Bookmark here

Oi... how can an explosion heal people?Bookmark here

"Hiiiii!"Bookmark here

"Ahhh... So that was the famous Xeline-san"Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan is always lively!"Bookmark here

"Wait! Are we safe in there?!"Bookmark here

"Booooom~"Bookmark here

The explosion surprised the elf then the boyish twin said something about that crazy girl being famous. The emotionless twin just said 'Booooom~' in a playful voice.Bookmark here

So being crazy makes you famous...Bookmark here

Because they turned I saw their tails exposed.Bookmark here

"Umm, how does it feel to have a tail?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Well... I don't have a I'm wondering how it feels like? How do you move it?"Bookmark here

"Just move it~"Bookmark here

"I'll explain it in behalf of my sister, we can move it like it is just part of our body... well, it Is part of our body, in other words, we can move it like we move our hands."Bookmark here

"Is yours sensitive too?"Bookmark here

"No, usually, the less beast blood someone has, the more sensitive the tail is if a beastman has a tail... By the way, I'm 88% beast, which is extremely high. My sister is 74%, and Roxelle is...."Bookmark here

"65%! oh by the way... Xeline-chan is only 10% beast."Bookmark here

So that was why Onee-chan was very athletic.Bookmark here

People are classified depending on what the higher % of which species they have.Bookmark here

"Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!."Bookmark here

Xeline came down and went to the back again.Bookmark here

"So that was Xeline-chan~"Bookmark here

"Come! I will introduce you!"Bookmark here

With that we went inside the room and saw Xeline collecting her materials again.Bookmark here

The 4 were aligned horizontally while I was behind... Bookmark here

Staring at this cat-eared person in front of me curiously.Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan... These are my friends."Bookmark here

Xeline turned around and stood up and faced them.Bookmark here

"I'm Elaine."Bookmark here

"Hi! I'm Risa!"Bookmark here

"Riza!~"Bookmark here

"Hello, I'm Xeline, Roxelle Onee-chan's little sister, I'll be in your care and also—"Bookmark here

Xeline bowed her head.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for my sister that I'm assuming that is always causing trouble."Bookmark here

The elf breathe a breath of relief.Bookmark here

"I'm glad that the little sister is more respectable than the older one....I thought you would be another weirdo... but it seems that you care more about your dignity than this person here."Bookmark here

"No boom? Buu~~"Bookmark here

"Wahhh, Xeline-chan! Protect Onee-chan"Bookmark here

"Ehe he he.."Bookmark here

Xeline laughed dryly as Onee-chan hugged her while playfully pretending to cry.Bookmark here

I have been staring at the ears all this time and found an opening to ask then walked beside and asked the boyish girl, Risa.Bookmark here

"Those ears..."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? What curious again?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, it has been bugging me for a while."Bookmark here

"You want to touch?"Bookmark here

The person then bended down her knees and her face was aligned with mine.Bookmark here

"Okay here you go."Bookmark here

"Okay then..."Bookmark here

I checked if she also has ears on the side of her head like humans aside from the cat ears on top.Bookmark here

"Hyaaa?!"Bookmark here

""""?!""""Bookmark here

For some reason the others have surprised expressions when I touched her ears.Bookmark here

Why? They already knew I was going to touch the her ears why were they surprised?Bookmark here

And also, when I touched it, why did this girls face become red?Bookmark here

"Wha-wha-wha?!"Bookmark here

"What's wrong?"Bookmark here

I wonder what was wrong?Bookmark here

I pushed up her hair up that was covering her ears and drew my head closer to have a closer look.Bookmark here

"Hyaa?!"Bookmark here

When I lifted her hair she let out another weird sound, her face was redder than before.Bookmark here

I moved my head closer to get a closer look at her ears.Bookmark here

"mmnmmm!!!"Bookmark here

When I did this, she closed her eyes and her whole face turned red and she shook.Bookmark here

Then someone pulled me back and grabbed me by the collar.Bookmark here

"What are you doing?!"Bookmark here

"Why did you stop them Xeline-chan?! it was getting exiting!"Bookmark here

"What was that?! This boy! Is this boy really innocent!"Bookmark here

Risa's legs gave out and she was lying on the floor with her legs forming a W with a red face.Bookmark here

"Risa-nee... Ecchi!~"Bookmark here

"What the hell shitty brat? Why did you pull me back?!"Bookmark here

"What do you mean by that? Why the hell are you being disrespectful of our visitors!"Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan is jealous! She's so cute!"Bookmark here

Xeline ignored Onee-chan's comment knowing that it will only feed her then faced me and continued shouting at meBookmark here

"Explain your rude actions, Kid!"Bookmark here

"Why? Are you so stupid that you can't comprehend it?!"Bookmark here

"What? After reading so much fiction book you finally tried to copy them in real life?"Bookmark here

"What the hell are you talking about?"Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan... it's your sister's fault, she assaulted that boy a while ago and pushed his maturity to overdrive."Bookmark here

"What is Elaine-san talking about, Onee-chan?"Bookmark here

"I-It's nothing Xeline-chan! Just a misunderstanding!"Bookmark here

"Roxelle-chan Ecchi too~"Bookmark here

"What the hell is up with you people!"Bookmark here

I shouted confused at what is going on in this situation.Bookmark here

"Oi, just explain what you were doing!"Bookmark here

"I will, but Calm down first!"Bookmark here

After Xeline let me go I explained what I was curious about.Bookmark here

Oh, if in case you're wondering, Risa really had 2 set of ears... I wonder how weird that felt.Bookmark here

"Haaa... So it was that it ah. ha ha ha."Bookmark here

Risa breathe out relieved and laughed dryly.Bookmark here

"Oh? Risa-chan what were you expecting?"Bookmark here

"Wha-"Bookmark here

"Risa... is being friends with Roxelle already affecting you?"Bookmark here

"Risa-nee wants kiss~"Bookmark here

"Wha?! You're wrong!!!!"Bookmark here

Risa shouted with a red face.Bookmark here

"Still... Even though he is at an age where boys usually say dirty jokes and stuff, he is very innocent."Bookmark here

"How does Elaine-chan knows about that? Even though we're from an all girls school."Bookmark here

"My father's friend has two sons!"Bookmark here

"So you already have a boyfriend..."Bookmark here

"Noooo!"Bookmark here

After messing around with Elaine, Onee-chan said something I don't understand that well.Bookmark here

"From what I heard from Acei-chan, they're too smart and thinks first before they feel."Bookmark here

When did that Berserker say that to Onee-chan?Bookmark here

After this Xeline said something Xeline-like.Bookmark here

"This guy won't mature because his brain is so stupidly small."Bookmark here

"Heee? That's funny coming from someone who is as small as you."Bookmark here

"You think you're more mature than me because you're big?"Bookmark here

"Kyaaah!"Bookmark here

""??""Bookmark here

Me and Xeline faced the direction where that came from and it was Onee-chan.Bookmark here

""what?""Bookmark here

"You two! What are you talking about? How far have you gone?"Bookmark here

What did this person mean? anyway, because of this event... Me and Xeline looked at each other and nodded. This means that the Nameless and Xeline truce have been temporary in effect once again.Bookmark here

We faced Onee-chan with a dry smile and answered.Bookmark here

"Ohh... we have gone far."Bookmark here

"Yes... very far."Bookmark here

"How far?! How far?!"Bookmark here

""Farther than what your imagination can take you.""Bookmark here

"Kyaaaa!"Bookmark here

After seeing this the other girls faces were red except for Riza, and they went near us and then elf whispered.Bookmark here

"Hey... what are you guys talking about?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? I don't know... it's just hard to deal with Onee-chan."Bookmark here

"Yeah, we agreed that if Onee-chan's weird flip gets switched on, we would answer her questions with dry answers to get it over with. "Bookmark here

"I feel sorry for you guys... hang in there!"Bookmark here

""Thanks...""Bookmark here

Risa breathe out relieved.Bookmark here

"Haaa... I thought it was something else."Bookmark here

"Risa, you..."Bookmark here

"Risa-nee relieved? Risa loves little boy!~"Bookmark here


I don't know why this girl called me little boy but she was almost just as tall as me.Bookmark here

After this they all went upstairs and Xeline got a few materials then went back to her room.Bookmark here

I opened the book, wore the glasses and started reading.Bookmark here

While I read I was thinking about somethingBookmark here

"Birthday huh? I wonder what present I should give Onee-chan."Bookmark here

I read about it before, and I read that we give people presents on their birthdays.Bookmark here

Though, I haven't given her any presents all these years we know each other... I have to find a good gift to give to her.... it was to repay her for the things she thought me since I don't like owing people.Bookmark here

After an hour of reading I heard multiple footsteps that I know wasn't a rushing crazy girl go down the stairs.Bookmark here

Then the door opened and someone went in.Bookmark here

"Center-chan! Go to my birthday party okay? It will be in this house at my birthday! Wait, do you even remember when my birthday is?!"Bookmark here

"09/10?"Bookmark here

"You remembered! I'm so happy!"Bookmark here

Then three people peeked from behind herBookmark here

"We will be leaving now, bye little boy!"Bookmark here

"...Yo! Goodbye."Bookmark here

"Goodbye Center-chan~~"Bookmark here

"The name's Nameless!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan left and closed the door.Bookmark here

After that I heard voices outside the door.Bookmark here

"What was he talking about?"Bookmark here

"Oh, it's just Center-chan saying weird things when introduced to other people again... he's very shy."Bookmark here

It's not weird! My name really is Nameless! Don't call me Center-chan! I'm not a tall guy who is positioned under the ring of some ball game!Bookmark here

I wanted to shout that but will probably just a waste of breath.Bookmark here

I should also be leaving now but I have to wait for a few minutes so that they don't see me go to the secret exit when I go monster-hunting again after I eat.Bookmark here

After leaving the pharmacy. I hunted monsters again from 7:30pm up to midnight.Bookmark here

I defeated a single Giatoad again killed a few Minibears and Charge Dogs before going back and doing my daily routine.Bookmark here

For how I kill Giatoads will be a story for another time.Bookmark here

The next day, after doing the usual at the pharmacy, I went to the library to read about presents.Bookmark here

I took out a book called 'How to give the perfect gift.'Bookmark here

For some reason Berserker wasn't in her seat again.Bookmark here

I read about many things that I don't care about this book but there was one part that caught my eye.Bookmark here

It was 'Sometimes, the best gift to give to a person are not material possession but memories.'Bookmark here

Maybe I can do that.. and say 'my gift to you are the memories that we spend together'!Bookmark here

...That just sounds stupid and embarrassingBookmark here

After that I continued reading and reached a weird part it says 'If a person is away from the person loves, or vice versa, it would be the best gift if you make them meet after not seeing each other for a long time.'Bookmark here

I thought about it and wonder if Onee-chan has someone like that.Bookmark here

Thinking about the possible people, I haven't seen their father my whole life. And base on what I observed, he is a Beastman.Bookmark here

I better ask Onee-chan about her father.Bookmark here

When I turned, I saw Xeline reading far away.Bookmark here

"Hmmm. It's her father too... maybe I should ask her."Bookmark here

I sat beside her and saw her reading the book in a fast pace again.Bookmark here

Why hasn't she scored the settle with me if she is that fast in reading?Bookmark here

I wondered as I started to get into business.Bookmark here

"Hey."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

Xeline answers while reading and not turning her head.Bookmark here

"Where is your father?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Out on an adventure or protecting Anima probably."Bookmark here

"He's an adventurer? so that's why I haven't seen him before."Bookmark here

"Yeah, he left after I finished reading all the potion books saying, he said something about finding more potion books and went to the Capital."Bookmark here

"Do you want to see him again?"Bookmark here

"I don't really care since he sends me potion books and some unique potion making materials."Bookmark here

Doesn't she care about her father? Well, I don't know, I don't have one. But in the books that I read almost all the time people loved their father... but those who don't love them want to kill their father for some reason... Bookmark here

Well, fiction books are just for entertainment anyway. I should not base things on those.Bookmark here

She finished reading those books at 4 years old, which means...Bookmark here

"So that means it was around 8 years ago?"Bookmark here

"Yep."Bookmark here

"What's his name?"Bookmark here

"Axe."Bookmark here

After that I stopped speaking and read some books beside her quietly until lunch came. Bookmark here

She left the library... Bookmark here

After a few seconds I also left the library to go to lunch then do my jobs.Bookmark here

I have my woodworking and piano from 12:30-3:30, blacksmith at 3:30-6:00, then pharmacy at 7.Bookmark here

While I was heading towards the pharmacy... I thought about Onee-chan being an adventurer... will she be okay?... wait why am I thinking of that? Anyway I have to bring her dad home.Bookmark here

When I got to the pharmacy.Bookmark here

*Swoon**Thud*Bookmark here

"This potion is a Success! With this, I don't have to worry about dirt!"Bookmark here

I heard something drop from upstairs but I know it's just the crazy girl doing crazy things again.Bookmark here

I went to the back and started reading again.Bookmark here

As I read I thought about how the hell I would bring her father back for her birthday.Bookmark here

After a lot of thinking I have come up of a solution.Bookmark here

I went out the pharmacy only 30 minutes after I entered.Bookmark here

While going to my destination I saw Onee-chan on the way, Pushing a cart that hold buckets of water from the well. The water from the well is unique and can be used in making potions.Bookmark here

"Center-chan! What are you doing outside?"Bookmark here

"I have some errands today... So I just read a few pages and left..."Bookmark here

"Is that so?.... Oh Center-chan! By the way!"Bookmark here

She smiled at me while pushing the cart.Bookmark here

"We were selected to participate in the battle event this coming week for school event! Want to come?"Bookmark here

"Battle event?"Bookmark here

"It's an event where Alumni and current students are allowed to participate! There will be battles in our school, person vs person. I'm sure you'll have fun watching it!"Bookmark here

Should I watch it? I won't learn anything from monsters when watching that. People will have to battle very differently than fighting monsters.Bookmark here

Hmmmm, people are probably a danger for me as well... in fact, some are more dangerous than monsters. Maybe I should watch them.Bookmark here

"Okay, I'll watch... but will that be okay? Won't those people get hurt or something?"Bookmark here

"It's okay! When a person's HP reaches 0, the person will not die but will only be unable to move and turn gray!"Bookmark here

"That's amazing... how does that work?"Bookmark here

"I don't know, some people from the capital were the one who made it. It seems that it was only added fairly recently. It was said that it was made by a Moon Clansmen Genius."Bookmark here

Whoever that person is is probably on the same level as Xeline when it comes to being a genius in whatever field that is.... probably the field of manipulating the 'adventurer's blessing' or something?Bookmark here

"Okay, Onee-chan, I'll come then."Bookmark here

"I'm gonna miss you! Take care!"Bookmark here

After that I said good bye and she leftBookmark here

Why will she miss me if she will see me again tomorrow morning?Bookmark here

As I think about this I remembered that I might die anytime at night when I hunt monsters so I laughed at myself.Bookmark here

She will miss me eternally if I die.Bookmark here

I reached at my destination and it was the adventurer guild.Bookmark here

I went up the receptionist.Bookmark here

"Is Aura-Nee in?"Bookmark here

"Yes, they are in room 23 and 24."Bookmark here

Why would they take two rooms?Bookmark here

I went to the room and opened it.Bookmark here

After opening it Varii showed up.Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Cool Kid."Bookmark here

"Oh, it's the clairvoyant kid."Bookmark here

When I peeked inside, the one who spoke was Varii and Aura and there was another person inside.Bookmark here

She wearing a black robe with she had purple eyes and short purple hair up to her neck.Bookmark here

"It looks like you aren't with the 'Moi' guy today."Bookmark here

"He's in the other room... I don't want men staying in this room even if it's costs me extra money."Bookmark here

The one who said that was the black robed girl. Seems like she hates men.Bookmark here

"Aura-nee, I have a request to make."Bookmark here

"Okay, then I'll step out in a bit."Bookmark here

Me and aura went downstairs to the guildhall and sat down in a table for two.Bookmark here

"When will you go back to Anima?"Bookmark here

"We'll probably be going next week, after my little sister participates in her school's event."Bookmark here

"Ah. That's good, you see I want you to make someone return to Quina
next month."Bookmark here

"An adventurer?"Bookmark here

"Yes, His name is Axe, A beastman..."Bookmark here

Then I thought about what could be his features?Bookmark here

I remembered the two sisters having red hair, maybe he has red hair?Bookmark here

"And maybe he has Red hair?"Bookmark here

"Maybe? You don't know him?"Bookmark here

"I don't...."Bookmark here

"Why don't you use your clairvoyant powers?"Bookmark here

"I did... but he is in Anima so he is just on the limits of my range so I can only find out a little about him..."Bookmark here

"Hmmm.... an adventurer named Axe huh? Why are you looking for him?"Bookmark here

"It's for a person. She will have her 15th birthday next month, I want to make her see her father at her 15th birthday... because a few days after she will already be leaving for the capital."Bookmark here

"Since she can head to the capital after she turns 15, they would probably meet anyway, so why bring him back?"Bookmark here

She's right about that... is there any other reason? Is it really only for Onee-chan?...Bookmark here

"......I don't know, but it's the only way I can think of to repay her for taking care of me for all these years... Don't worry, I will pay you for your job."Bookmark here

"You know what?... you're a good kid..."Bookmark here

As she said that she tilted her head and smiled with her eyes closed... I was caught off-guard because the emotionless face was able to do that face.Bookmark here

"Eh-ahh-umm."Bookmark here

"Hahaha, okay then I will tell him."Bookmark here

"So how much do I pay you?"Bookmark here

"Hm? About the payment, I won't take any money from you, but you said you will be an adventurer right? Then with this, you owe me one favor. We would probably meet up somewhere in a few years."Bookmark here

"Okay thanks! Tell him to come to his house at 09/10 which is his daughter's birthday! Thanks Aura-nee!"Bookmark here

"You don't have to thank me, you will owe me a favor... that's just how adventurers are."Bookmark here

"Is that so? also, can you tell him that I said 'Get your lame ass over here!'"Bookmark here

"Hehehe..."Bookmark here

She chuckled.Bookmark here

"Axe-san huh.... okay, I'll tell him."Bookmark here

"You know him?"Bookmark here

"Hmmmm, not really... but I do hear things about a beastman named Axe, I wonder if it's him though... I can just search for him by asking around in the capital."Bookmark here

After saying goodbyes, she went back to her room.Bookmark here


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