Chapter 12:

Ch 12 - The Last Stand

St Chaos Healer

The battlefield was stained red with blood and guts all over the place. The incomplete corpses of dead wolves laid all around the riverbank. The air smelled so repugnant that I could just vomit any second.Bookmark here

The stream water running down from the waterfall now was turned red. It was contaminated by all the dead grey wolf’s flesh meat and organs.Bookmark here

Now the battle has taken its final form.
It’s either the Crimson Velvet party or the Dire wolf, only one of the two could walk away.Bookmark here

The trio, Artecia, and Bel facing left and right guarding against the other remaining grey wolves.
Meanwhile, Razor standing in the front glaring straight ahead at the colossal beast, the ruler class Dire wolf.Bookmark here

I looked around and I didn’t find Perry anywhere.
He might already be-Bookmark here

“Artecia, go back on the tree. Be on the lookout for Perry while also providing cover fire.” Razor commanded without turning his head, maintaining his gaze at the Dire Wolf.Bookmark here

Artecia quickly turned around swiftly climb the tree she was hiding in before.Bookmark here

He continued,
“Bel, you stand your ground and defend Artecia.”Bookmark here

Bel nodded in response and stood below Artecia’s tree.
Two flames appeared in his hands, ready to deploy his spells.Bookmark here

“Stand your ground until Halberd and Metrina return.”, Razor started walking towards the Dire wolf, “Meanwhile I shall try to tame this bib pup here.”Bookmark here

The Dire wolf barked and the remaining other wolves hearing it started attacking Bel and Artecia. The two mages also replied with their fire spells and ice arrows and the battle fell in a stalemate.Bookmark here

Razor also sprinted towards the Dire wolf and slashed his sword left and right killing nearby grey wolves. He had a sneer on his face while mocking the Dire wolf.Bookmark here

The Dire Wolf stayed his guard and smashed his giant claw towards Razor.
The claw size bigger than a grown-up man which could easily uproot a tree fell on Razor like a meteor.Bookmark here

Razor didn’t mind and easily parried the claw-like as if it weighed nothing. The big claw smashed the rocky ground and forming large cracks like cobwebs. He didn’t stop and closed in and sliced towards the Dire wolf’s neck with full force. Razor was directly trying to put an end to this battle with one deadly strike. Bookmark here

Although, Dire wolf sensed this deadly strike shouldn’t be trifled with and quickly moved his neck protecting its vital area. Razor’s strike missed wounded it beside its neck and in the front limbs.Bookmark here

The big Dire wolf leaped backward, trying to create distance between him and Razor. He now knew that Razor wasn’t some easy foe.Bookmark here

Nearby troops uprooted as the Dire wolf jumped around the woods. He was limping while he ran around, Razor’s strike didn’t kill him but surely wounded it. The Dire wolf glared even more ferociously snarling and growling at Razor releasing its bloodlust.Bookmark here

Razor just walked towards the wolf and flicked his sword, the blood on the sword splashed on the ground.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Bel and Artecia worked together hunting the rest of the grey wolves. Bel and Artecia’s Fire spells and Ice arrows constantly barraged on the wolves. The spell combo of fire and ice created steam, sometimes the air would be hot and sometimes cold. The two mages looked exhausted and may run out of mana anytime soon.Bookmark here

Razor and the Dire wolf battled tooth and nail. The big claws followed by its fierce jaws attacked Razor with his full might. He evaded Wolf’s jaws and parried the claw attacks and counter-attacking with his own sword skills paired with the wind mana skills injuring the dire wolf slowly and steadily. Razor also couldn’t come out unscathed when he parried the claw attacks and had a lot of wounds despite wearing armor.Bookmark here

Both Razor and Wolf were inflicted with wounds all over their body.
Especially the Dire wolf who was severely wounded and his mobility was reduced a lot. While Razor’s attacks got more fierce and deadly.Bookmark here

Everything was going well but then suddenly something changed.
The Dire wolf backed away from Razor and then opened his jaws. The mana started gathering in front of his jaws. A ball of mana appeared then turned into a dark blue ball of lightning which started to grow in size.Bookmark here

Razor was a little startled but he regained his calm demeanor.
“Oh, you are going all out? Then I should as well put everything in the line.”Bookmark here

He suddenly held his sword in his front and closed his eyes chanting some incantation.Bookmark here

The man and beast both simultaneously prepared to attack each other with their final attack. Both of them had the confidence to take the other down with this one last move.Bookmark here

The dire wolf possessed the lightning element attribute which is a very rare element attribute. This element was more deadly and difficult to master than any other element. There are mages who mastered lightning attributes too but such mages are very rare on the other hand mages with this attribute have a lot of deadly offensive skills.Bookmark here

The blue ball of lightning grew a size of a small house it was unstable. Some stray lightning from the ball would sometimes strike nearby trees.Bookmark here

It gave a strong feeling of despair and destruction.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Razor who was standing idle had now enveloped himself with a powerful gust of wind. The wind mana around the environment was channeling and getting absorbed into his body. Bookmark here

Razor suddenly opened his eyes which were glowing,
“Aremis Celestial Spirit Possession.”Bookmark here

Suddenly a glowing translucent afterimage appeared hovering above Razor’s head.
It was an ethereal afterimage of an ancient knight covered in metallic full-plated armor with a beautiful sword in its hand. The ancient knight gave a powerful aura as it floated over Razor’s head.Bookmark here

Although the afterimage of the knight had an incomplete body.
The knight was missing one arm as well as his lower body. Even some parts of his head were missing. It was an incomplete Celestial spirit.Bookmark here

“That must be his contracted Celestial spirit’s ethereal body,” I muttered to myself.Bookmark here

I read it in the books of magic and mana manipulation.Bookmark here

Mages after reaching the Intermediate class are eligible to summon and make a contract with a celestial spirit. Once the contract has been established the celestial spirit will merge with the respective mage’s mana core. The intermediate mage who successfully created a contract will then advances to a High-class mage.Bookmark here

This celestial spirit can come in any form, as a former warrior, powerful mana beast, and even mythical plants. The contracted spirit then gives their respected mages powerful skills and techniques once used by those spirits.Bookmark here

After the contract was formed the mage has to then work hard to grow and develop its mana core as well as its celestial spirit’s ethereal body.Bookmark here

At first, the contracted mage only possesses a fragment of the celestial spirit.
Most mages usually start with having a finger or toe of their contracted celestial spirit. As the mage grows the celestial spirit’s ethereal body also grows side by side, the finger will transform into a hand and then into an arm, and so on.Bookmark here

As the ethereal body of celestial spirit grows, the more techniques and skills the mage unlocks.Bookmark here

Razor’s celestial spirit already had a full-grown arm and torso and an almost complete head. He must be a very high-tier mage.Bookmark here

The incomplete ethereal afterimage of the ancient knight floated over Razor for a few seconds and then turned into a flowing light rushed inside his body.Bookmark here

Razor’s body was enveloped in a glowing light giving off a powerful aura.Bookmark here

The dire wolf held the lightning ball in its jaws facing Razor.
Soon a deadly stream of lightning poured from the ball aiming at Razor. There was a loud explosion and a big pit hole appeared.Bookmark here

Although Razor had already moved away and appeared behind the Dire wolf and slashed his sword in reply. A strong arc-shaped wind blade slicing the ground and the air slammed behind the colossal beast. With one strike Razor cut off the Dire wolf’s tail.Bookmark here

The big furry tail fell on the ground with a loud thud.
Meanwhile, the severed part of the dire wolf’s tail spurted blood like a faucet.Bookmark here

The Dire wolf was furious and turned around its head to attack Razor with the lightning ball. Once again a stream of lightning struck towards Razor and then there was a loud explosion. But Razor once again disappeared and reappeared beside the dire wolf slashed its sword.Bookmark here

He once again cut off one of its paws on the front legs. Blood once again spurted from the wound tainting all around. The Dire wolf could only back away fearing Razor.Bookmark here

Razor was totally playing with the Dire wolf now.Bookmark here

The Celestial spirit possession skill of Razor was too powerful, overwhelming the Dire wolf. Instead of directly killing the Dire wolf he was just taunting and messing around.Bookmark here

The Dire wolf was wounded with injuries all over its body. It kept on creating lightning balls to attack but couldn’t even scratch Razor. The wounds around the dire wolf’s neck had greatly reduced its mobility to aim at Razor. It also noticed that it was on the end of its rope.Bookmark here

“Well, you should just obediently give up and let me strap a leash on your neck. Become my pet, it’s better than dying, right?” Razor said with a mocking sneer.Bookmark here

The dire wolf was agitated but once again created the lightning ball to attack.Bookmark here

“Pointless struggle. You should just-” just when Razor’s words stuck in his throat, “You wouldn’t dare!”Bookmark here

The dire wolf this time aimed the lightning at where Bel and Articia were making their stand.Bookmark here

What a bloody villain.
This dire wolf’s intellect was pretty good, not like other its companions, the brainless grey wolves.Bookmark here

The lightning-charged attack was fiercely aimed at Bel and Articia.
The two mages were still engaged in defending the assault of the grey wolves who had encircled them. They didn’t even realize that the Dire wolf was targeting them.Bookmark here

Razor engulfed him and his blade with a gust of wind rushed to where Bel and Artecia were. Like a lightning cutting all the grey wolves breaking the encirclement, he came in front of his two comrades in a matter of seconds.Bookmark here

The Dire wolf had already released the lightning strike.Bookmark here

Razor without stopping used his blade, slashing the lightning charge attack with all his might in a point-blank range. There was a loud collision between the lightning attack and his wind-slashed attack resulting in a blast.Bookmark here

The ground and dirt along with the nearby grey wolves have blasted away.Bookmark here

Razor flew back like a rag sack crashing into the tree where Artecia was standing. The big tree fell with a loud thud, Artecia and Bel also had to back away from the strong blast waves. They don’t even know what just happened.Bookmark here

Soon the smoke and dirt subsided and they saw Razor lying on his back in the stump of the fallen tree,
“Ah darn it. You conniving little shit. Trying to target my juniors.”Bookmark here

“You okay Razor?” asked Bel who rushed at the scene, followed by Artecia.Bookmark here

“I think I just broke a couple of ribs, nothing much to worry about. I just need a little help getting up,” replied Razor leisurely.Bookmark here

“Hello, I don’t wanna startle but that Dire wolf readying another charge blast,” said Artecia as she fired a couple of ice arrows at the Dire wolf.Bookmark here

The ice arrows hit their mark but the dire wolf didn’t even flinch and just shot the lightning blast at the trio.Bookmark here

The strong charge blast was more powerful, unlike its other attacks. Bel created a firewall to protect but it was very thin, he was also running out of mana reserves. The situation was very grim.Bookmark here

Just when huge dozen slabs of earth walls stood in front of the trio.
The charge blasted through destroying half of the walls and vanished. The strong blast had to destroy almost half of the dozen earth walls before disappearing.Bookmark here

“Big guy! It’s about time you show up.” welcomed Razor.Bookmark here

Halberd and Metrina had finally arrived. Even Perry was walking with the support of Metrina. He looked injured but still not very serious. Metrina must have patched him.Bookmark here

Halberd lent a hand helping Razor to get on his feet,
“Haha, so it seemed a little stray pup whooped your ass pretty bad. Do you need a hand?”Bookmark here

“Huh. I just sprained my back, nothing to worry about. You just protect the kids. Leave that Dire pup to me.”Bookmark here

Now the entire party was assembled and there will be no match against it. This battle is over.Bookmark here

The dire wolf also senses the arrival of reinforcements and notices it was in knee-deep shit. It was already badly wounded and escaping Razor and his party was not an option. It’s not like they will even allow the Dire wolf to escape.Bookmark here

Just then a sudden anomaly occurred. The Dire wolf looked at the sky and howled out loudly. The roar was loud and deafening. It was the howl of a trapped beast standing at the death’s door who had nothing to lose.Bookmark here

The other grey wolves hearing the howl suddenly went crazy and started attacking each other. The grey wolves bit and clawed on their fellow canine brothers and sisters, tearing flesh and limbs. Every and each wolf was now killing their own for no reason.Bookmark here

All the grey wolves started dying like flies.Bookmark here

Soon I noticed something.
The blood of the dead wolves started gathering under the dire wolf’s feet. All the blood from the corpses was pulled at the same location and a mysterious glow appeared in that place. The glowing dot rose from the blood that looked like a blood orb pulling, absorbing the blood all around.Bookmark here

“This… This is blood sacrifice!” Razor exclaimed, “We must not let him intake that orb.”Bookmark here

Metrina raised her staff and suddenly a glowing light showered over its party members,
“Reinforcement magic.”Bookmark here

Without waiting, Halberd went ahead and smashed his hammer in the ground.
Suddenly a big spike-shaped rock appeared underneath the dire wolf and pierced its guts, almost uplifting him from the ground. Blood and guts rolled down and made a bloody mess.Bookmark here

Despite the deadly strike, the dire wolf snarled at the adventuring party. The dire wolf’s eyes had rolled and only white was visible as if it had become a zombie. It then turned and looked towards the blood orb and opened its jaws to swallow it.Bookmark here

“Stop ignoring us,” Bel exclaimed and took out a fan-like artifact from his jacket. Then using some incantation he swung the fan towards the wolf, “Raging inferno”Bookmark here

Suddenly a tall fire tornado engulfed the wolf burning its fur and flesh to crisp.Bookmark here

Artecia used hand signs and incantation and created a long ice lance the size of a tree. Skewering the wolf through its chest.Bookmark here

Perry took out a small cylinder and held it in his mouth and shot a poison liquid, melting the dire wolf’s half of its face that only the skull was visible.Bookmark here

Despite being injured so severely the grey wolf didn’t stop and lowered his head slowly opened its wide jaw to gnaw the red orb.Bookmark here

Razor, who I don’t know when he had appeared in front of the dire wolf. Holding his sword muttering serious incantation and then glared at the wolf.Bookmark here

The wolf ignored Razor as if he didn't even exist there.Bookmark here

Suddenly the sword’s blade in Razor’s hand shriveled and took the shape of a spring. He bent on his knees and arched his arm like a bowstring. The ground under his feet plowed into the ground.Bookmark here

“Aremis Retroshnizer,” Razor exclaimed.Bookmark here

In an instant Razor’s whole body turned into a white glowing light shot towards the dire wolf’s head. There was a loud explosion and the dire wolf’s head exploded into bits. There was yet another explosion near the cliff beside the waterfall.Bookmark here

I looked there and saw a big meteor shaped on the cliff wall. Between the impact crater, there was Razor sitting with his sword. His sword was stuck in the cliff wall and only his handle was out. Meanwhile, Razor himself seemed to have passed out.Bookmark here

I turned my head towards the Dire wolf.
Now there was only a headless corpse of the dire wolf which fell to the ground with a loud thud.Bookmark here

The red orb was still there floating around absorbing the blood from the battlefield like a vacuum. Metrina and the others gathered around the orb and then took the orb with them into a bag.Bookmark here

Halberd moved the crater along with Razor downwards with his earth magic skills.Bookmark here

It was about time I should get moving as well.
I quickly retraced my steps heading back to my village.Bookmark here

“Oh, we have an audience here.” just when a voice echoed behind me.Bookmark here

I turned my head and saw a man hanging upside down looking at me. He was wearing a purple bandana and purple shirt and pants. His face was all gloomy and he had dark circles under his eyes.
It was none other than Perry who I don’t know when he noticed me.Bookmark here

“Hello there. I am just passing by. Hehe.” I replied meekly.Bookmark here

He grabbed me by the collar and dragged me to his party.
Later there was a big lecture by the guild members telling me how dangerous it was following them around. They later sent me back to my village with Halberd and Metrina.Bookmark here

Halberd removed the long wall of barricades and bid farewell.
My mom woke up after three days of rest.Bookmark here

There was yet another lecture once she got to know of my little adventure.Bookmark here

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