Chapter 15:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

Hoh! I believe we have met before, Sir Kuro, is it?”

The demon commander reached out his hand for a shake which I gladly took, “Yes, back in Fen, Your Highness, you sold me some bullets and gunpowder for my gun.”

“You mean demon powder?”


Oh, right…I remember now!” he said, smiling. Prince Hurion Devras was quite an intimidating figure. His large horns on the head would make one really feel that they were talking to a bigshot, while his height dominated anyone nearby. But, unlike warriors, the Prince could be mistaken for a scholar, or a diplomat, for his body-build was slim.

However, what caught me was his androgynous features. Perhaps back in Fen, I was so busy with my problem I didn’t notice it, but his beautiful face made me feel like I was talking to a woman. Nevertheless, his relatively deep bass-voice confirmed that he’s a man.


“Well, anyway, Sir Kuro, let us handle this undead problem of yours,” he said with a wink.

Oh, right…”

“Yep,” it was Natasha, “If you’re having an undead outbreak, the best race to call would be the demons. After all, they invented that magic, and could make a ghoul instead of those mindless zombies.”

“Wow…I didn’t know that.”

“Well, it’s one of the best things here in this world!” Natasha quipped, “Just…never mind those idiots like Seirna. She’s a bitch.

I could only laugh at that, but my heart was heavy after I lost some good friends like Luisa, Griffyth, Kevin and Stephan, and the Duke of Greene…

I’ll make sure I’d ask Maddie for a fitting tribute to those heroes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll also convince Madelaine for that,” Natasha supported what I had in mind.


Ahh…don’t be sad, Kuro,” she patted my head, “You did a wonderful job in saving Chersea, even though you’re not a hero cut-out from most fantasy books. You really delivered!”

I smiled at Natasha as thanks for her attempts to cheer me up, but as I am right now, I was extremely tired I just wanted to sleep at the spot I was standing at.

Oh! Wait, before you sleep…”


Natasha snapped her fingers, and slowly the skies turned to light once again.

“Beautiful…” I didn’t know I appreciate Chersea’s bright sky more than I previously thought. Perhaps it’s because I passed the test of time, however, in any case, I’d just take my time to watch this pretty scenery before me.

“Well, all in a day’s work, Kuro,” Natasha gave me a wink, “As I am the Saint of Darkness, I also knew how to remove it. Chersea can finally be in peace, at last.”