Chapter 16:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

In the aftermath of the Battle for Huirot, the Demon army brought by Natasha took charge of clearing the land of west Chersea from the remaining undead of Seirna. To stop the spread of those creatures to the east, the Saint of Darkness joined hands with the Human Saint to erect another temporary barrier. Meanwhile, at first, the human populations that survived the ‘Imperial War’ and the ‘Great Rising of the Undead’ were unnerved by the sight of their horned defenders…Bookmark here

“Hey Maddie!” it was the Saint of Darkness, Natasha, who raised the issue one day while taking breakfast with us, “The demons were being attacked by the humans who are afraid of them. We can’t finish the job because we had to defend ourselves from those idiots; fortunately, no one was killed just yet. But I’m afraid it would be so if we let it go just like that. Can’t you do something about it?”Bookmark here

“Kuro, what do you think?” Maddie asked me.Bookmark here

“Well, we could use the Paladin Corps to accompany the demon armies and allay the fears of the population.” I suggested, “I think the sight of your holy guards would make them realize the demons came as friends this time.”Bookmark here

Hmm…that could work.” Maddie agreed.Bookmark here

Hoh…you’re really someone that’s trusted by no other than the Human Saint now, huh, Kuro?” Natasha quipped.Bookmark here

“Thanks!” I replied, “Well, I’ll always do my best for Her Holiness.”Bookmark here

“Impressive…” Natasha was all-smiles, “You sure did your best. Now Lady Madelaine is the talk of the town; most people now look up to her as their savior…even from the demon armies.”Bookmark here

“I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding, Lady Natasha.” Maddie countered, “You know how our peoples had a bit of bad history together.”Bookmark here

“Yes…” the Saint of Darkness seemed to ponder for a moment, but then she returned to her cheerful self, “In any case, Maddie, what do you think?”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Can you lend me Kuro?”Bookmark here

“Are you wishing to die, Natasha?”Bookmark here

Whoa, girl! Chill! I was just joking!” Natasha was quick to relent, dismissing Maddie’s threats with a laugh. But I thought she was serious at the moment…Bookmark here

“Well, what are you intending to lend him for?” Maddie asked, “I could part from him for…a couple of days?”Bookmark here

That’s great, Maddie! You threaten, then you ask…Bookmark here

Heh…you’re my guard Kuro, and you must be with me, not with someone else.” Maddie told me in a matter-of-fact manner, “But then, I’d reconsider Natasha since she’s the one who brought you to me.”Bookmark here

Oh right! If I remember, the Saint of Darkness had given Maddie a magic circle that caused me to be summoned here. I’ve been wanting to ask her about that!Bookmark here

Uh…Your Dark Holiness…”Bookmark here

“Not now, Kuro!” the Saint of Darkness seemed to have read my mind, “I prefer we talk about it in a more ‘private’ situation…”Bookmark here

“And pray, Lady Natasha, what do you mean by that ‘private’ situation?”Bookmark here

“I’ll leave it to your imagination, Your Human Holiness.”Bookmark here

“…” Well, this was getting awkward.Bookmark here

Maddie and Natasha were both smiling at each other, but I could see sparks flying from them. Was this their friendship? I mean, the Human Saint and the Saint of Darkness were friends, if I remember correctly, right?Bookmark here

“Kuro, there were things that even friends would fight out for.” Maddie’s sarcasm was oozing from her.Bookmark here

And Natasha was quick to back her up, “But don’t worry, it’s just a friendly competition…”Bookmark here

“Yes…very friendly.”Bookmark here

Right.Bookmark here

Maybe I’ll just proceed with eating my food while these two get ‘friendly’ with each other for a while…Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

And when the job was done, Saint Natasha and every demon with her returned to their own land, never to bother humanity again, but not before Maddie made sure that they were properly rewarded for their deeds. Though there were no medals or gold given to them, Natasha asked for economic concessions instead, like the right to trade with humans, and preferential treatment over other races with certain products and services.Bookmark here

Maddie agreed to most of them, of course. With the sudden push of humanity from a medieval society to a more modern one, the trade between demons and humans looked beneficial, rather than to have them both kill each other.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

The event brought a new perspective on the human-demon relationship, and friendship blossomed because of that.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“That dark saint…she just did it!” Maddie had a wry smile on her face as she said that.Bookmark here

The demons were indeed gone, well, except for the demon merchants. After the war, there was a huge demand for guns—or what the Cherseans call the ‘demon weapons’. Armies of the kingdoms in Chersea gradually shifted from swords and shields to guns and bayonets.Bookmark here

Of course, no wise merchant would miss the trend, demon or human, and so the trade for guns and gunpowder became lucrative.Bookmark here

I’d say Chersea began to abandon its chivalric past.Bookmark here

“Well, indeed.” Maddie observed, “The age of the knights is almost over. However, I’m getting the feeling that we’re about to have a new type of problem.”Bookmark here

Hmm…with technological advancements, humans would surely create new problems.” I agreed with her, “However, with new problems are new opportunities.”Bookmark here

“You’re right. But what should we do about the demon weapons, first?”Bookmark here

Of course it worried Maddie. The proliferation of guns would surely lead from one tragic thing to another. Well, I think I’d seen enough consequences for this, so I kept mum about inventing artillery pieces.Bookmark here

“If I may suggest…” it was Lily who entered the conversation, “How about you continue with your plan in creating that ‘peacekeeping’ force you’re thinking.”Bookmark here

Oh…right!” Maddie clapped her hands, “I almost forgot about that.”Bookmark here

“And also, you could appoint several customs officials to supervise and regulate the import of these demon weapons.” I recommended, “If the kings won’t comply with your new laws, then you could use the sanctions to make them submit, or if they wanted war, the peacekeepers.”Bookmark here

“I’d consider those.” Maddie answered, “But could you explain to me what you mean by the customs officials?”Bookmark here

“About that…” I brought out several pieces of paper and presented those before her. I expected this kind of situation, so I made some notes about it, should Maddie deemed it necessary to consult it. The smile on Maddie’s and Lily’s face was so big it almost reached their ears.Bookmark here

“You know, Kuro…” Maddie then told me, “…if there’s anything you want, please tell me! You see, I haven’t given you any reward for your valuable accomplishments just yet.”Bookmark here

“Yes, I agree with Maddie, Kuro!” Lily also said, “With what you did, you could ask for an entire kingdom to rule! Want me to ask the kings to grant you at least a land to govern? I’ve already received some proposals about granting you several titles and fiefs, you know?”Bookmark here

“And so do I,” Maddie admitted.Bookmark here

Nah! I’m good, really!” Well, a land to govern was something troublesome, though the monetary gain was good. I just wanted to have a peaceful, slow life in this other world I’m living in, surrounded by my friends and loved ones.Bookmark here

“Lily, Kuro just wanted to live with us.” With a triumphant smile on her face, Maddie released my thoughts to her head maid.Bookmark here

“W-Well!” Lily blushed furiously, “So, do I! I don’t need any titles nor royal positions if I’m with you, Kuro!”Bookmark here

“Yes…and we’ll create lots and lots of children, right?” Maddie’s perverted switch turned on once again, and I could see hearts oozing from her. She was already biting her lips, and caught my shirt, pulling me to her, “I think it’s the ultimate reward I could give you, see?”Bookmark here

“M-Maddie, d-don’t you think t-there’s an order for things?” Lily was stammering.Bookmark here

“What are you wavering for now?”Bookmark here

“Though my body yearns for him, my heart’s not ready yet!”Bookmark here

Oh, then it’s better! You’re getting horny!” Maddie then unbuttoned Lily’s maid uniform in front of me, and her other free hand was already fondling her friend’s rich bosom while she licked her neck…Bookmark here

“Maddie!” the head maid cried but never resisted, “Ahn…stop!”Bookmark here

The sight is simply too erotic to behold, but my eyes looked nowhere…Bookmark here

“I-I’m f-f-fine.” I was quick to stop them, before anything gets way out of control, “Don’t you guys worry about my reward or anything. It’s not like I did it for this.” Well, to be honest, I wanted to do it too. My heart was already racing, and my body was raring to have a go.Bookmark here

However, I’m not some reckless pervert who’d take the opportunity to lose his virginity just because some girls were grateful for what I did.Bookmark here

What I mean was, I’d like to marry before I would do it with them!Bookmark here

“Hmm…” Maddie stopped at what she was doing, with a gentle smile on her face, “You’re really something Kuro. How could you even control yourself in this situation?”Bookmark here

“I’m a teacher. Self-control is ingrained in my system.”Bookmark here

“Alright!” the Saint chuckled, “I guess we’ll have to wait ’till we get married then.”Bookmark here

“Yes, let me find our own place to live in.” I proposed.Bookmark here

Hmm…but Kuro, how about you make that your reward?” Lily suggested.Bookmark here

Nah…I got something else.” Well, now that I had thought about it, for a reward, there’s something I have in mind.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

As for Seirna, she vanished after the Battle for Huirot, never to be seen again.Bookmark here

The Emperor confirmed this to us, for she usually visited him. However, Natasha herself thinks Seirna would return, for she’s that hard to kill.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

I mean, come on. She’s one of the dreaded Saints in this world, and a simple slash to her neck would end her? That’s pretty anti-climactic if you ask me. That’s not how villains die most of the time, at least in my book.Bookmark here

Maddie also told me she talked to her godfather, who turned out to be a former agent of Seirna. During the battle, he was close to assassinating her, but his disguise wore off. Maddie said it might be because Seirna’s magic vanished. I think it was when I slashed her neck.Bookmark here

I guess she used her magic to keep herself alive, huh?Bookmark here

The former prince Umberto Benicci then vanished, promising to watch over Maddie’s actions as Saint. I don’t know if he would return to complete his mission to kill her, but when he does, I’ll make sure he could do that only when I’m dead.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The Empire of Chersea prospered during Jean Durres III, and, keeping his promise with the saint, he launched no invasion of north Chersea for as long as he lived.Bookmark here

Amaranth returned to its former glory as an economic powerhouse of north Chersea, but now, instead of a king, it was ruled by a Queen, Jessica Mae von Albert. She was the one who instituted the reforms her brother should’ve enacted.Bookmark here

Maddie’s calendar came to be known as the ‘Saint’s Calendar’, and the subsequent years were called ‘the years of the Saint’. Her reforms brought about a new economic order in Chersea, and the standard of living slowly rose under her watch. The Cherseans thrived in the ‘Saint’s Peace’, and they looked into this era as the ‘golden age’ of the land.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The surviving members of the Coalition eventually returned their own lands once the reconstruction of west Chersea, led by Maddie and Lily themselves, ended.Bookmark here

The students from the Mahan School of Swordsmanship suffered 12 casualties, both dead and injured. Because of that, they became famous throughout Chersea for the skill they displayed, considering their enemies, and the relatively low casualty count. Soon, Hagena was a bustling town because of the influx of people wanting to be students of the school, and its headmasters, Anton and Mariya Trevor became famous.Bookmark here

The Gryphon Knights became the model for the new branch of Chersea’s military: the air forces. Ever since I taught Sir Dane the principle of ‘tactical aerial bombing’, it had been a mainstay of the Confederacy’s armies. And soon, it was emulated by other kingdoms.Bookmark here

The Duke of Rubinforth saw his influence increased not only in Nerfes but also in Chersea, because of his valuable help in fighting the undead. In Fen, he was hailed as a hero, along with me and his holy daughter. Sophia and William also received a lot of marriage requests from other prominent nobles of the kingdom, intent on marrying into the Rubinforth House and have some ‘hero blood’ in their veins.Bookmark here

The Band of the Oak was now disbanded and was incorporated into the newly constituted ‘peacekeeping’ army. Gats and Tarasca became the commanders of a unit under this new corps, with Winters commanding the former ‘Band of Brothers and Sisters’ unit. Stephan and Kevin’s units were also absorbed, and given new commanders from their own ranks as well: LeBran and Irvine.Bookmark here

Sir Simon remained as the 2nd Prince of Nerfes, but with greater power and influence than before. He was also seen as a hero among the long-line of Reeds that fought for Nerfes, though he was adopted into the house. As for his love, I guess he was still longing for King Rambo…Bookmark here

The Prince of Stadtsberg was elected as the Stadtholder of the League of Valley Cities, its highest leader, after the forced resignation of the previous one (brought about by his inaction in the ‘Imperial War’).Bookmark here

The Count of Brooke returned to his state in Amarth, where he was reunited with his family.Bookmark here

The Duke of Greene’s title was elevated to that of a prince, as recognition for his heroic deeds in Huirot. His family became famous economists throughout Chersea, and Greene became synonymous for ‘financial prowess’ in the land.Bookmark here

The Count of Tillie also returned to his land, which received considerable financial aid from the Holy Palatial Gardens. He later was elevated to the title of Duke, in recognition of his efforts in the ‘Imperial War’.Bookmark here

The Earl of Yares later became a famous adventure-seeker, but it was for another story.Bookmark here

The Duchess of Henristone…uh…well, she’s a handful.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

To recruit me to become her knight, she entered the service of Her Holiness, Madelaine Rubinforth, and became the new captain of the Paladin Corps after the vice-captain, Dame Atkins, refused the promotion (she claimed that she never wanted to speak over two words, so she declined the position).Bookmark here

Why did she become the captain? Well…Bookmark here

I resigned as Maddie’s captain of the Paladin Corps, for there was one thing in my mind after surviving the ‘Imperial War’ and the ‘Grand Rising of the Undead’…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Uh…Kuro, are you sure this is all that you want?”Bookmark here

Hm? Why not?” I asked Maddie, “This is my former job back in my old world.”Bookmark here

“Well, you know you could ask for more.” Lily told me, “The kingdoms of Nerfes are grateful for your efforts in saving Chersea from Seirna. And you know, my family is also thankful to you, for you tamed my curse. Because of that, I’m able to return to the House of von Leese, not only as their daughter but also as a hero.”Bookmark here

Nah, I just wanted something to do, you know.” I admitted, “Staying at the Holy Palatial Gardens and doing nothing will kill me.”Bookmark here

“It’s true…” Maddie told Lily, with a sarcastic smile, “I looked into his heart and he’s telling the truth.”Bookmark here

“Sir Kuro is really strange.” Eris quipped, “And what would an ‘academic’ school bring you?”Bookmark here

“Oh, plenty.” I chuckled, “And not only do I get to benefit here, but all of Chersea would also gain from it. Imagine if there are many educated Cherseans here. Wouldn’t Maddie’s peace be achievable not only now but also in the long run as well?”Bookmark here

“Well, you got a point,” Lily admitted.Bookmark here

“So, what are your plans now?” Maddie asked me, “You got your own school now.”Bookmark here

Ah, about that, first, we’re going to hire teachers to assist me in running this place.” I could feel the excitement in my heart as I look at the big palace-like building Maddie had given to me inside the Holy Palatial Gardens. It was to be called the ‘Academy’, after that first one in Greece back on Earth.Bookmark here

“Oh! I wanted to apply—”Bookmark here

“Nope. You’re the Saint.” I quickly countered her, “You need to focus on your responsibilities, especially now that all of Chersea looks unto you, their Saint, for guidance.”Bookmark here

“Awww!!!” Maddie pouted.Bookmark here

“Well, it’s all fine Maddie.” Lily patted her in the head, “I’ll make sure that Mister Kuro won’t be chasing skirts here in his ‘Academy’.”Bookmark here

“What are you saying, Lily?” Maddie had a look of horror on the face.Bookmark here

“Well, I’m going to teach in this ‘Academy’ as—”Bookmark here

“Nope.” I immediately rebuked Lily, “You’re Maddie’s personal maid; I won’t be chasing skirts in this place of learning. It’s the sacred duty of the teacher to think of the welfare of his students. But I already hired someone who’ll teach with me.”Bookmark here

“Oh?” Maddie and Lily stared at me.Bookmark here

“I think Lady Eris could teach a thing or two about history.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

Eris had a triumphant expression on her face. Well, her appointment as a history teacher in the Academy I founded was well-thought of. She became my personal maid, and because of that, she would be near me most of the time. And since I could do things on my own, I won’t need most of her services.Bookmark here

So, I guess Eris teaching history would be a nice addition to my school.Bookmark here

Hmm…well, if you put it that way, I guess it’s good with me,” Maddie said, reading my mind once again.Bookmark here

“What did he think?” Lily asked her.Bookmark here

“Oh, it’s purely academic, Lily.” Maddie answered, “However, Lady Eris…”Bookmark here

“Y-Yes, Your Holiness?” the little girl turned to her.Bookmark here

“Take good care of Kuro, and I’ll allow you to be his third wife!”Bookmark here

“For goodness’ sake, Maddie!” I blurted out, “She’s just a kid! I don’t dig children; that’s creepy!”Bookmark here

“Mister Kuro…” Eris cleared her throat, “I may be young, I’m also a maiden capable of love!”Bookmark here

“That’s not how it works! I’m an old man already!”Bookmark here

“Hey…” it was Lily, “What about the Queen of Amaranth?”Bookmark here

Huh? Oh yes, Queen Jessica.” Maddie shrugged, “Well, she’s the fourth wife.”Bookmark here

“What? She’s still open about marrying me?” I asked, “I thought with her brother’s death, she’s released from all her duties as the younger sister?”Bookmark here

“I guess she wanted to be your wife after all.” Maddie could only sigh, “I mean, you’re currently the hottest guy in all of Chersea, and many young ladies yearn for you, you know.”Bookmark here

“Ah! I don’t care about such things; I only yearn for deep and lasting relationships.” I told them, “Anyway, let me do the thing I came here for…”Bookmark here

Maddie, Lily, and Eris looked silently as I pulled Luisa’s newly repaired sword, and carefully planted it on the ground in front of the school. Then, turning to Maddie, I asked her to put a preservation spell on the weapon, so that rust and dust wouldn’t be able to destroy it.Bookmark here

Ad astra per aspera, Luisa…” I glanced up in the sky as I muttered those words, “In your memory and hard-work, I dedicate this place…”Bookmark here

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