Chapter 17:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

A week after we visited the school that Maddie ordered to be built just for me, I received several letters brought into my room by my personal maid, Eris.Bookmark here

“Sir Kuro! Look at these letters, they all came from the rulers of Chersea, inviting you to their countries.”Bookmark here

“Eris, please stop with the ‘Sir’. I’m just your old, the same Kuro.”Bookmark here

“Alright…K-Kuro.” Eris slightly blushed as she said that. Perhaps she’s embarrassed by it, but then again, I don’t want to be treated differently just because I did something anyone could’ve done given the circumstances.Bookmark here

“So, what you got there?”Bookmark here

Hmm…these are invitations to royal events, and they request your appearance, Sir—I mean, K-Kuro.” Eris explained, “And look, these are some invitations that confer knighthood and noble titles to you!”Bookmark here

Oh…those things, huh?Bookmark here

“What, you will not accept them?”Bookmark here

“Well, you know once they conferred it to me, there would be strings attached.” I reasoned. It’s not that I don’t want those as well. I’m not a hypocrite to say I didn’t like a noble title, when in fact I want one for myself. However, what I’m wary of was the schemes of these royals; I’m a friend of Maddie, I’m afraid they might use me to have their way on her.Bookmark here

“But then, refusing it would make you arrogant in their eyes.” Eris countered, “I suggest you accept those titles for now and just act on it when the time comes.”Bookmark here

On second thought, she’s right. I might create unnecessary enemies because of it.Bookmark here

Haa…I guess this is the consequence of getting popular, huh?Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

We went to several royal events, where Maddie and I were the distinguished guests. The kings of the land of Chersea were more than eager to give me titles and grant favors, and Maddie used this as an opportunity to make me acquainted with the royalty she always had to deal with.Bookmark here

Like that one event in Nerfes, where Lily’s house, the von Leese, invited us to confer a title to me.Bookmark here

“Sir Kuro, I, Nicholas Galahad von Leese, confer the title of Baron of Kamran for your valuable contributions and bravery displayed in defense of the human realm of Chersea during the Imperial War and the Great Rising of the Undead.”Bookmark here

The entire hall of the von Leese palace erupted in cheers and applause as I received the robes of a baron and a sword from the royal prince. To add to my newly acquired lands, I was also given an allotment of 10 gold coins every year.Bookmark here

And that’s only my properties in Nerfes.Bookmark here

I think the House of von Leese was trying to get my favor. After all, the men of Nerfes value sound military strategy and tactics, skills that I displayed on the three battles now being attributed to me: Devyere, Bere River, and Dawson Valley.Bookmark here

I just did what was written in my world’s history, that’s all. I guess it really pays that you know something about the past, huh?Bookmark here

“A commoner becoming a Baron…how surreal is that?”Bookmark here

“Just because he’s close to the Saint, he thinks he can ascend among us nobles.”Bookmark here

“Watch out for him, he might stab our backs soon.”Bookmark here

Oh, of course, there’s that ‘envy’ factor among the nobility. They really did not hold back to show their disdain for me, even going as far as huddling together to whisper bad things about me. I wonder what Maddie would say about it…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Well, she’s busy talking with the royal prince of Nerfes. I think she was unaware of her subjects’ growing hate for me. I mean, it’s pretty normal for humans to do that to someone who had achievements. At first, they’d congratulate you for a job well done. Then, the next thing you knew, they’d be stabbing your back, and if you’re not careful, it’s either you’re dead for good—either socially, or literally.Bookmark here

Ah, I’ll just let them be for now. Now’s not the time for uncivilized behavior. I’ll just sit back, relax, and enjoy the celebrations while it lasts.Bookmark here

“I thought you’re going to confront those nobles. Your patience is really something, huh?Bookmark here

“!!!” I almost jumped in surprise when I heard someone speak closely to my ear.Bookmark here

“So now you’re a Baron now, Lord Kuro…” it was Lily who greeted me, “Congratulations!”Bookmark here

“Thank you for your support, Your Highness! You know me, I’m not a confrontational person. I’ll just let them be for as long as they’re relatively harmless.”Bookmark here

“Stop that, I’m still the old Lily.” she chuckled.Bookmark here

“And so do I, you know.”Bookmark here

We both laughed. And while we were enjoying the festivities, a group of men suddenly came near us. With them was Lily’s father, the prince Nicholas Galahad von Leese.Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Lily suddenly became stiff and formal, “Greetings, father. It’s been a while since we last saw each other; I hope you’re doing well.”Bookmark here

The prince then spoke, “Welcome back, Lilyhaven. I see that you’re well-acquainted with Lord Kuro here.”Bookmark here

“Yes, he and I are friends back in the Holy Palatial Gardens.”Bookmark here

“Ah! It’s great that you know someone of reputable character.” the prince proudly said, “And coincidentally, since the death of your brother, your mother and I have been looking for a son…”Bookmark here

Lily suddenly became red in embarrassment, and she fell silent.Bookmark here

“Well then, Lord Kuro, would you want to be adopted into my house and become our son?” Prince Nicholas never minced his words; he told me that straight and with determination.Bookmark here

“Oh…uh…” of course, I was flabbergasted by his proposal. Everything was going too fast, “Err…I guess I have to…uh…think about it?”Bookmark here

“Ah, it’s alright, Lord Kuro!” the prince laughed, “We’ve been really looking for Lily’s partner in a long while now, and she told me that only you tamed her ‘Bloodbath’ curse! Well, I’m looking forward to having you as my son-in-law! I would accept no one else except you, the greatest man in Chersea!”Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

The ‘greatest man’ in all of Chersea, huh? I wonder about that.Bookmark here

“Look, it’s the Great Sir Kuro, the Rock of Chersea, and our hero!”Bookmark here

“Hey, don’t you dare block his way, for goodness’ sake!”Bookmark here

“I just wanted an autograph, that’s all…”Bookmark here

Well, there were a lot of changes after that conflict with the Empire and the subsequent rising of the undead, caused by Seirna. Aside from the showers of praises, titles, and its accompanying properties, one particular difference to my life right now was that I became well known throughout Chersea as that ‘legendary commoner general’, and as ‘Kuro, the Rock of Chersea’. It’s only been a month since the end of the war, and yet, the news and rumors about me spread like wildfire.Bookmark here

Soon, my name became synonymous with the word ‘hero’. My list of deeds also grew, from simply defeating the Imperials in several key battles, now I was given the ability to transform into a holy beast (a gryphon, or whatever they can think of) and devour the bad guys with wanton abandon.Bookmark here

Personally, it’s kind of funny. But, I don’t like the rumors getting inflated every day.Bookmark here

In Arles, the people would often make a way for me whenever they saw me walking its streets. Children would also race to get a glimpse the ‘commoner general’, and soldiers from the militia would give me a salute, even though I didn’t wish for it.Bookmark here

Well, I guess it’d take a few more times before I get used to this kind of lifestyle.Bookmark here

“Yes, please get used to it,” Maddie whispered to me while we walk down the streets of Arles. She was helping me look for a place of residence, quite a distance from the Holy Palatial Gardens, but still relatively near to it, “The Holy Palatial Gardens would be a perfect place for someone as important as you, you know?”Bookmark here

“Well, I wanted a house I’d like to call my own.” I explained to her for an unknown number of times, “While I appreciate your thoughts in letting me stay in your place, my values tell me I should find my personal home.”Bookmark here

“Alright, alright!” Maddie laughed, “Anyway, it’s what we’re here for. However, I’m quite worried about you, Kuro.”Bookmark here

“If it’s girls you’re worrying about, then perish the thought.” I reassured her, “I’m not some playboy who’s easily attracted to women. You know I prefer deep, lasting relationships.”Bookmark here

“Thanks for that, but it’s not what I’m worried about.”Bookmark here

“What is?”Bookmark here

“Your personal security?”Bookmark here

“Oh…for that, I’m friends with the Arles militia, see? There’s nothing to worry about.”Bookmark here

“Haaa…” Maddie sighed, “Why don’t you just stay with us in the Holy Palatial Gardens, then my worries would all be gone.”Bookmark here

Haha…I’ll be fine.”Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

We went around Arles to look for some property for rent or for sale. Maddie preferred it was a property for sale since she reasoned it was something I could truly call my own.Bookmark here

She’s got a point there, I admit.Bookmark here

A few distances from the main thoroughfare of the town, we found our first target. It was a manor-type house that was put up for sale by its owner after they immigrated to the kingdom of Amarth to the west.Bookmark here

“That’ll be 100 gold Sir Kuro.” the real estate agent told me, “However, for you, I’d put it at 20 gold for sale!”Bookmark here

“Then I’ll tak—”Bookmark here

“Hold a minute there, sir!” Maddie suddenly entered the conversation.Bookmark here

“Y-Your Holiness?”Bookmark here

“Why did you suddenly lower the price for too low?”Bookmark here

“Huh? Well, it’s for Sir Kuro’s contribution to the—”Bookmark here

“It’s pretty suspicious.” Maddie commented, “Are you hiding ghosts in there, or perhaps a monster’s den?”Bookmark here

“Impossible, Your Holiness!” the agent blurted out, “I-It’s a perfectly safe place! Well, there were a few rats in the attic, and a mandragora plant that was planted in the garden by the previous owners…but yes, it’s really a good place, and a good bargain too.”Bookmark here

Well, for something that’s touted to be ‘safe’, I don’t think it’s really that safe.Bookmark here

“Nope. I won’t allow anything bad to happen to Chersea’s greatest hero since Cassandra David!” Maddie demanded, “Take us to the next house, please!”Bookmark here

“R-Right this way, Your Holiness!”Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

The second house was a small, yet homely-type cabin in the woods near Arles. Actually, it was in a posh area near the outskirts of the town, where most of the well-off citizens live. That’s why its price tag was around 200 gold coins.Bookmark here

“But for you Sir Kuro, I’d give it at 100 gold.” The agent informed me.Bookmark here

“100 gold, huh?” I could feel that the real estate agent wanted to give me a lower price for the property, but Maddie seemed to interfere with him, so he decided to give it at 100 gold coins, “Okay it’s a deal—”Bookmark here

“There’s a crack on the wall, Kuro.” Maddie suddenly spoke up.Bookmark here

“A crack?” I went over to her side to see what she’s pointing at. There was indeed a crack on the wall, but it was so little I could repair it even without magic.Bookmark here

“I don’t like you treating the Hero of Chersea to a house like this!” Maddie confronted the agent, “He deserves a better place to own! Show us your other properties!”Bookmark here

The agent and I only exchanged stares. Maddie, aren’t you enjoying browsing a bit too much?Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

The third house was a cottage, situated not too far off from the western side of Arles. It was also in the posh neighborhoods of the town, and its price tag was around 300 gold coins.Bookmark here

“I bet Sir Kuro would like this place!” the agent was all smiles, but I could feel pressure coming out from him, “This one’s on 300 gold, but a nifty 200 gold coins would be my price for this property.”Bookmark here

Hmm…I like this one.” Maddie commented, “Not too big to make him feel lonely, and not too small to cause him to bump his head on the ceiling.”Bookmark here

Maddie, what do you even think of me? Some naughty kid?Bookmark here

Ah, looks like my companion finally agreed on something.” I was being sarcastic, but yes, I’m glad that she finally decided to settle on this house being offered.Bookmark here

Maddie looked at me with a frown and a pout on her face.Bookmark here

Yep, I know you’re cute, but I think I like this house too.Bookmark here

“Well, Sir Kuro, if you want this place, then here’s the paper you need to sign, and it’s all yours!” the agent handed me a paper and a pen which I quickly took to sign, lest Maddie changed her mind once again.Bookmark here

Fortunately, nothing else happened. I paid the 200 gold in full, using the money I got from the royals eager to reward me.Bookmark here

The agent handed me the keys, and said, “I hope you enjoy your new home!”Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

And with that, I finally got myself my very own property, bought from the money I earned. Though I may have other properties scattered around Chersea (thanks to those human kings), I feel like this one would be my main house.Bookmark here

“So I’m off to buy some furniture!” I told Maddie, “Would you like to come?”Bookmark here

“Yes…” there was a tone of sadness in her voice, “I’ll choose the furniture for you, Kuro.”Bookmark here

“Come on, Maddie! Don’t be sad.” I consoled her, “It’s not that I’m going far from you!”Bookmark here

“Well, I’m just going to miss those times where I would surprise you by suddenly appearing inside your room.” Maddie was nostalgic, “Or when I would sneak inside to draw you while you sleep…or switch your used clothes with new ones for my collect—”Bookmark here

“I-I’ll let you choose the furniture!” I deliberately interrupted her, “L-let’s go then!”Bookmark here

“Right…”,Bookmark here

We haven’t got too far from the house when I noticed Maddie was muttering something to herself. And then, with a finger snap…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

The new house I just bought suddenly collapsed!Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

I was too dumbfounded to move.Bookmark here

“Oh my, Kuro!” it was Maddie, who was happily smiling, “Did your house just collapsed? It’s a pretty dangerous house then! Come, stay with us for a while more in the Holy Palatial Gardens!”Bookmark here

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