Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

Hachiko - A Hachishakusama Story

It’s now the morning after I met the creature of the vault and I had to haul it to work. The long walk from the vault gave me time to process everything that just happened. I met a creature that’s very humanlike but she was 8 feet tall or something like that. That’s a lot of woman, creature, whatever she is. Bookmark here

I’m the assistant manager at the local mini mart so I have to open the store some days like today. As I opened the store, I proceeded to stock the shelves and organize the candy which is one of the biggest sellers in the store. It was more of a convenience store that’s between 2 bus stops and near a school so when someone needs something sweet and quick, it’s their go to spot.Bookmark here

“This day is dragging and no one seems to be coming into the store today. I guess that happens on a nice day like today. No one wants to be inside, slaving away like me.”Bookmark here

A few kids stopped by the store today to buy candy but besides that, I had an uneventful day. As I looked up from behind the counter, Hideki came in to relieve me. He’s the store manager above me though I don’t know why. I think he had pictures of the owner doing certain taboo things. We never got along so the conversations between us never last long and always had a sarcastic tone to them.Bookmark here

“Kazuhito.”Bookmark here

“Hideki.”Bookmark here

“Busy day?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, real busy. 5 customers.”Bookmark here

“Do you always have to be a jerk?”Bookmark here

“I learned from the best. See ya loser.”Bookmark here

I grabbed my backpack and left the store. Bookmark here

“I can’t stand Hideki. Since the first day I was hired, he was always a jerk to me. So I’m just giving it back to him. Right? Or maybe I’m really turning into a jerk…”Bookmark here

When I got home, I decided to test my strength since I couldn’t budge the creature at all without her help. She may be 8 or 9 or 10 feet tall but she couldn’t be THAT heavy, right? I headed straight for my little sister Maki, who was in the kitchen cleaning. I walked right up to her without saying a word. She looked me right in my eyes and was able to tell I had something on my mind.Bookmark here

“Kazu?!? Is something wrong?!”Bookmark here

Without saying a word I bent down and wrapped his arms around her legs then threw her over my shoulder like a caveman.Bookmark here


“I knew I wasn’t weak.”Bookmark here

“So how much does she actually weigh that I couldn’t even come close to budging her.”Bookmark here

“Put me down you jerk!!”Bookmark here

I walked out into the living room and put her down on the couch.Bookmark here

“Sorry sis. I...just had to make sure I wasn’t getting weak.”Bookmark here

“You don’t pick up your sister like she’s a toy just to test your strength, stupid.”Bookmark here

“I said I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

Maki crossed her arms and pouted while looking away from me. But I was used to this since I tease her all the time.Bookmark here

“Kazuhito. If you get me ice cream I will forgive you.”Bookmark here

“If I get you ice cream can you help me with something?”Bookmark here

“First! Ice cream. Then the princess will listen to your plea, peasant...”Bookmark here

Don’t you hate when you go to the freezer and realize you didn’t bring any ice cream home from the last time you went shopping. In a frenzy, I tried to gather myself and started putting on my shoes and jacket while running towards the door.Bookmark here

“Sis, I’ll be right back. I forgot to get ice cream from work.”Bookmark here

Maki screamed to me before I got out the door.Bookmark here

“Bring me some gummi bears too!”Bookmark here

I ran to the store as fast as I could, right past the counter and straight to the ice cream freezer. I picked up a bunch of ice cream pints without even counting. I ran back to the counter and dropped them all right there. I didn’t know this secondary cashier from the night shift and Hideki was in the back doing stock so I flashed my badge like I was a cop or something. Don’t know why I did that but he started tossing all the ice cream in the bag for me.Bookmark here

“I don’t know you but I’m the day shift assistant manager! Just add it to my account! Thanks!”Bookmark here

I’m not even sure he knew what just happened but he gave me a “S...ure.” and I went on my way.Bookmark here

As soon as I got out the door I realized I didn’t have the gummi bears. I ran back in, grabbed like 5 bags and ran out.Bookmark here

After that exhilarating exchange with the new guy, I dashed back to the house as fast as I could so I could try to get information out of his sister. She was looking out the front door at one of the neighborhood cats and then when she saw me coming, she just got out of the way. I’m glad she did because I might have ran her over since I was in such a rush to talk to her about my discovery but I couldn’t talk to her about my discovery. You still following me?Bookmark here

“I’m back!”Bookmark here

I ran straight to the freezer and started throwing the ice cream in. Didn’t even stack them or anything, just tossed them in. Then I quickly turned around to grab a bowl, a spoon and one of the pints and started scooping it into the bowl. In case you’re wondering, it’s mint chocolate chip. It’s her favorite.Bookmark here

“Kaaaaaaa-zuuuuuuuuuu. I’m dying here.”Bookmark here

My little sister may have been the most important person in my life but damn she wore me out sometimes. I ran back into the living room and placed the ice cream pint, the bowl and gummi bears on the coffee table. Then I pulled the gummi bears out of my pocket and tossed them to her. I got down on my knees in front of my sister to ask for her help. Due to issues with our stepfather I try not to stand when talking to her. I usually give her the higher position since she feels safer that way. That bastard must have really got in her head. Hopefully I can help her get past this.Bookmark here

“I got everything you wanted and more. Can you help me out now?”Bookmark here

“What’s bothering you so much Kazu?”Bookmark here

“There’s this woman....”Bookmark here

Maki dropped her bowl of ice cream on the floor and looked at me with the smuggest grin humanly possible.Bookmark here

“Wow. My big brother is finally growing up. Of course you came to the master.”Bookmark here

What I didn’t know is that my little sister thinks she’s an anime villainess from the 90s and she let out an evil rich girl laugh that I didn’t even think was possible. How long have you practiced that laugh, shrimp.Bookmark here

“Ohohohohohohoho!”Bookmark here

I started cleaning up the ice cream but I had to ask her the obvious question since she’s 11.Bookmark here

“Sis, how many boyfriends have you had?”Bookmark here

Have you ever seen one of those anime where a character has this dark aura like they’re about to go super saiyan on someone’s ass? That was me. And I could tell she felt the aura emanating from me as I cleaned the mess.Bookmark here

“Ummm...none. But I’ve seen it on TV…..”Bookmark here

My rage levels slowly decreased with her answer. I mean, come on, she’s 11. I’m a protective brother. Anyway, I placed the bowl back on the table while Maki started eating ice cream from the pint.Bookmark here

“Tell me about her. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!”Bookmark here

At the time, I wasn't sure what I should or shouldn’t say but I did have an ulterior motive for telling her. When I saw the creature in those tattered clothes it made me decide I wanted to do something for her. At least get her a few things so she wouldn’t have to be in that ripped up dress all the time. But what could I really get her that would fit? Everything will probably be short on her but better than nothing right?Bookmark here

“Well she’s really tall. Like super tall. Maybe over 7 feet tall.”Bookmark here

My sister gave me this look I will never forget. It was like she thought I lost my mind and maybe I did. I’m trying to put clothing on a monster lady or whatever she is.Bookmark here

“Kazu. Are you sure she’s real? You aren’t making this up right?”Bookmark here

“She’s real.”Bookmark here

“Are you sure she’s not a man? That’s very tall for a woman.”Bookmark here

“She is not a man.”Bookmark here

I picked up one of Maki’s small teddy bears that she had all over the house and threw it at her. I guess I have good aim because I hit her right in the middle of her forehead. She bent over and grabbed her forehead.Bookmark here

“Ow! KAZU! Are you trying to give me brain damage?!”Bookmark here

“Are you done making fun of me?”Bookmark here

Maki got back to her upright position after being hit by the teddy bear and took a more serious pose. She was leaning forward somewhat with her hands clasped like a supervillain. I may have to talk to her about her villainess tendencies. Bookmark here

“Sorry Kazu. Go on.”Bookmark here

I was frantically running my hands through my hair nervously. It’s a thing that I do when I can’t think of what to do or say. I didn’t want to say too much but what if I have to just to accomplish my goal here. I might have to let her know exactly what I’m planning.Bookmark here

“She doesn’t really dress well and I kind of want to help. But I don’t want to tell her either. So...HOW CAN I FIND OUT WHAT SIZE CLOTHES TO GET HER!??!”Bookmark here

Maki got off the couch and walked over to me with that smug look on her face again. She then placed her hand on my shoulder.Bookmark here

“Kazuhito. How long have you been hiding this girlfriend from me?”Bookmark here

“She’s not my girlfriend. I swear.”Bookmark here

“And you want to help this person? Is she your friend? Someone you like?”Bookmark here

“She’s just someone I know. She’s having some issues so I want to help.”Bookmark here

So embarrassing. My little sister started patting me on the head like I was the child. This moment will probably scar me for life.Bookmark here

“Looks like I raised a decent young man. I will help you out.”Bookmark here

“Really?! Thanks sis. I’ll bring you ice cream from work every night.”Bookmark here

“Kazu. Are you trying to make me fat? Every other day will be fine...peasant.”Bookmark here

I ignored that last little jab and got up to go upstairs. I don’t remember how fast I ran up the steps. I don’t even remember if I actually took a step, it was like I teleported. I started tearing up my room looking for all the money I had stashed all over. I don’t know why I still did that though when it’s just me and the shrimp now. I used to stash money all over for my mother to avoid her carrying money because of our abusive stepfather. He would take her money and use it for whatever he wanted. I assume it was alcohol. I’m pretty sure Maki was probably downstairs wondering what was going on, with all the banging.Bookmark here

“I don’t even know why I hide my money like this anymore. It’s not like we still live with our stepfather.”Bookmark here

When I went to go back downstairs I guess I was still moving at some ludicrous speed that was unnecessary for inside a house. I stumbled at the third step from the bottom and dropped all my money.Bookmark here

“Sis, what should I buy?! What should I get?!”Bookmark here

“That looks like it hurt Kazu. For someone you’re not going out with, you sure are flustered.”Bookmark here

Maki was rubbing my head while I picked up all the money I dropped. I guess I was overdoing it but I was excited. Even though I was like the most awesome specimen of human you would ever see...I never had a girlfriend or someone to do things for besides my family. So I was a bit more excited than I probably should have been.Bookmark here

“Dammit. I need to calm down.”Bookmark here

Meanwhile, back at the vault building, the creature had awakened from her slumber to discover her head wasn't resting on the ground. She looked down and saw the laundry bag full of rice that I left there as a pillow for her.Bookmark here

“What is this bag? Did huuuuman do this?”Bookmark here

The creature looked around and saw the giant rice sack that I busted open.Bookmark here

“Did huuuuman try to move that sack? It must have been heavy for him. Wonder what the white stuff is on the ground. Is that what he uuused to fill that little bag? I must ask huuuuman when he comes back. He will come back right? He wasn’t too scared of me was he? I hope he really plans to come back.”Bookmark here

The creature started walking around the bank vault.Bookmark here

“Is something wrong with me? Uuuusually I sleep for much longer. I do feel a little hungry but not enough to wake me from my sleep. And I keep thinking about huuuuman. What’s going on with me? I need to talk to huuuuman, maybe he knows. Huuuuman seems like he’s very knowledgeable. I’ll ask him. Yeah, that's what I’m going to do. I will ask huuuuman why I keep thinking about him and wanting to talk to him.”Bookmark here

The creature took a seat next to the busted rice sack and wrapped her arms around it. Bookmark here

“This doesn’t feel like huuuuman. I wonder what he’s doing out there. Sometimes I wish I could be outside too, but I’m not one of them. I’m not a huuuuuman. I’m just a big scary monster. A big, stupid, scary monster...”Bookmark here

The creature shed a few tears then wiped her face with her left hand and then her right hand.Bookmark here

“What’s going on with me?! Huuuuman. Please come back. Youuuu said youuuuu would.”Bookmark here

The creature went back to hugging the giant rice sack until she started to fall asleep again.Bookmark here

“Huuuuman….”Bookmark here

Later...back at my place.Bookmark here

I was wide awake. I laid there in bed, tossing and turning instead of being asleep and I had to be at work early in the morning too.Bookmark here

“What can I get for her? She’s sooooo tall. And what about measurements? I can’t just ask her, can I? Will she even know? She can’t exactly leave the vault and get a tape measure. Will I need to do it for her?”Bookmark here

I’m sure my face turned bright red at the thought, as I laid awake in my bed.Bookmark here

“No no no. What am I thinking? But I am just trying to help her out. It’s not like I’m trying to measure her because I want to. Right?”Bookmark here

I kept trying to form a mental picture of her but as soon as I did, I pictured those teeth coming at me. I wasn’t sure if I could get past those teeth and the fact that she could eat me.Bookmark here

“Those teeth...Anyway, I just want to get her clothes because the clothes she’s wearing are falling apart and soon she’ll be naked and no way of getting more clothes. But if she never leaves the vault area then does she need clothes? But I can’t leave her there naked. It wouldn’t be right.”Bookmark here

I turned on my side and hugged one of my pillows.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m just going to help her out for a little while.”Bookmark here

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