Chapter 4:

Chapter 4

Hachiko - A Hachishakusama Story

So I was at work, standing behind the counter and the day seemed to be dragging. Barely any customers and it was date night and I was counting down the hours, the minutes, the seconds, the nano seconds...alright you get the point right? It had been 3 days and I had a date with a creature that could eat me in like 5 bites. Part of me wondered if I should have rethought that plan.Bookmark here

“Come on. Can’t this day go by any faster.”Bookmark here

Maki decided to drop by just to say hello on her way home from school.Bookmark here

“Kazu! Are you working hard? Don’t be slacking off.”Bookmark here

“You brat. Go home.”Bookmark here

“What are you making for dinner Kazu.”Bookmark here

“Sorry sis, can you make dinner for yourself tonight? I have...somewhere to be. I’ll be home late.”Bookmark here

Maki grabbed me by the collar and pulled me close so she could whisper in his ear.Bookmark here

“Kazu. Kazu. Are you going to see that tall girl?”Bookmark here

“No clue what you’re talking about. I just have something to do.”Bookmark here

“Riiiiiiiiight.”Bookmark here

“Anyway, can you let go of my collar? You look like you’re going to kiss me.”Bookmark here

The little brat kissed me on the cheek and ran out of the store.Bookmark here

“Ugh. At least she killed some time. Damned brat.”Bookmark here

Even though the shrimp can be a pain in the ass at times, she came at the right time. She took my mind off the clock for a while. It seemed like only minutes later when it was quitting time. As soon as the clock hit 5PM I was out the door. It was probably 5:00:01. I raced home to load my bag for my “date”. Still wasn’t sure what to call it so in my head it was a date.Bookmark here

I ran home that day as usual. I was pretty sure I broke the sound barrier or at least the ‘little sister thinking I must be crazy for running in the front door and slamming it’ barrier. I took off my shoes and flew up the stairs to my room to get ready.Bookmark here

“Let’s see. Got a bunch of sneakers for her to try. Pretty sure these clothes are not going to fit her though. She’s not thin like the urban legend and she really is like 8 feet tall or more.”Bookmark here

I started to head downstairs and then realized I forgot something. I made an offhand comment to Maki and she thought I was joking so that was good. Didn’t want her to realize I was planning to groom a monster. That would have been an awkward conversation. Bookmark here

“Hey Maki, how would you brush the teeth of a monster?”Bookmark here

Yeah that would have went over well. Anyway, I headed back upstsairs to my bathroom to grab scissors, clippers, toothpaste, toothbrush and soap. Still didn’t know how I was going to groom her. I also threw a towel in the bag and then realized I should bring a few towels since she was sooooo tall. And the thickness. Damn she’s thick….anyway. Bookmark here

“Snap out of it Kazu, gotta go.”Bookmark here

I ran back downstairs and said goodbye to Maki.Bookmark here

“Hey sis, take care of the house okay?”Bookmark here

“Kay!”Bookmark here

I shook my head knowing that the shrimp just gave me her ‘I’m being a brat’ response.Bookmark here

“I’ll be back late.”Bookmark here

“Kay!”Bookmark here

“Just don’t burn down the house….”Bookmark here

“Kay!”Bookmark here

“Ugh! Alright I’m out shrimp.”Bookmark here

“Kay!”Bookmark here

Since she wasn’t giving me much of a response except that, I grabbed one of her teddy bears that was near the door and threw it at her as I ran out the door.Bookmark here

“Hey! You jerk!”Bookmark here

So I ran off to the vault for my rendezvous with the bank vault creature who really might be Hachishakusama. But as I got closer to the vault, I realized I left my light on my desk. Bookmark here

“Crap! I forgot my headlamp. I’ll have to figure something out. Maybe my phone?”Bookmark here

I finally made it to the vault but when I reached for the door, I started to feel really nervous. I actually grabbed my chest because my heart started racing and what happened next didn’t help matters.Bookmark here

“What am I so nervous for? Not like she’s going to eat me, right? At least I would hope not. I thought I made a decent impression and it seemed like we got along. I think.”Bookmark here

I turned the handle on the outer vault door and pushed it open. Since I didn’t have my headlamp it was extremely dark. I stepped into the vault and closed the door behind me.Bookmark here

“I’m finally back. Now let’s see where she is,” is what I thought to myself before biggest the scare of my life.Bookmark here

I heard something coming at me very fast. Loud, heavy steps that were getting closer and closer. So of course I did what any human would do. I ran.Bookmark here

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuman! Huuuuuuuuuman!”Bookmark here

What the vault creature doesn’t realize is that in the absolute dark of the vault, her running towards someone like a wild animal can be pretty scary. Especially when all you really see are red eyes and hear what sounds like a freight train.Bookmark here

“What the hell! It’s the monster! Save me!”Bookmark here

The creature stopped in her tracks.Bookmark here

“Huuuuuuman?!!? Youuuu still think of me as a monster?!”Bookmark here

When I heard that, I tried to stop myself from running but I fell backwards and curled into a ball.Bookmark here

“Huh?! Stop right there!”Bookmark here

I reached for my phone and shined it towards the creature.Bookmark here

“Oh my god!! You scared the hell out of me!”Bookmark here

“I knew it. Youuuu’re still afraid of me,” she said as she dropped down to her knees, looking like she was going to cry.Bookmark here

“No. That’s not it! I don’t have my light with me and an extremely tall body is coming at me with super heavy steps, screaming huuuuuuuuuuman!! That would scare anyone. Haven’t you ever seen a zombie movie?!”Bookmark here

“What’s a movie, huuuuman?”Bookmark here

“How long have you been locked in this vault…”Bookmark here

I walked towards her and grabbed her hand to lead her back to the main area of the vault, which had the most space. Bookmark here

“Come with me.”Bookmark here

The creature got up and followed my lead. I felt like I just punished my little sister or something. She would sulk the same way sometimes.Bookmark here

“Huuuuman, are you mad at me?”Bookmark here

“No. Not really. Though my heartrate is sky high because some big mons-- shar--- female creature came running at me like a freight train.””Bookmark here

“I apologize huuuuman. I guess I was a little bit excited. I didn’t think youuuu would really come back. Not like anyone would be stuuu--- nice enough to come here just to see me. Not even back when they locked me in this thing.”Bookmark here

“Was she really about to say no one was stupid enough to come here? Though she wouldn’t be wrong. Was kind of stupid.”Bookmark here

“What about the family that was hiding you? Didn’t they come to see you?”Bookmark here

“They never came here once the townpeople took me from them. I think maybe they were happy they didn’t have to hide me anymore. But that was so many years ago.”Bookmark here

“Well it is kind of out of the way. Maybe they had a reason?”Bookmark here

The creature bowed her head as if she was deep in thought about that possibility. But I think part of it was her trying to put a brave face on the situation so I tried to console her.Bookmark here

“Hey. I’m here now so let’s not think about that.”Bookmark here

“Even though youuuu know I could eat youuuu?”Bookmark here

“Would be easier if you stop telling me that.”Bookmark here

“I will try.”Bookmark here

There was a crate nearby so I took a seat on it and pointed to one of the rice sacks. Bookmark here

“Can you sit over there?”Bookmark here

“Why over there?”Bookmark here

“I just want to be able to look you in the eye. You’re so tall and I always feel like I’m looking to the sky.”Bookmark here

“Ummmm...I guess that’s okay.”Bookmark here

She got up and went to take a seat on the rice sack. I was thinking it would kind of be like a bean bag and she’s always on the hard ground. But I forgot something...she is HEAVY. When she went to sit on the rice sack, rice shot out everywhere. The sack was demolished and she ended up on the floor anyway.Bookmark here

“Just how much do you weigh?!”Bookmark here

“Hey!”Bookmark here

Since that plan went up in flames I decided to move on to the next phase of my plan. A little grooming. So I put my hand out to her and said…“Give me your foot.”Bookmark here

She recoiled before asking. “You’re not going to try to chop off my foot for scaring you right?”Bookmark here

“No! Why would I do that?Bookmark here

“The other huuuumans always said they would punish me if I was bad…and usually they would say they would cut my foot offI guess I kind of...”Bookmark here

She started to tear up while I was digging through my bag for the clippers I brought with me.Bookmark here

“I promise you I will never try to hurt you. You did scare me half to death though. Just put your foot on this crate okay?”Bookmark here

“Ooookay. I apologize huuuuman. I guess I have trust issuuuues when it comes to huuuumans.”Bookmark here

I pulled out some of the sneakers I had in my overstuffed bag and a tape measure. I started to unroll the tape measure to try to measure her foot.Bookmark here

“Wow you have really big feet and look at those nails. My sister was right about the clippers.”Bookmark here

Then I proceeded to pull the clippers out of my bag and started clipping her toenails. They were really long and harder than a human’s nails. Was kind of surprised they didn’t break the clippers.Bookmark here

“Huuuuman, what are youuu doing?”Bookmark here

“I’m clipping your nails. You make it sound like you never did this before. Didn’t that family take care of your skin or your hair or your nails?”Bookmark here

“I don’t remember doing anything like this before.”Bookmark here

“Well I have something for you but you can’t wear them with these long nails.”Bookmark here

“Youuu have something for me?! Really?! No one has ever given me anything before...”Bookmark here

“Just stay still okay?”Bookmark here

The creature started giggling. You could tell that she was excited.Bookmark here

“Huuuuman will you tell me what they call youuuu?”Bookmark here

“You mean my name? Sure. It’s Kazuhito.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuuuhito.”Bookmark here

I tried but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the way she pronounced the letter U..Bookmark here

“That thing you do when you pronounce U is kind of cute.”Bookmark here

The creature smiled and turned her head to try to conceal her blushing.Bookmark here

“That’s still a lot of sharp teeth…”Bookmark here

In my bag I had a bunch of different sized socks since I wasn’t sure what would fit her. I finally found one that would fit and put it on her left foot since I already clipped those nails. I also put one of the sneakers on her. Time to move to the right foot.Bookmark here

“Ok that’s one. Give me the other foot.”Bookmark here

She put her right foot up on the crate and I started clipping the nails on her right foot.Bookmark here

”What is this that you put on my foot?”Bookmark here

“Have you never seen sneakers before?”Bookmark here

“I have not Kazuuuuhito.”Bookmark here

“Why don’t we try this. Just call me Kazu.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu. Kazuuuu. Kazuuuuuuuuuu. Kazuuuu. Kazuuuuuuuuu.”Bookmark here

“She can be kind of cute for a whatever she is. But damn, she has some big feet. Well everything on her is big. Didn’t think it would be size 18 though. Good thing I went big. This is a good start. She seems much more friendly than she was yesterday. Maybe it’s a good time to ask some questions.”Bookmark here

“Sooooo. Do you have a name? Unless you want me to call you shark…”Bookmark here

She snarled at me before saying “ youuuu want me to eat youuuuuu?”Bookmark here

“Hey! I’m just kidding but you know my name so I should know yours right? Especially if I come back again. I’m sure you want me to call you something other than monster or sha----?”Bookmark here


You could tell the creature got lost in her thoughts. She started rocking back and forth like a pendulum and saying my name over and over. Almost like a child who just got a new toy.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuuuuu. Kazuuuu. Kazuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.”Bookmark here

Since she was so overjoyed, I took this chance to call her shark one more time. Probably stupid on my part since she really could eat me but I thought we were good at this point.Bookmark here

“Hey. Shark. Did you forget my question?”Bookmark here

This time she didn’t just snarl at me, she snapped at me like she wanted to bite me. Now THAT was scary as hell.Bookmark here

“Don’t call me shark! I’m not a shark! I’m not a shark…”Bookmark here

The creature started to shed a few tears. I thought I might get away with light teasing since she was in a daze of happiness but I was wrong. So wrong. I tried to comfort her but I’m not exactly the best at that.Bookmark here

“Hey. Don’t cry. I’m sorry I called you shark. I was just joking.”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu. I don’t know my name. I don’t even know if I ever had a name…”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry. I…”Bookmark here

Since I had no clue what to say I just put my head down and started to put the other sock on and the other sneaker. I was really at a loss for words. It was then that I picked my head up and looked at her and I could see the tears rolling down her face. I felt like such a jerk. All I could do was pull out a towel I had in my bag to wipe her tears.Bookmark here

“I didn’t know that bothers you so much. I’m sorry. Since you don’t remember your name, maybe I can give you one?”Bookmark here

“Reawwy? Why would youuuu do that for me? I’m just some big scary monster who could eat youuuu.”Bookmark here

“I really wish you’d stop saying that.”Bookmark here

She just let out a somewhat muffled grunt.Bookmark here

“You’re not a bi---. Ok you are kind of big and you might not be human but everyone deserves to have a name. At least I think so. You don’t want me to call you monster right? And I know you don’t want me to call you that other name...”Bookmark here

She stared at me and I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. It was just a blank stare really, which turned into an awkward silence. Then after about a minute she finally said something.Bookmark here

“I think I can trust youuuuu to give me a good name.”Bookmark here

“Kaiju!”Bookmark here

“Stuuupid Kazuuuu!!!!!”Bookmark here

...and with that, the creature pushed me right off the crate I was sitting on. I landed on my side. Luckily I protected my head. Holy crap, she’s strong. Bookmark here

“Ow ow ow! Okay okay okay. I’ll stop joking.”Bookmark here

I picked myself up and got back on the crate. I will not mess with her like that again. She seems like she could pick up a bus. So I put the focus back on the sneakers.Bookmark here

“First, I want you to stand up and try walking.”Bookmark here

The creature stands up and starts to walk around in her new sneakers.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuuuu. These sneaker things are astounding.”Bookmark here

“Ha. We really need to update your vocabulary. But I’m glad you like them. I have something else for you too but let’s take care of giving you a name first.”Bookmark here

“If youuuuuu give me another monster name youuuu’re going to end up like the sack of rice.”Bookmark here

I looked over at the exploded rice sack and the rice scattered everywhere. Bookmark here

“Yeah, now is not the time to tease her.”Bookmark here

“There is a story about a yokai or maybe she’s a monster. At least that’s what most people call her anyway. It’s kind of a newer story so there isn’t much info. Anyway...”Bookmark here

“Crap. I said monster didn’t I…”Bookmark here

With that I got into a defensive position just in case she was going to push me again or really try to pop me like that rice sack.Bookmark here

“Continuuue.”Bookmark here

“You’re not going to attack me?”Bookmark here

“I should but I want to hear the story. Tell me the story Kazuuuu. I hope it’s a good one.”Bookmark here

“Ok. Her name is Hachishakusama. She’s very tall, just like you. In some drawings and stories she’s beautiful though there are stories where she’s pretty scary and some where she’s an ugly monstrous creature. I always thought of her like the beautiful woman that some people draw, she would have to be the way the story talks about her. It’s what we call an urban legend or a myth. These stories get passed down from generation to generation and may be changed along the way since people want to try to tell the story their way. Imagine a tall woman, like 8 feet tall, wearing a white dress and a white hat. Sounds like she would be an elegant beautiful woman right? And look at what you’re wearing. A white dress and hat. But here’s why she’s called a monster. She ate kids. Never bothered with adults though.”Bookmark here

“Why would she eat kids? There is much more meat on the adults. If it was me I would have ate the adults first and then the scrawny kids.”Bookmark here

“Ummmm…”Bookmark here

“I mean they have more meat right?”Bookmark here

“You are right but do you really eat humans?”Bookmark here

“Kazuuuu, I think that story might be about me. Youuuuu said she’s like me right? And you found out about this place by reading something right? Then she’s tall, she has the white dress...but I’m not beautiful. And….”Bookmark here

“I think you are... Even with those giant teeth.”Bookmark here

I grabbed her hand gently at this point because I thought it might be the right thing to do. I don’t have much experience with women and here I am with this one. Though she is part monster or whatever.Bookmark here

“After seeing you I had a feeling that you might be her or closely related to her. I read monster stories all the time and the one about her has always stuck with me. It’s why I’m here. And obviously you’re not human, especially with those teeth. What if I call you Hachiko? Short for Hachishakusama. You’re very much like her, at least the way I think of her. Whenever I read that story I see her as a beautiful woman, she would have to be since she lures kids in right?”Bookmark here

“Y-y-y-youuuu think I’m beautiful? “Youuu’re not joking again right? Youuuu don’t want to end up like that sack.”Bookmark here

“I mean it. Think about it. Would I still be here right now if I thought you were an ugly monster? I would have ran home that first night and never come back.”Bookmark here

“Youuuu did run.”Bookmark here

“Hachiko, you’re scary when you run after someone.”Bookmark here

“Hachiko?!?!”Bookmark here

I didn’t even realize I called her by the name without her saying okay. She started to blush as she has been given a proper name for the first time. The family she was living with didn’t even give her one.Bookmark here

“Kazuuuuu. Kazuuuuuuuuuu.”Bookmark here

“I guess that means you like that name. Now turn around and lean back towards me. I want to take care of your hair, okay?”Bookmark here

“My hair?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Your hair. It’s a mess. Can I cut it a little and get these twigs and stuff out of your hair?”Bookmark here

“Wow! Youuuu would do that for me? That family who I stayed with would do it for me once in a while but not very often. The older girl would treat me better than the others. She taught me stuff about how women should act and look.”Bookmark here

“At least there was someone who took some time to do these things. I know it doesn’t mean much but I’m sorry you had to go through all that you’ve been through.”Bookmark here

“But it’s not youuur fault Kazuuuu.”Bookmark here

“I know. But humans can be so stupid sometimes.”Bookmark here

Hachiko turned around and leaned back so I could start taking care of her hair. I started to pull out the twigs and brush it as much as I could. It would probably take a few brushings to really get all that stuff out. Since we kind of think we know what or who she is, I decided to ask her about the eating humans thing.Bookmark here

“Hey Hachiko, do you really eat humans?”Bookmark here

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