Chapter 21:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

Two teams. Ten people on each side. The cold winter air being blown away by the heat of the game…well, it is supposed to be one.Bookmark here

“Surround those puny maids and confuse them!”Bookmark here

“Charge!”Bookmark here

“Defend our base to the last girl!”Bookmark here

I had a premonition that this would happen. I mean, Maddie just told me before that these ladies only knew of conflict from when they were young, thus they were not used to playing a ‘friendly’ game.Bookmark here

“Kyaaaa!!!”Bookmark here

“What the hell?!” I turned to Maddie, “Did that paladin used a wind spell to blow away her enemies?”Bookmark here

“It’s fine, Kuro!” she told me with a smirk on her face, “We are much tougher than you think.”Bookmark here

Well, it’s not what I’m thinking when I introduced this game! They’re literally killing each other with their hands!Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Another explosion tore through the advancing paladins’ line; a maid—ordered by Lily—defiantly held to her ground while she fired a salvo of ‘rock bullets’ towards them.Bookmark here

What is Lily thinking?! She could’ve killed those paladins!Bookmark here

Nah…they’re using low-powered spells. So, it will hurt, but not kill the victim.” Maddie explained, “If they got wounded, they always got me to heal them.”Bookmark here

Err…’Capture base’ isn’t this dangerous, you know?”Bookmark here

“Shh!” I realized Maddie was having fun watching the maids and paladins duke it out with their strategies in trying to ‘capture’ the base of their opponents. In fact, before we started earlier, she tried to join the game, but since it would create team-balance issues, I asked her to wait for her turn.Bookmark here

Well, Maddie tried to pull me into joining them, but I refused. I mean, I’m an adult already to be involved in such games…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Kyaaaa!!!”Bookmark here

“Don’t falter, my paladins! Charge at those maids once again!”Bookmark here

On second thought, I guess I should’ve joined their game earlier with Maddie. No one was wearing any armor of the sort; just a light set of winter clothing, enough to enable one to move around freely in cold weather. I’m sure that any more minutes of this kind of gameplay, and it would surely get out of hand…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Wait, is that Lily using her Bloodbath skill?Bookmark here

“Concentrate your efforts on the Head Maid! She must be captured at all costs!” the Duchess of Henristone, the leader of the paladin team, ordered.Bookmark here

“You heard the captain! Let’s go!”Bookmark here

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!”Bookmark here

Good lord, this isn’t going nice at all! If they ganged-up on Lily, someone will surely be seriously hurt.Bookmark here

“Stoooooop!!! For fuck’s sake, stoooop!!!”Bookmark here

Everyone was startled when I rushed in between the charging paladin team and the counter-charging Lily. They had to stop dead in their tracks, or I’d get hurt if they clashed.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Come on guys, this isn’t how you play this game!” I scolded everyone when they calmed down. I had to suspend their play when things were about to get out of hand. It surely disappointed them, but it’s better safe than be sorry in the end, “Your Excellency, the use of strategy in trying to defeat your opponents is good; but to use an actual battle tactic to steamroll over them…what if you caused grave injuries?”Bookmark here

The Duchess of Henristone was silent, humming to herself and averting her gaze away from me. Well, if injuries happened, I don’t think she could do that anymore.Bookmark here

“And Lily, though you’re the one leading the maids, the use of magic spells and your Bloodbath skill is prohibited!”Bookmark here

“Sorry…” Lily sheepishly said.Bookmark here

“Well, if you keep on telling us we’re doing it wrong, why don’t you show it to us how, Kuro?” it was Maddie, clearly taunting me to join the game. She wore a sardonic smile on her face as if she knew she cornered me into playing.Bookmark here

“Alright.” I kind of expected this to happen, that’s why I’d oblige for now. I just wanted them to enjoy the game, not to injure each other while playing, “So, it has come to this, Madelaine Rubinforth, then I’d play…provided, I go against you!”Bookmark here

Hoh…so you dare oppose me now, Kuro?” as if taking the bait, Maddie went along with my pretend provocations.Bookmark here

“I always wanted to try my mettle against you, Flower of the Dawson Valley.”Bookmark here

“Why not? The loser does what the winner wants, ha?” Maddie winked at me.Bookmark here

“Well then!” I agreed with her conditions. This is my world’s game; of course, there’s no way I’d get defeated in this.Bookmark here

“So…uh, why did this turn into a rivalry between you two?” Lily asked us, “In any case, how’d we decide who goes to which side?”Bookmark here

“Right…” I told them, “Maddie and I would decide by ‘Jack-en-Poy’. The winner gets to pick their side.”Bookmark here

The paladins and maids agreed to my proposals and watched us closely decide our fates. Haha…for such a childish game like this one, I never imagined that one day, I’d play with teenagers—and actually enjoy it!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

And so, with that, the second—and proper—round of ‘Capture Base’ begun.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

We arranged our bases a bit on the edge of the cleared field, near the thick layers of snow. Maddie also renewed applying a ‘drying’ spell on the ground, so that the grass won’t be slippery as we run. Also, she proposed using a special magic spell on our clothing, so that we could tell immediately who touched their base more recently.Bookmark here

Our team, the paladins, were happy to have me included in their roster. They knew what I’m capable of doing, plus, I’m the one who knew the game pretty well. As we began, we planned our course of action to score the first blood. Since this is a game that didn’t require boundaries, I made it clear with my teammates that we could get attacked from any direction.Bookmark here

“Your Excellency, you take a team of paladins and bait the maids into running after you.” I told the Duchess of Henristone, “Meanwhile, another team of paladins would try to flank them from behind. I and a fellow paladin would remain here to defend it from their assault, should they decide to mount it.”Bookmark here

The Duchess of Henristone and the others agreed and set our plans into motion.Bookmark here

However…Bookmark here

“Sir Kuro! The maids have begun their attack!”Bookmark here

“Ha?!”Bookmark here

Indeed, while we were planning, Lily and Maddie seized the initiative and attacked us in a flanking, all-out maneuver. Maddie, together with some maids, went to our right, while Lily targeted our left. The other maids pushed to our front, effectively trapping us near our base.Bookmark here

But of course, they knew they couldn’t attack us as long we’re the last ones ‘touching’ our base. So they kept on running around the edge of our territory, baiting us to attack.Bookmark here

“Pick the one you’d run after.” I advised my teammates, “They knew they could get near us since we’re the last ones to touch our own base. Pursue and try to capture them; don’t let these guys reach and touch their base. If you could attack, then go for it!”Bookmark here

“Yes!”Bookmark here

Our opponents scampered away once we began our counter-attack. The paladins selected a maid to run after, and the field became chaotic. However, I remained at our base to guard it.Bookmark here

Maddie and the other maids just kept on running around, pursued by the paladins. I don’t know if they’re really trying to bait them, but I kept on yelling for my teammates to attack…since the enemy base was wide open.Bookmark here

“For goodness’ sake, capture their base!” I yelled at the Duchess. Pardon me, but I guess I’m being carried away at the moment.Bookmark here

Soon, the paladins switched their attacks from the maids and into the opposing base. The maids knew it was wide open, and they could do nothing to stop my team from ‘touching’ it. But then…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Maddie was quick to dive to save their base, and that forced my team to retreat. Soon, the maids renewed ‘touching’ their base and went on the offensive against us. My paladins retreated to ‘renew’ touching our own base, however…Bookmark here

“Wait, where’s the head maid?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Huh?!” the Duchess of Henristone looked around, “She’s gone.”Bookmark here

“Sir Kuro, Captain! Here come the maids again!”Bookmark here

Damn it! Defend the front, I’ll watch out for Lily.”Bookmark here

Having ‘renewed touching’ our base, the Duchess and the other paladins went on the offensive to throw back our opponents. I carefully watched around our base’s perimeter as the first maids were captured and brought prisoners to our base.Bookmark here

“We could win this!” the Duchess of Henristone winked at me.Bookmark here

“Yeah, but we still have to watch out for—”Bookmark here

“Sir Kuro, the prisoners!” Distracted by talking to the Duchess, Maddie charged at us and rescue our prisoners. She was fast, and soon, a prisoner was running away to her freedom.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

However, it’s not the end of our woes. For while we were occupied in trying to prevent Maddie from her daring rescue, Lily emerged from her hiding spot in the snow and ‘captured’ our base in one fell swoop.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

See, I was correct in introducing this game to match Lily’s physical abilities.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

We did several more rounds after the first ‘proper’ game, and there came a time that our teams played to a stalemate. But eventually, it was the maids who prevailed by a wide margin.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

And, yes, they were still not yet done.Bookmark here

Goodness! Where do these ladies get all of their stamina?Bookmark here

Contrary to the indoor game of ‘Uno’, this was the game where Maddie and Lily truly excelled, especially Lily. The next thing that happened was she led her team to several victories. But the Duchess of Henristone was a sore loser, so the captain of the Paladin Corps would ask for another round.Bookmark here

The players were eventually changed, since our noises reached the other side of the palatial walls, and the other paladins, maids, and also the nuns became interested in what we’re doing. Even Eris came out to see us, and soon, she’s also playing the game.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Well, as long as these girls are happy, I guess I’m all good.Bookmark here

“You really should train your body more, Kuro,” Maddie told me as she took her rest at an open-air tent that was set up only for that. Lily and the Duchess of Henristone were the only original players left still on the field; others were also taking a break. But I’m sure they’d be returning to play once fully rested.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I agree with you.” I tried stretching my muscles more, “Though I’ve been training with the sword and spear, it’s really different when you compete in sports and fighting in a war.”Bookmark here

“Kuro!” it was Lily who was calling out to me.Bookmark here

“Oh? Tired now, are we?”Bookmark here

“Haha!” the head maid laughed heartily, “A bit! Anyway, I’m taking a break!”Bookmark here

Heh, you sure defeated your opponents there,” I commented.Bookmark here

“So, Kuro! Maddie and I defeated your team, right?”Bookmark here

“Well, so-so.” I answered, “Remember, it’s a 2-2 score with a draw on the tie-breaker too.”Bookmark here

“But we defeated you in the first game!”Bookmark here

“Right…?”Bookmark here

“So, Maddie and I were to get our prize, right?”Bookmark here

Err…isn’t it that the loser does what the winner says?” I recalled our conditions earlier.Bookmark here

“What’s the difference?” Maddie interjected, “For us, it’s the prize.”Bookmark here

“Well, okay…” I chuckled, “But, who’s the loser? We played to a draw.”Bookmark here

“The first game! It’s the first game!” Lily reiterated.Bookmark here

Haha! Alright…what do you want me to do?”Bookmark here

Maddie then suddenly stood up from her chair, “Oh, I just remembered something. I’ll take my leave for a bit.” She then disappeared among the crowd, watching the game.Bookmark here

Lily then said, “Well, for starters, why don’t you close your eyes?”Bookmark here

“Okay?”Bookmark here

There were a few moments of tense silence as I did what Lily told me to do. The only noise I could hear was the screams and cheers of the players and audiences. If Lily’s doing anything that generates sound, then it must’ve been drowned in that sea of noises.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

And then, the soft sensation of her lips pressing against mine. It was a slow, deliberate movement, and she bravely expressed all her love for me in that kiss…Bookmark here

Then I opened my eyes.Bookmark here

“Well…” Lily’s face was red, and she’s so cute to behold, “That’s thanks for keeping up with me!”Bookmark here

I said nothing. Actually, I liked it.Bookmark here

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