Chapter 22:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

***An ordinary, wintry day at the Holy Palatial Gardens, a few months after the Amaranthine Civil War and the Great Rising of the Undead…***

“W-Well…uh…good morning, Your Holiness! Nice to see you teleporting yourself in my room once again.”

“Good morning to you too, Kuro…”

A strange minute of silence then ruled between the two, as Maddie pinned Kuro on his bed, never letting him move or escape.


“I-I’m wondering if…you would want some cuddles right now…” a blushing Maddie asked him, “Because, I…you know…I th-think I could give you one.”

“I’m fine, thank you!”

“How about a good morning k-k-k…”


Maddie silently nodded; her face was red in embarrassment.

“W-Well, I’m thankful you’re lively today, Maddie, but if you’re that nervous, then I don’t think you should force yourself.”


Another round of awkward silence.

“Mind letting me go?”

“…” Furiously blushing, Maddie moved aside, and Kuro got up from his bed.

“You okay?”

She answered with a nod once again; the redness on her face never disappeared. Kuro chuckled and gave her a head pat.

“It’s okay. I’m pretty surprised that you’re lively once again today, as you are in the past few days, but aren’t you forcing yourself to move our relationship forward?”

“Am I doing it wrong?”

“Nope. But I don’t like it when you’re forcing yourself to do something you’re not accustomed to.”

Maddie initially remained quiet for a few minutes before speaking, “Well, I’m just afraid, you know?”

“Afraid? Of what?”

“Honestly, it doesn’t feel like we’re lovers.”

Kuro stopped what he was doing and pondered on what Maddie just said.

“I mean, we confirmed our feelings to each other, but that’s it. We went on a date before, but it ended in a little quarrel, too,” she told him, “I’d always love you, but I think there’s something in our relationship that we’re doing wrong, don’t you think?”

Hmm…now that you’ve mentioned it, maybe you’re right,” Kuro admitted, “Sorry about that. I think it’s because, before you, I haven’t had a lover in my life back in my world.”

“Same here,” Maddie chuckled, “Though I liked Simon before, we didn’t have the time to get into a relationship, so I guess, I’m like you!”

Both took a long sigh, and then laughed, for it’s the only thing that they could do to ward-off the awkward atmosphere between them. And then, it was Kuro who broke the ice once again…

“Well, what do you think, Maddie?”


“I’m pretty inexperienced as a lover, but I’m willing to improve myself.”

“What a coincidence! So am I!”

“So, uhm…well, are you willing to wait for me to be the best fiancée for you?” Kuro asked her, “It would take quite a while, but I’m confident I can change myself.”

“Why not? Everything can be learned if you studied it well, right?”

Kuro gave her a smile, “Yes. And when the time comes, I’m sure you’ll love it!”



So yeah, I knew I made that promise, but still…


It was another busy day at the Holy Palatial Gardens. Visitors from all over Chersea gave respects to their beloved Saint’s shrine inside the cathedral, as well as take the time to sightsee around the enclave. The nun-templars and the paladins’ schedules were full.


I had to content myself by watching the people from afar. Ever since the end of the Amaranthine Civil War and the Great Rising of the Undead, grateful Cherseans wasted no time in showering praises for me, Lily, and Maddie.


In the process, the people were now looking at us as if we’re the powerful bulwark against any crisis that might befall their land. Maddie had become their benevolent saint, guiding and watching over Chersea. Lily assumed the role as her mighty right hand (the traditional sword-arm of Cherseans)—the invincible Iron Princess—ready to smite humanity’s enemies with her raw physical power.

As for me, the commoner general, the Rock of Chersea, and the Saint’s left hand (the arm that held the shield), I assumed the role of defending humanity through his wisdom and wit in battles.

The imagery sure was grand and prestigious. Never in my life did I imagine myself being looked up to by people, much more showered with praises. It’s not that bad…though, in all honesty, if I could choose, I wanted to work in the background.

Being in the limelight is physically and mentally exhausting…

And speaking of the Saint, I have a promise to fulfill.

“That’s quite a long sigh you got there, milord!

“Eris, please stop calling me that way!”

Haha! My tongue slipped, my apologies, Sir Kuro…or, is it Mister Kuro?” the young maidservant asked, unsure of what honorifics to use in referring to me.

“I told you before, and I’ll say to you again, ‘Kuro’ is fine.”

“That’s impossible!” Eris insisted, “Please think of your standing now…erm…


“K…K-Kuro…” her voice was trailing off. I thought that perhaps Eris’ maid training had made it awkward for her to say my personal name without honorifics.

“I’m sorry for this, Eris, but I find it weird when we’re close friends, and we’re treating each other as master and servant.”

“But that’s how we are right now!”

“Well, yes…but I insist.”

“Alright…if that’s what you want,” Eris bowed, “I’d improve myself to better serve you, K-Kuro.”

Nah. You don’t need to change anything else to better suit me. Just the honorifics.”

“Okay…” there were doubts in Eris’ voice, but she tried to hide it by laughing, “Sometimes, I wonder if you’ll be fine with your new status as a member of the nobility.”

“You could tell now that I’m not adapting well,” I answered that statement with another laugh, “I’m just a commoner several months ago, and I guess, I’ll die with my commoner manners intact.”

“Right…that’s so you, K…K-Kuro.”

I ended that talk with a chuckle and went back to watching the incoming visitors. I don’t know, but really, I was clueless on what to do to my own concerns…

“Ah, in any case…” the maidservant had once again started a topic, “Is something troubling your mind?”

Hm? Why do you ask? You see it in my face?”

Eris just nodded. She’s really perceptive with these things.

Oh, that…” I took a deep breath before continuing, “Well…don’t you think I’m being a bad lover?”

“What do you mean?”

“How do I say this…you see, I don’t think I’m acting as a lover to Maddie lately.”

“Acting? Or properly doing your responsibilities as the man Her Holiness loves?”

“What’s the difference?”

“Acting sounds shallow. It’s as if you’re forced to do something out of obligation,” Eris answered, “Well, are you, K-Kuro?”

I was taken aback by what she said. Honestly, I was impressed at how insightful Eris’ thinking was. Nevertheless, I regained my senses and explained, “Nope. It’s not that. I think I’m not doing enough for her as her lover, that’s what I meant.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, ever since we became lovers, we seldom have intimate moments. The only date that we had ended in a minor fight, too,” I admitted to her.

Ooh…that’s harsh.”

“Then, the recent conflict happened. And after that, we had to travel around to give audiences to the various royals inviting us. It’s like Maddie’s the only one who’s doing something about our relationship; I wanted to start something towards her, even if it’s for once,” I couldn’t help but sigh once again, “Yeah…I think I’m not being a proper lover to her.”

Hmm…I guess you can’t help it,” Eris concluded, “So why don’t you make up for the lost time now?”

“I thought of that…and that’s where my problem starts. You see, I don’t know what to give to Maddie. I thought of gifting her something, but then, I noticed she had the best stuff already. Or take her to someplace else. However, I know little about this world, either.”

Oh…it’s a problem indeed.”

“I’m out of ideas,” I let out another exhausted sigh, “Haha…well, thanks for listening to my concerns though…”

“Well, I didn’t say I won’t help you, Kuro,” Eris continued, “Let’s see…if I remember, aren’t you a person from another world, like our old hero, Cassandra David?”


“Have you considered treating Her Holiness to the customs of your world, like, say, about courtship?”

I fell silent for a few moments. And then, as if a thick, gray cloud was removed from my head, I exclaimed, “That’s it! That’s a nice idea, Eris! Thank you!”

“Glad to be of help!” She added, “Besides, Her Holiness loves new ideas; I’m sure she’ll like learning about your world’s romantic traditions!”

I was so excited that I immediately began writing the things I needed to prepare, “Alright, with this, I’m going to surprise Maddie she won’t forget it soon!”

“Anything else that you need, Kuro?”

Hmm…by the looks of it, I guess I can manage.” Grateful, I gently patted her head, “Really, Eris, thank you! If there’s anything I could do to repay you…”

“It’s unnecessary!” the young servant furiously shook her head, “I’m all good!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Eris smiled, “Besides, telling you these things could also benefit me in the future when I’m old enough to marry into your house…”

“Haha…” I replied to that with an awkward laugh, “Man, talking to you is worth it. In any case, I should give you something as thanks! Please accept that, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I will!” Though initially I wasn’t able to notice it, Eris could only smile awkwardly as she watched me jump for joy. Beneath her breath, she muttered, “Hopefully, it goes well. I wish you good luck on that, milord…


***Meanwhile, on the other side of the Holy Palatial Gardens…***


A member of the Paladin Corps could be seen rushing from the gates and into the backyard of the Saint’s Chambers palace. Not even a group of maids cleaning the fallen leaves was enough to stop her; she just forced her way into them, scattering the dirt and leaves, much to the maids’ annoyance.

“Countess Montpelier! Be careful with all that running! You’re ruining our work!” the maids cried out.

The paladin, Countess Montpelier, just saluted them and then went on her way, walking this time, to the private quarters of the Human Saint, Madelaine Ann Rubinforth of Chersea. Upon confirming that she’s the only one around the area, the paladin used the pre-arranged signal to make her presence known to the individuals inside the room.

It took a little while before the doorknob turned and the Saint’s personal maid, the princess Lilyhaven Tamriel von Leese, opened the door for her.

“So, you’re successful?” she asked in whispers.

Countess Montpelier nodded.

Lily also made sure that they were the only ones around before letting the paladin in.

Inside, sitting at her bed, was Maddie herself. She was currently sketching something on parchment, but she took notice of Countess Montpelier and directed her to a nearby chair.

“Do you have it?” Her Holiness greeted her with a question.

The paladin then fished a plain-looking pouch from behind her and handed it over to Lily. Then, she told them, “A few drops of that potion are enough to make any man start the first ‘move’. That’s what the merchant told me, Your Holiness.”

“How many is ‘few’?” Lily put that issue up.

“She told me that around 1-2 drops are for making a person follow you. 3-5 if you want him to…” the paladin blushed, “…you know. Lewd things.”

“Thanks for the information, Your Grace!” Maddie smiled, “Rest assured, this illegal activity would only be between us.”

“But how sure are we that this is effective?” Lily aired her skepticism.

“Come on, Lily! You remember that time when we fought? I tried my best to put a spell on him at that moment, and it only partly worked. And it’s the strongest magical circle on seduction in my arsenal.”

“Well, if it’s the strongest, then do you think a love potion would work?”

“Muu!” Maddie got a bit irritated about Lily’s questions, “It’s like this, I’m thinking that I’d cast my seduction spell while making him drink this potion. If the first spell was partially effective, then I guess if we add this love potion, it would increase the chances that his walls would finally fall.”

Uhh…don’t you think you might get caught, or he gets wind of your plans? I mean, how would you get him to drink that; he’s the one who usually serves you with something to drink or eat.”

Hmm…makes sense if you put it that way. But Lily, I’m out of ideas.”

Lily then sighed, “I just can’t believe that there’s a person in this world that could resist a lady’s charms…moreover, the daughter of Chersea’s greatest seductress, too.”

“He’s from another world, that’s for sure.”


“Uh…” the paladin finally spoke once again, “By any chance, are you talking about Sir Kuro?”

“How did you know, Your Grace?” Lily asked Countess Montpelier.

“Pardon for suddenly barging in your conversation, Your Holiness, Your Highness…” Countess Montpelier chuckled, “But Sir Kuro’s attitude towards women is infamous even among the other paladins. They say that he may be brave and tactically sound on the battlefield, but he acts like an elf. In fact, they’ve been teasing him before by changing their clothes whenever he’s around, and yet, there’s no reaction.”

“See what I’m telling you, Lily?”

Ugh…well, if we’re planning to make him into someone famous, ugly rumors isn’t a sign that we’re succeeding,” Lily finally admitted.

Ah, forget those rumors for a bit, and focus on the current problem we have,” Maddie steered her back to the topic, “I know I told him before that I’m not in a hurry to marry yet, but…”


Maddie’s face blushed, “W-Well, as his fiancée, it’s only natural of me to think of Kuro’s well-being. I mean, we had just gone through a great challenge several months ago, and I think he needs to take things easy. He has to relax…”

“Are you sure that ‘relax’ is the proper word, or am I missing something?”

Darn it, Lily! And you just have to say that!” The Saint was furiously blushing now, “Alright! He won’t make a move on me even if I spice things up a little! Even I, have my own needs to fulfill, just like you guys, see?”

“Indeed, but…don’t you think you’re playing with fire? I mean, he’s still a guy, so…”

“I meant ‘taking me on a date’ and similar things, Lily. That’s why I said, ‘a bit’,” Maddie countered, “Aren’t you the one thinking of lewd things here?”


“Well, if he’s taking it far, I’m ready too.”

“Goodness, you’re way too brave!” Lily then suddenly backtracked, “Oh yeah, right…this is Kuro we’re talking about.”

“So, what’s our plan, Your Holiness, Your Highness?” Countess Montpelier excitedly asked.

“I’ll make sure that Kuro finally gives in to his desires, even if it’s for a bit!” Maddie declared with conviction, “This is war!”

“Well, if you’re declaring a war against Kuro’s denseness, then I have a plan…” Lily winked at her.

Oh? What is it?”

“It’s not a sure strategy, but I guess it might work. We’ll need that potion you just bought, too.”

“Why not tell it to us, Your Highness?” Countess Montpelier pushed for her to spill what’s on her mind, so Lily motioned for them to come closer.

The Saint, the head maid, and the paladin then drew near each other and discussed Lily’s plans. A few moments later, some passing maid allegedly heard someone laughing maniacally inside Her Holiness’ room.