Chapter 24:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

And that ends the first arc of my story.  Thank you for staying with me so far; it's been pretty stressful and discouraging journey for me as a writer.  But anyway, though it's been like that, I've been doing my best to continue on writing, since I really love to tell stories.Bookmark here

As for the story itself, Kuro's experiences come from my own experiences as a teacher to junior high school students.  Like him, I've been affected by the suicide of my student/friend back in 2015, thus, it made me aware and caring of the lives that was entrusted to me.  Not that I could erase my guilt for what happened, but at least, I could help others who can still be helped.Bookmark here

Once again, thank you for dropping by and giving support to my work.  See you in the next arc!Bookmark here

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