Chapter 23:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

**Kuro**Bookmark here

Honestly, it’s a good thing that I talked to Eris about my problem. I mean, she may be a kid, but her way of thinking surely was that of an adult. And for someone as inexperienced as me in love, her perception of romance was surely a valuable help to me.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Well, I agree with Maddie’s point. It felt like our relationship had stagnated. I mean, she confessed to me and I professed my love for her, but really, what did I do to make her feel secure? Nothing comes to mind. If I remember, women would want to feel loved, to be appreciated, for their partners to be open to them…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Yep, a lot of things that I have forgotten some of those already.Bookmark here

However, the recent events made us unable to have those intimate moments together. After the incident at Hagena, we mediated in Amaranth, and then the Amaranthine conflict happened, plus the Rising of the Undead. And just when we’re victorious, various kingdoms and states invited us to their celebrations…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Good god, I really am a stupid boyfriend!Bookmark here

Ah, in any case, I don’t plan to lose Maddie. I mean, I may suck at loving my girlfriend, but I won’t go down easily. She’s the first person in this world (and the other) that recognized my worth as a man, and so I will never fail her!Bookmark here

That’s why, starting today, I’ll be the greatest love this world has ever seen!Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Mister Kuro, don’t you think that the milk was burning already?”Bookmark here

“Oh shit!”Bookmark here

“This is why you should’ve just let me prepare that for you!” the new kitchen head maid, Princess Greta of the kingdom of Helveth, told me. Compared to Jessica, she’s a more aloof and professional figure in her department, and yes, I think she’s much easier to approach than the current Queen of Amaranth.Bookmark here

“Sorry, I was just thinking about something,” I admitted.Bookmark here

“Well, when you’re in the kitchen, you don’t think of other things, lest you wanted to burn this place.” Princess Greta countered.Bookmark here

“You’re right. My apologies.”Bookmark here

“Well, it’s fine.” she was quick to dismiss her protests, “In any case, why do you cook milk?”Bookmark here

“Oh, I’m just warming it, then add a bit of honey for taste.” I explained, “Back in my place, we drink warm milk before we sleep. Helps you get sleepy faster, see? And since it’s almost the time for the long sleep, I’d like to have Her Holiness drink some so she could have a good day’s sleep. She loves it this way, see?”Bookmark here

Hmm…I’d like to try some of that, too.” the kitchen head maid took another jug of milk and handed it to me, “In any case, here’s another. You’re not thinking of serving that burnt milk to Her Holiness, are you?”Bookmark here

“Of course not!”Bookmark here

“Good. It actually helps that someone knows of Her Holiness’ likes and dislikes; I’d like to ask about them sometime later if our schedules allow it.” Princess Greta smiled, “Now, if you have the spare, please leave it here. I’d like to have a taste of that warm milk you’re talking about.”Bookmark here

“Thanks!”Bookmark here

And with that, the kitchen head maid disappeared from the kitchen. Hopefully Maddie would enjoy this.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

**Madelaine**Bookmark here

“Alright…” I took a deep breath, “Here goes nothing!”Bookmark here

I put in two drops of the love potion on the wineglass that I’m planning to give to Kuro. Well, I’m not in a hurry to move our relationship all the way to the end. However, I think that a bit of spice between us was necessary to maintain it.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

‘Maddie, if you found the man you love, be relentless on making him love you!’Bookmark here

My mama’s words kept on repeating inside my head. Back when she was still alive, she would give me advice on how to keep a relationship. In fact, she’s the one who told me that couples should always build up each other and having a stagnant relationship wasn’t a good sign of a healthy love life.Bookmark here

And so, here we were. Love potions were illegal items, honestly. The previous saint upheld its ban, which was started by the saints before her. My attempt to use it was still a secret, but whatever! I’m willing to dabble into the world of illegal to keep my Kuro!Bookmark here

Kuro had been a good friend, and a caring lover not only to me but also to Lily. He knew when he would let us by ourselves, as well as to act when the necessity came. Though he may be someone from another world, somehow, I could always rely on him anytime.Bookmark here

However, Kuro’s way too reserved even in his own needs. I mean, I could see through his thoughts, and he’s still a normal man. He gets the urge to touch me most of the time, yet he keeps on stopping himself because of his belief that such things should be done after marriage.Bookmark here

Maybe it’s because of his upbringing? Once, I peered into his memories and saw how he was taught to be respectful towards the ladies around him when he was a child. There was even that one time when he fought against a little girl of his age, and though I think he was on the ‘right side’ of the argument, he got scolded because he ‘hurt’ the girl.Bookmark here

His world is really weird.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Anyway, while I agree with him on the ‘marriage’ matter, there were some things that Kuro was purposefully avoiding so that he won’t get tempted and end up doing ‘that thing he’d regret in the future’.Bookmark here

Like kissing, or even holding hands!Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

See, even though I’m the Saint, I’m still a normal, human girl. Of course, I also have my set of needs that must be fulfilled. And that includes getting intimate with the man I love without telling him I needed it.Bookmark here

Hopefully, this potion will awaken his desires within him…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Three soft knocks then came from my room’s door. I knew it was Kuro, for he always comes around this time before sleep, bringing some milk for me to ‘help me get a good day’s sleep’. After making sure he had already announced his presence, he carefully opened the door and let himself in, carrying his usual drink on a tray.Bookmark here

Once setting it on the table, Kuro took a chair and sat, but not before setting a black case he was carrying on his back to the floor.Bookmark here

Hm? You brought a…”Bookmark here

Kuro didn’t answer me directly; instead, he pulled out a guitar from the case and put it between his lap and arms.Bookmark here

“What for?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Well, for starters…” he said to me with a nonchalant attitude, “Let’s break up now, Maddie.”Bookmark here

I think my heart broke into a thousand pieces when I heard those words…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

**Kuro**Bookmark here

Tears welled-up in Maddie’s eyes once those painful words left my lips. I think she froze for an entire minute, unsure of what she was about to do next. However, I did not let her regain her senses…Bookmark here

“And now that we’re back to being friends…” I kneeled before her, first setting aside the guitar, “Lady Madelaine Ann Rubinforth, will you oblige this stupid commoner’s request to love you properly this time?”Bookmark here

“W-What do you mean?” she was trying hard to control her emotions, “You’re not making yourself clear!”Bookmark here

Taken aback by her reaction, as well as panicking for my stupid mistake, I initially fumbled with my words, “Sorry for that…I’m humbly asking if you can give another chance to an idiot like me as your lover.”Bookmark here

Maddie, who was still in shock after what I said before, blankly stared at me.Bookmark here

Err…I guess I did another shitty mistake, huh?Bookmark here

“Will you be my girlfriend once again? I promise to be the best man for you this time.”Bookmark here

As if the doubts cleared from her head, Maddie broke down completely. I quickly embraced her and asked for apologies. Looks like my attempt at giving a spark to our relationship backfired…Bookmark here

“I wanted a thrill, but not like this!” Maddie said in between sobs, “You’re really an idiot, Kuro! Please don’t do that again!”Bookmark here

I’m really an amateur in these things, damn it!Bookmark here

“Sorry!” I could only give an awkward laugh for an answer, “I was hoping you’d be surprised, but I guess I shocked you instead.”Bookmark here

Maddie never answered. However, she held me tight as she buried her face in my chest. I could feel her warm tears wetting my shirt, and it didn’t feel good. I was hoping to play a joke on her before surprising her, but I hurt her feelings in the end.Bookmark here

Damn, I guess I really won’t say those words again…Bookmark here

“But on a second thought…” I suddenly heard Maddie speak; though her voice was shaky, she was trying to be cheerful, “This isn’t bad from time to time. You sure got me there, Mister! Just when I’m not reading your mind.”Bookmark here

“Actually, if you read my mind…what I meant by that was a restart in our relationship.”Bookmark here

Maddie was now laughing, “Yes, a restart! You sure have a strange way of phrasing things!”Bookmark here

“It’s my specialty.” Relieved, I winked at her, “In any case, my lady, can this humble commoner know your most desired answer?”Bookmark here

“Of course! Do you think my reply would change? Ever since you fought for me in Fen, I swore to myself that you’re the only man that I’ll love.”Bookmark here

“Th-Thank you for that…” I don’t know what to say to those words. If I may say, Maddie’s got her own way of phrasing things as well.Bookmark here

However, there’s something inside me that sprung up upon hearing her answer. And, in fact, I felt guilty, for there’s the matter about Lily, Eris, and Queen Jessica—wait, I shouldn’t think of the others in this situation.Bookmark here

Haha! You sure are very considerate, Mister Kuro!” I think Maddie’s back to reading my thoughts again, “Don’t worry; I understand that you’re not used to this kind of arrangement just yet. But if I may say, you’d make a great husband to us in the future.”Bookmark here

“Yes, I will.” I answered, “But, never mind them! I will focus on you, and only you, right now. This is your day, and I want you to be happy with my surprise.”Bookmark here

“I’m surprised you tried to break up with me alright.” she jested, “Let’s see if you can really make me happy with your ‘gift’, Mister Kuro…”Bookmark here

“Well, in any case…” Once again, I took the guitar, and with a sleight of my hand, a flower appeared in my palm.Bookmark here

“You could use magic?!” Maddie asked, amazed by what I did.Bookmark here

“No!” I chuckled, “It’s just a trick. In my world, what we call ‘magic’ there are usually petty tricks made by performers. But, it may be a trick; nevertheless, my feelings for you are true, my fair lady!” I handed the flower to Maddie, gently kissed her hand, and then tested the guitar’s chords if it sounds right.Bookmark here

“Thanks!” I could tell that she was thrilled at the unexpected present, but also, she was curious at the instrument I had in my hands, “What are you doing? You’re going to play the guitar ’till I sleep?”Bookmark here

“Nope. What you’re about to experience is how we express our love back in my country…” I struck a few chords, and then I began playing a tune from a song that was familiar to me. Though I once taught in a music class, I’m not that confident with my singing skills. However, I wanted to please the lady I love. It’s the only thing that’s giving me the courage to do what I’m about to do, so hopefully…Bookmark here

“It took one look…Then forever they’re out in front of me…”Bookmark here

Maddie closed her eyes, though, I initially thought she’s trying to keep up with my voice. But then, I realized that she’s intently listening to my song. It encouraged me, so I kept going, never-minding if someone else would hear us. At that moment, what mattered to me was the beautiful girl beside me, and my desire to make her happy…Bookmark here

“I take one step away…Then I find myself coming back, to you…My one and only, one and only you…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

When I finally finished, there was complete silence.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Well, that brought me the shivers. I immediately looked at Maddie, trying to find out what she thought of my performance. Honestly, I’m a bit nervous while I was singing, since I rarely do it, even when I was a music teacher. I don’t know if she liked what I did or not…Bookmark here

“I admit I could hear your voice quiver,” she told me.Bookmark here

I knew it!Bookmark here

“But, I don’t care!” Maddie smiled confidently, “Your voice may not be the best, but it’s good. And for me, it’s perfect!”Bookmark here

Haha! Thanks for that…”Bookmark here

“Actually, Kuro…”Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

Maddie stared at me for quite some time, and then took a wineglass that was beside her, “Ah, darn it! I don’t care anymore!” She suddenly drank all its contents, and…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

She never let me speak. Everything happened so fast that I could not even brace myself for it. I never knew that my first kiss with Maddie tasted so sweet!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

***The next day…***Bookmark here

“So, what happened? Is the potion effective?”Bookmark here

“Yes, Your Holiness, did it work?”Bookmark here

Maddie shook her head as an answer to Lily and Countess Montpelier’s questions. The look of defeat was clear on their faces, and the head maid couldn’t help but do a face-palm.Bookmark here

Oof…Sir Kuro is indeed formidably dense!” the paladin exclaimed.Bookmark here

“That’s odd though.” Lily commented, “It didn’t work, and yet you’re happy. Did something happen between you two yesterday?”Bookmark here

The Saint, who was blushing, only nodded.Bookmark here

Oh my goodness!” the head maid nearly screamed, “You finally did it?”Bookmark here

“Calm down Lily! It’s not that perverted as you think!” Maddie chuckled, “We just held hands and kissed, that’s all.”Bookmark here

“OHMYGOSHSOMETHINGHASREALLYHAPPENED!” Lily and Countess Montpelier chorused.Bookmark here

Uhh…you two, you really think that Kuro’s that dense?”Bookmark here

Now it’s their turn to nod.Bookmark here

“Well, he’s not!” Maddie stubbornly defended him, “And he even sang to me yesterday! You should hear him sing, Lily! I like how his voice sounds.”Bookmark here

“He sang for you?!”Bookmark here

Hah! The privileges of being the first wife!”Bookmark here

Muu! You’re a real asshole, you know that?”Bookmark here

“Well, you got his first kiss, so we’re even!”Bookmark here

Countess Montpelier could only watch the Saint and her head maid with sheer amusement as they bicker about the legendary commoner general—and the dense, ‘elven human’—named Kuro. Deep inside she wondered whether that potion she risked her paladin and the noble status was worth it if it’s not even effective…Bookmark here

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