Chapter 43:

Vol. 4 Prologue: The Rain to Come

Hour Empty Child

On the northern part of Peranim, there lived a large city, famous for their blessed water, named Vipory.

The city is much smaller in size and commerce compared to Olinia. But when it comes to fancy decorations and beautiful scenery, it wins second place in Peranim.

Inside the city is woven by aqueducts. Water circled around in these metal chutes, acting as fuel for their fountains. These man-made aqueducts, along with their beautifully carved fountains, are the main attractions.

If anyone enters the city, after passing through the checkup of the guards, they would hear a soothing sound of flowing water. It creates a soft atmosphere thanks to the sound of flowing water filling the air.

One figure, taller than most the people around him, saunters through the busy streets wearing a black cloak. A hood covers his face, but it could not hide the smirk on his face.

Each step he took were heavy like it was a stomp. The people in the city of Vipory noticed his chilling steps, separating from him like deer running away from potential danger.

“Mmh… just a bit more time. After all this trouble, it should get results.”

The cloaked figure gazed at the people, getting them to notice his stare and put up their guard.

The citizens of the city were used to new people. After all, Vipory is a famous touring spot for all of Peranim.

But the heavy stares they received from that cloaked figure made them on edge against him.

“Oh, better pull down my excitement. Don’t wanna scare ‘em.”

He warned himself, gazing back to the stone pavement beneath him.

He kept wading through the crowd, none of them even noticing his presence now. His aura that was felt so easily even to the citizens have died down, showing nothing but a normal person hidden beneath his cloak.

After several minutes, he stopped in front of a building.

He lifted his hood, but only barely so that his eyes could see above him better.

The rectangle-shaped building with an illustrious design of its roof stood before him. There was a sign in front of the gates of the building, showing its name—‘Sparkling Oasis’.

The Sparkling Oasis is the famous resort and tourism company that made Vipory to what it is today. Along with its careful marketing plan and production services, it also reflects as the city’s most wonderful resort, where even nobles from high pedigree enter just for a chance to lavish in their luxuries.

His smirk grew to a grin, no longer capable of bottling his excitement.

“The experience will be so grand…”

The cloaked figure raised his arms, as if preparing an embrace. His expectations clouded his mind. His cackling resounded, causing the viewers to react in surprise.

Each of them pierced him with their stares, a frightened look on their faces.

But the figure did not care.

His plans were too exciting. His body couldn’t stop shivering…

—*Creak* The door leading into the Sparkling Oasis opened. Coming out of that door was a small, pudgy man, wearing a suit that did not seem to fit his body size.

The bearded man, with hair on only the top, left, and right sides like a cross, looked down from the steps and noticed the cloaked figure.

“Ah! It’s you!”

The man shouted, walking down the stairs with a happy-go-lucky grin.

“Mr. Oasis,” The cloaked figure lowered his arms. “It’s good to finally meet you.”

“Hey, what were you doing out here, in front of the building like that?”

Herrin Oasis, the owner of the Sparkling Oasis, asked.

“Ah, I was stretching myself. See, my journey here was so long and dreary, and the carriage drive here was so unpleasant…”

“Say no more! I can’t have my valued partner be so broken down! If it wasn’t for you, I couldn’t have made up this exchange to begin with!”

‘Now, now’ the owner spoke softly as he motions the cloaked figure to pass through the door.

Entering inside, a hall expanded in front of them. A counter where several women in uniform waited for the customers to come inside at the far north of the building.

“Mr. Oasis, with your connections, creating the exchange was nothing. I only provided with an idea…”

“Nevertheless! With you working behind the scenes, taking care of the few stragglers on the way, I’ve been making more money than possible!”

Herrin spoke softly, making sure that his voice doesn’t reach the others around him.

“With this exchange, Mr. Oasis, I’m sure that you’ll be raking in the dough.”

“I have a good feeling about this, Mr. Grimwald! Soon, everyone in the entire Peranim will know my name, and my company, the Sparkling Oasis!”

“Hehe, I’m sure it’ll never leave their minds.”

The figure made a warm smile, and behind that smile, a strong excitement surged inside.