Chapter 60:

Vol. 4 Epilogue: The Light Shines Down

Hour Empty Child

Different from the dreary atmosphere of Vipory, far away from even Peranim itself was a large grassfield, the winds caressing the grass as it waved like the ocean.

However, the sounds currently filling the air betrayed the serene scenery, as roars that pangs on the ears constantly bellowed.

Stepping onto the grassland, the winds blew up to reveal a robust woman with a solemn expression. Seeing in front of her was the reason for all the roars.

A large ship, suited for air-traveling, lie in wait for her to enter. Two large wings in parallelogram shapes on each side, with a rounded tip at the front, the large ship was capable of powerful flight.

For this woman, this craft is her greatest joy when it comes to traveling long distances.

A smile rose from her soft lips, because along with that beautiful craft was a beautiful girl wearing a black and white uniform by the stairs to the entry door on the ship.

It would have been a beautiful sight… if it weren’t for the pesky men following behind her.

“Hold on! Stop right there!!”

A quick sigh escaped her lips as the woman’s head drooped before she turned around. She saw three older men, wearing long, black robes and a sweat running down their wrinkly gray skin. The one in the center, a man with beady eyes and a look of anger rising from his face shows that he was the most furious.

“You can’t just go wherever you want! As Triun’s Guild Master, you have responsibilities for—”

“—I’m afraid I’m gonna have to miss our meeting for now.”

The woman couldn’t intercept the man fast enough, forcing him to stifle his mouth from the pressure she was giving off.

“You see, hearing old dogs barking hurts my ears.”

Her venomous words were delivered right to the old men, making them flinch as their gray faces were tinted in anger, baring their teeth.


The man in the center was definitely not pleased.

Without even looking at their reactions, the woman moved forward, wanting to take a look at the maid to forget such disgusting looking men to ease her mind.

“Master, the Avian is ready to depart.”

“That’s great~ Let’s set off immediately.”

The young maid bowed in respect to her master as she stepped up the stairs and entered into the arch-like doorway.

The inside of the large aircraft was more spacious than its smaller design outside. Along with the wide space, it was made to have an expensive inn’s interior design as well.

Seats were soft as silk to sit, including a big chair fit for a king. Small circle-shaped windows on the walls, showing the outside world. The walls were colored deep blue, and the rug under her feet was soft even for her hardened boots.

As she stepped inside, the cool air of the automatic ventilation system through the vents wiping the fatigue away from her body, she slumped down on her big favorite chair, the most comfortable chair known to mankind, feeling its soft, silky cover on her weary white skin.

“Hah, this would have been another relaxing ride if it weren’t for the situation arising in that place. Peranim, huh…?”

The woman, who raised her curvy leg on top of the other one, rested her chin on her hand as the master’s mind processed the call she received from her subordinate.

The situation was grave, and she made it her duty to see the aftermath herself.

“…I’ve never been there before, so maybe…”

Yet, despite the crisis, a small hope was born deep within her chest. A child from long ago filled her thoughts.

But as if to get rid of it, she shook her head slightly, tied tails of her azure hair swung side to side.

“That’s impossible. Out of all the places, why there…?”

She looked up at the window, the sun’s rays shining through the glass onto her jade-colored eyes that dazzled like jewels from the light.

“Hah… I’ll get into a slump again if I think about this. I gotta focus.”

She pushed herself to keep such thoughts out of her head.

Before long, the aircraft started rumbling. The shakes signifying that it was time.

“Set course for Peranim. Make it fast.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

After yelling out, the voice of the same maid from before responded back, and soon enough, the large aircraft began to lift itself off into the sky.

As the shaking became stronger, the large aircraft, called the Avian, finally flew off from the ground and into the vast sky, the clouds whipping past the window faster than the eye could process.

“Either way,” The master steeled her gaze. “I have no time to waste.”

Her course is to Peranim, and into the city where the accident occurred, and the destiny which she has long since lost would be revealed.


*Author’s Note:
Man, this novel was a doozy to write. This arc was something that I’ve been imagining for months on end. I wanted to make it special too, since it was the first time that I make it like a light novel with only 5 REALLY long chapters. Of course, the adventure doesn’t stop here.

I’m already currently working on the makings on Vol 5, where Kudo has an unexpected encounter, and was taken to a place unlike any location he’s been before! There’s going to be more info on the advanced world of adventuring, and of course, there’s going to be a lot of encounters with many new companions that will join the party!

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