Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The World can be Beautiful Sometimes

Seinaru Akuma - The Story of a Holy Devil Vol. 1

This life is meaningless... Why isn't even the sun shining as bright as it used to before?
Yes... before... When we were together as a family.When you would wake me up early and cook tasty breakfasts for me and father...This concrete is so cold. I feel like I'll pass away any second now...Why did you leave me...? Mom...
My eyes are about to close. I don't have any strength left, nor' determination to get up and face life again. At this rate... I'll-
"What are you doing? It has to be cold there! Hey... Can you hear me?"
What is this...? Someone's looking at me? I can't recognize his voice... I have to answer him...I slowly opened up my eyes and looked up...
He was so close, looking at me with a worried expression on his face.
Seeing me open my eyes, he puts on a smile and grabs my shoulders.
"Can you get up?!"
I try to speak, but not a single word gets out of my mouth... I nod and try to get up, even though my efforts seem to be meaningless.
I have little to no power left in my entire body...Seeing me trying to get up, his expression brightened, showing a beautiful smile. Not even the sun is as bright as him... His smile is enough to lighten the dark alley I am currently standing in...
"Don't try to move! I'll call Tsuki, he can help you for sure!"
I don't understand. Why would anyone after this long time of being alone try to help me? Until now, anyone that saw me turned away and kept walking forward...While being lost in my thoughts, another figure appeared at the scene, looking straight down at me...
"Tsuki! Look at him please, I thought he'll pass to the afterlife when I saw him!"
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"And he might be mute too..."
The tall boy, Tsuki, looked at the boy with a face that felt like he was looking at an idiot... I don't even need to know them to understand...Tsuki then approaches me and says."Excuse me, do you have anywhere to go? Do you know where your parents are?"
"If he had a place to go he wouldn't give his last breath in this dark alley!"
Harsh... but kind of true. I feel like asking me this isn't the best question he could've asked after seeing my state.
Also, what's with the "mute" thingy?! I am not mute... I don't even have the force to open my mouth now!
"Hey? Can you tell us your name?"
"That's not a necessary thing to ask now Taiyo! We didn't even introduce ourselves yet!"I gathered up my forces, and while the two kids that seemed around the same age as me were arguing, I muttered quietly...
"A... Akushi... this is my name..."
And with this last effort, my eyes closed...
"So you weren't mute after all..."
"Help me lift him Taiyo. We have to hurry!"
Those were the last things I could hear before my consciousness faded away...After that day, I woke up in a small cottage, in the heart of the forest that was next to the capital city where I was found in...
The two "brothers" took care of me, helped me recover, and got me food and new clothes to wear.
We started talking to each other, and after living with them for a while, I learnt that they had similar, harsh pasts like mine... Taiyo was abandoned just like me and found by Tsuki's family at the age of just three years, and then Tsuki's family was attacked by thieves a few years later, leaving only those two kids behind, living together in this small cottage.
Tsuki, being two years older took the role of a big brother and always helped Taiyo up until this day. Even I started seeing Tsuki as a big brother figure, due to his caring personality.
Ever since we started living alone, the way that we gathered money for living was doing errands for the elder in the capital city, a job that I also started doing after living with them for a while.
By now, we lived together as three "brothers" for three years... But who would've thought that our lives shall change so drastically after just one day...Bookmark here

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