Seinaru Akuma - The Story of a Holy Devil Vol. 1

"Seinaru Akuma" is a novel that revolves around Akushi, a young prince and his friends, in their adventure towards finding a place that they can call home, and also making Akushi into a proper king. The action takes place in a medieval-themed world different from the one that we are living in. In this world, our hero and his team must face numerous challenges and overcome them.
Magical beasts, demons, angels and also many other creatures used to live in this wonderful world, now dominated by the human race and their "chosen" powers.
How will Akushi and his friends that were betrayed by this world face its challenges and create a place of their own?
Find out by reading: "Seinaru Akuma - The Story of a Holy Devil"!

GenreAdventureFantasyMagicMilitary / WarShounen
UpdatedJul 02, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
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