Chapter 1:

Welcome to the Gallery

The Gallery

My name is Daisuke. I am a sixth-grade student. Growing up, I was always interested in scientific researches, and I want to study biotechnology in college to become a  medical scientist in the future.

My point is that, all my life, I couldn’t care less about art. That kind of stuff bore me to death. It’s a waste of my time.

And yet…

Something about this painting… It just seems so… inviting…

Today is like every other day for me. I finished my classes, and was heading back home.

But on my way home, I noticed that the mall near me was holding some kind of an art exhibition.

I wanted to stop by and check out the paintings, just to laugh at them, that’s all. I take great pleasure knowing that I am objectively better than them and will be more successful than them, that’s why I want to look at some of their “hard work.”

But what is this?

On the furthest and deepest wall of the exhibition, there was a strange painting, it depicts the interior of an old European mansion, made entirely out of wood.

And this smell, it seemed to be oil or something.

The weird thing is that every other painting in this exhibition has a “Do not touch” sign on it, yet, this one didn't. Not to mention that there was no information about this painting at all. No name, no artist’s name, nothing.

The details on this painting were impeccable as well, almost like a photograph.

And the frame of this painting was skillfully carved, coated in what felt like pure gold.

Being in this room gives me a strange sensation, it was like the painting is pulling me in.

So as a man of science, I must investigate this anomaly.

But I should really touch it? Should I even go near it?

Well, it is too late now, My curiosity got a hold of me. The next thing I know is my fingertips are just inches away from the canvas.

I touched it.

And my hand sank right in.

There was no canvas, not that I can touch anyway.

Stupidly, I decided to continue.

As my whole arm disappeared into the painting, I can feel my regret seeping in. At this point, I hope that someone would come around, and stop me.

But no one was there. I decided to pop my head in to see what is on the other side.

What was I expected? The other side of the painting was an old mansion, just like how the painting looks.

But something is different…

The wall of the mansion is full of other paintings, but they’re all blank. There were just empty canvases everywhere.

At this point, my whole body made it through. I take a look around and see a long corridor that seems to stretch out endlessly.

I don’t know where I am, but this place looks terrifying. I want to go back, so I turn around to the painting I just came in.

It too, was a blank canvas…

Am I trapped here? Is there a way for me to go home?

I panicked and started sprinting down the seemingly endless corridor, not before grabbing the painting that I just came in though, just in case I needed it later.

I kept on running, but it doesn’t feel like I am moving at all. I am surrounded by walls of white painting after all, so I can’t really tell how far I was running.

And then I saw something on the horizon, It’s so far away. I couldn't tell what it is. All I know is that the corridor is coming to an end.

Eventually, I reached it. The corridor hasn’t ended yet. It split into four different paths, including the one I just came from, with a spiral staircase in the middle.

The staircase stretches both up and down, so it looks like I am on the middle floors.

I stand still, thinking about what to do next, until I decide to go deeper down the stair. I muster the courage to approach the staircase.

I looked over the stair to see how deep it goes. It goes down so deep that I couldn't see the bottom. It’s only a dark pit down there.

“Hello, sir.” Someone said in a calm tone. “Please give that painting you’re holding to me. Are you a master’s guest?”

I turned toward where the voice came from. It came from an old guy dressed up in a tuxedo. He seems like a butler of some sort.

“No. I just want to go home.” I responded.

“If that’s the case, I have to get rid of you, unfortunately. Trespassers and thieves are not welcome here”  his voice is getting increasingly more aggressive.

He doesn’t move or do anything yet, but his presence was too intimidating, so I decided to run down the stair.

He didn't chase me, so I kept on running, and after 30 steps or so, I looked back to see where the butler was.

Terrifyingly, the butler's torso stretched out. His upper body is descending the staircase, while his lower body remains on the corridor.

I continuously make my way down the staircase and find a girl around my age. standing on the stair. She dressed relatively normal and was carrying a painting herself as well.

“Follow me!” She said as she put the painting down on the floor and jumped into it.

The painting depicts a lush garden of plants with fruits on them.

Without hesitation, I followed her down into the painting. 

This time, I find myself in a lot more comfortable place; it is a fruit garden just like how the painting was. Then I turn around to find a green grassy field. The sky is clear and bright. The area is calming and peaceful. 

"Welcome to the Gallery," She said to me. "This is your life now."

My calmness dissipated. I asked her: "Who are you? And where I am?" Realizing the situation that I'm facing.

She laughed at me, and replied: "I'm not one of them, so how would I know?"

The Gallery