Chapter 1:

The tragic beginning

Izanagi's soldiers and Izanami's warrior

'Every new beginning comes from some other beginning' s end' 


"My little Shuichi, you don't have to come here every day, you know?"

"What do you mean? I want to be by your side when they let you go home from the hospital."

She looked out the window and squeezed the necklace around her neck. That necklace is the same as mine and Grandpas. I got it when I was 8, it's believed to protect me from evil forces.

"Grandma ..."

"Shuichi!" her voice was strong and confident. I closed my mouth and studied her thin little face. Since she became ill she'd lost a lot of weight, was very weak, and could not leave the hospital. "Do you remember how many times we visited the shrine that is near to our house? I'd like to see one last time. Would you take me there?"

I put my hand on his hand and squeezed it."What are you talking about? You can visit the shrine as many times as you want after..."

She looked at me and smiled. I haven't seen her smile in a long time. She's always been so gloomy lately."I'm going to die tonight. I don't have enough strength to fight anymore. I got tired." she paused for a moment. "If you don't help, I'll go alone."

I helped her into the wheelchair and we left the hospital without any notice. The road to the shrine passed quietly. None of us said anything. She clutched her book under her scarf and scanned the landscape around us. It was autumn. Sunny but chilly at the same time. Arriving at the shrine, I stood by her and watched her open the book and mutter something. The shrine looked more and more beautiful with each visit. As a kid, everything seemed so powerful and terrifying. Lots of people used to come here, nowadays you can barely see anyone here. This makes the place a lot calmer and I can come here at any time to clean up after school without any problem.

"Do you remember the story of Izanagi and Izanami?" I nodded. "Which do you think was right?"

Grandma loved this old story. Izanami and Izanagi were created by the first gods and they created Japan. On the day of their wedding, Izanami, the woman, spoke for the first time, causing only their distorted children to be born. They had to repeat and now Izanagi spoke first. This is how their healthy children were born. Later, Inazami died and her husband went to the land of the dead to bring her back. When they met the woman moored to the man not to light a light. He did it anyway. He saw his wife's dead body and left. He wanted to return to the living, and Izanami wanted to prevent that. Izanagi managed to escape and blocked the entrance to the underworld. Izanami swore she'll kill 1,000 people every day, and Izanagi said he'll create 1,500.

"I think Izanami's outrage was legitimate. Izanagi may have never loved his wife. He loved the image of Inazami that he had imagined. That is why he fled when he saw Izanami's dead body."

"Izanami swore he would kill people to take revenge on Izanagi. That's why so many people died and die nowadays."

"Grandma, this is just a myth. People die, it has nothing to do with Izanami or any other god."

She opened the book again and whispered something. The disease made her crazy."You know, I'm proud of you. What kind of person you became. I want you to stay that way even when I'm gone. Always do what you think is right. Don’t stumble on what others think it is." she looked at me and squeezed my hand. "You can only trust yourself!"

Steps came from behind us. The person was a tall young woman who was running towards us. She looked angry. Oh yeah. The hospital.

"Akamine-kun! What do you think of bringing your grandmother out of the hospital just like that? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Anything could have gone wrong! You can't be so irresponsible!"

"It's okay Akemi, I asked my grandson to do this. I wanted to see this place for the last time."Akemi, the nurse's face softened as she looked at my grandmother.

"What is Haruka-san talking about? How would this be your last day?"And so a nurse took my grandmother.


Haru, one of my friends waved from the class door and headed for my desk. He didn't even arrive he started talking. 

"Hey, Redhead! I have a very good idea! Today, you, me, and two girls from B. What do you say?"

 "You know I'm busy nowadays."

 He threw himself on the chair in frustration. "I know, I just wanted to distract you a little bit from the things. You should relax. Let's have fun!" 

 "I want Haru but it's not good now." 

 He crossed his arms and turned away from me. "Then I hope you remain a virgin forever!" 

"How rude and childish." 

 He turned back nervously. "What did you say? Childish? I am the most masculine man!"

 "Of course if you say so" 

 "You're lucky, I won't beat you up because we're friends." 

 "Beat up? With what exactly?" 

 "Shuichi!", "Akamine-kun!" 

They said my name at the same time. Haru from the desk next to me and the headmaster from the door. The whole class fell silent and we looked at the man. "I got a call from the hospital. I'm sorry but ..."