Chapter 2:

What a mystery?

Izanagi's soldiers and Izanami's warrior

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”
                                                                                                  Anais Nin

"Please accept my deepest sympathies."

Grandpa's old co-worker shook hands with both of us and assured us that he will always be there on the other side of the street to help us.

"I hate this man."

Grandpa walked away to light a cigarette. He hasn't smoked since he met grandma, because she didn't like the smell of cigarettes. Now he was sitting alone on a bench watching the park, the trees, and the little pond and smoking his cigarette.
I sat next to him and smelled the new, as yet unknown smell he was flooding with.

"I miss her very much." He tilted his head over my shoulder and began to cry. It hurts. "When it's all over and things have calmed down, let's move to another country from this city. And from death."


"What are you doing now?"

I tried to hold the phone on my shoulder while I was packing up my things. I talked with Haru on the phone about his latest video game what he played with instead of studying.

"Grandpa went to have fun with his friends, maybe I'll pack up Grandma's room by the time he gets home."

"That attic sounds scary. Didn't you say she didn't let anyone in?"

"Yes, but someone has to do it and I don't want it to be grandpa. He couldn't stand it." I spun one last time and then stood up. "I will call you back. "

We said goodbye to each other and I got the ladder for the attic.

Light filters through the windows. This is the only light source in the room. So Grandma couldn't come here alone at night. Her desk was as empty as it was when she left the house. The room was clean, she loved when everything was in their place. I pulled out the desk's drawers and I found nothing. The closets and boxes were also empty. It looked like the whole place got robbed, but no one could be here. And if they did break in, why would they choose the attic? I don’t know if Grandma wanted it that way and I don’t know if Grandpa knows about it. 

"Shuichi! I came back!"

I gathered my stuff and came down from the attic as quiet as I could.

"Shuichi ... what are you doing with that ladder?"

"I packed up grandma's stuff, I thought I could handle it better than you."

He nodded and squeezed his necklace with trembling hands.

"Grandpa, where's Grandma's necklace?"

"In our room in her jewelry box, why?"

"Could I keep it for tonight? That's the only thing what ... she left and I want a little ..."

He went into their room and brought out the box. He handed it to me and said nothing. He knew there's no need a word.

I was sitting on my bed, I waited for the footsteps to fade, and then to stop. I took the jewelry in my hand and studied it a bit. It was weird to keep it in my hand after seeing this always around her neck. I spinned and watched, but I didn't find anything special until it accidentally slipped out of my hand and the pendant opened in two. There was a picture of me and two numbers in it. 09.03. my birthday date. I opened the book what the nurse gave me, she said Grandma always sleeps with this. In the book, things were written in some ganja language. I couldn't understand anything. Maybe I shouldn’t play detective, but her belongings are gone and I don't know what happened. It seems fishy and Grandma loved puzzles, she must have left something behind. Something that only the two of us can understand. 
I got my bag and said goodbye to Grandpa.

I went to the shrine and put the book and necklace on a smaller column while I checked the place. There wasn't an abandoned piece of paper or some cryptography. There were nothing in the bushes and every corner was empty. I sat down on the ground, I was tired. It was starting to get dark, and I was still sitting and watched the landscape. The wind roared past my ears and the lights switched on behind me. The huge light behind me made me uncomfortable, I felt like I'm before a footlight.

" What the ..."

It wasn’t the lights, it was the necklace and the book that started glowing. As I stepped closer my necklace began to glow too and I could barely see anything.

I lifted it over my neck and put it next to the other. The writing in the book seemed to have been translated, everything was clear and understandable in it. I glanced at my watch, 9:03 p.m.